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Author Topic: Female Wrestling and CuckQueens?! Odd Ideas from Odanrav (M LF Any)  (Read 794 times)

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Online OdanravTopic starter

The Odd, The Strange, and The Unusual: A Reliquary for Oddball Cravings and Story Ideas

This thread is hereby dedicated to the strange and unusual ideas for certain kinks or plots which plop into my head with surprising regularity. While I wouldn't consider these to be extreme by any means, I would consider them to be quite odd or potentially off-putting to certain people. So, be warned.

The Magic Dildo/Cock Invaders from Outer Space!
To make this short and sweet, I'm interested in experimenting with a roleplay involving a sentient set of male genitalia that is not attached to the body. I imagine this package to function in a way similar to the facehuggers from Alien, by latching onto things, driven by the instinctual drive to mate. But, of course, it would be sentient and capable of communicating telepathically, so it will be a character that can help progress the plot and not just a thing or narrative device to be unleashed in sexy times. I imagine this working in two different scenarios, but I'd be happy to hear other suggestions:

The Magic Dildo: I can imagine this taking place in a fantasy universe, or even a modern-fantasy one, where a mage or witch enchants or performs a ritual on a dildo to animate it and help assuage her lonely life. However, she inadvertently gives it consciousness alongside making it alive. All kinds of crazy shit ensues. I think this idea has some legs on it if you're looking for a less serious sort of RP, filled with potential for comedy.

An alternative approach could be the Magic Dildo attaching itself permanently or temporarily to the witch/mage/etc. that animated it, essentially making her a futa as the two personalities share a body.

Cock Invaders from Outer Space!: As the title suggests, an alien life form shaped like a package of male genitalia lands on Earth or a spacecraft filled with humans, and begins its quest to inseminate the universe! Or something like that. This also I fully intend to be light hearted and comedic as much as possible.

The Two-Headed Serpent (NSFW)
Long ago the legends foretold of a great conqueror who would rule the world on the back of a great two-headed serpent. The oracles foretold of his/her coming and made predictions of what would happen based on the prophecy. What no one could have suspected, though, was the nature of the "two-headed serpent."

Yeah this is extremely vague, so vague I'm still unsure what sort of setting or general plot this might involve. But I'm interested in doing an RP that involves a character, whether male or futa, who is blessed with having two penises, the two-headed serpent. To what ends, I got no idea, but I thought I'd throw it out there. I'd love to brainstorm up some stuff with anyone interested.


Symbiotic (NSFW)
This has been copied over from a batch of older RP ideas of mine with the hope of perhaps retrying it. Specifically, I'm searching for a partner interested in playing a goo girl such as the one below. The setting, plot, and other such things can be discussed during the brainstorming process so please come with ideas. :)


Genre: Sci-fi or Fantasy

Setting: ?

Overview: The general premise behind this idea is that I want to form a sexual relationship between two characters that is created due to strictly symbiotic purposes, meaning it benefits both parties and is very pragmatic in nature. And I’m not talking about frivolous fuck buddy type of stuff, I mean that it’s essential to the survival of at least one person involved and benefits the other as well. I have something specific in mind for this, though it may not appeal to everyone, and thus I’m open to hearing different takes on this general idea. Be warned, my own version is some pretty weird stuff.

Story: My idea involves a form of “goo girl”, which if you’re unfamiliar with the term means a invertebrate like creature usually made out of a gelatinous like substance which takes the form of a human female at will. The premise is that I play some form of adventurer either trekking through a dangerous jungle or exploring the mysteries of space who comes across some strange sentient creature which is able to change its shape at will. This creature is able to take the shape of any sort of being it “consumes” the DNA or “essence” of and also has some level of ability interact through telepathy and see the thoughts of other sentient beings. It survives by consuming the essence of other beings and this is how it grows and evolves.

The creature upon meeting my character decides to consume him. In the process of doing so it looks into his mind and discovers all of his deepest secrets and desires and his great strength and deems him a suitable partner as someone capable of helping the creature assimilate into human society. Instead of killing him, the creature forces him to ejaculate and it instead consumes his semen, making it capable of taking on the shape of humans. Later when my character awakens he finds the shape of a woman lying next to him, but unlike any he’d ever seen before. Her body nearly see-through and strangely soft and malleable, but unmistakably feminine in every way. 

The idea is that the creature takes on the form of the female companion my character has always dreamed of but never had, and in return the creature gains a unlimited supply of substance to consume through mating, and each time they do so the creature becomes more and more human in appearance and mannerisms, yet keeps its ability to change shapes. It does this, because the creature wishes to assimilate into human society and thus must become as human as possible. And my character is its gateway to that.

The Order of Menaria

Menaria is the maiden goddess, the goddess of devotion, innocence, virginity. In the world she has a sect of followers called the Priestesses of Menaria who serve and worship her at holy temples. This practice, however, has been outlawed by the misogynistic Empire who rules the land with an iron fist. They seek to keep women docile and under their watchful eye, but the Order works in secret to continue serving.

All priestesses of Menaria take a sacred vow to remain chaste, going so far as to wear chastity belts for life to prevent falling to the temptations of lust. In return for their vaginal chastity, the priestesses develop magical powers, often of the healing variety, though some among them develop more violent and volatile abilities.

These restrictions, however, have no fully been able to prevent the priestesses from certain sexual proclivities. Some of the sisters have found a workaround: participation in oral and anal sexual pleasures.

In short, I'm looking to do an RP based on one of these Menaria covens with priestesses who participate only in oral and anal sex, and have learned to achieve sexual gratification from it. I'm open to ideas about the overall direction of the story, but some of my early thoughts included a Futa character infiltrating the coven, or a band of the Menaria priestesses going out on a quest and having to allow a man to travel along with them. Which I'm sure you can imagine where those situations can lead...
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Re: Female Wrestling and CuckQueens?! Odd Ideas from Odanrav (M LF Any)
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2017, 04:42:34 pm »
The AWWA (American Women's Wrestling Association)

This is an RP which will center around a female-only wrestling promotion and will be completely fictional with original female wrestlers who are always in kayfabe, meaning that they are always in character. There's no separation between the character and real life. Perhaps this is even in an alternate universe where real life wrestlers and promotions don't exist. In this universe, the world of professional wrestling has been a male dominated industry, even more so than it was in real life for several decades, to the point that most promotions cut out their women's divisions entirely to save money. This left many women out of work, but thankfully in the early 90's the AWWA (American Women's Wrestling Association) emerged as a place where all of those out-of-work female performers could go, under the leadership of Eliza Shaw, perhaps the most famous name in women's wrestling history. The AWWA became quite popular as it emphasized the athleticism and sportsmanship of it's female performers, making many of the wrestlers role models for many young girls throughout the country. However, after over a decade of success, Shaw experienced crippling financial struggles as the market turned against her more wholesome brand of wrestling as fans began to clamor for a brand of wrestling that featured more violence, more heated rivalries and serious stories, and especially more sex. The AWWA almost collapsed.

Rather than see her company that she built from the ground up fold under, Shaw swallowed her pride and sold the property to Bishop Kizer, also known as The Dominator. Kizer was one of the most celebrated wrestlers of the 90's who transitioned into a successful career as a wrestling booker in the 2000's before he eventually took over the AWWA at present time. Shaw was kept on and transitioned into an announcing role. After nearly year long hiatus from broadcasting, Kizer had reshaped the AWWA into a much more modern product. His goal was to add talent to the roster that not only had wrestling ability, but also a mixture of women with ravishing good looks and a few oddball personalities on top to try and create a roster with plenty of diversity, natural tension, and potential in it. Kizer's target demographic became 18-49 year old men, luring them in with mature storylines and tons of sex appeal.

So that's some of the background set up for this RP. In essence what I'm looking for is a creative partner who wants to work with me to build this little fictional wrestling world from the ground up and then play with all of the pieces to create fun storylines that emphasize the struggle between these women staying true to their wrestling roots while also having to evolve with the times to keep getting good TV ratings and putting butts into seats. It's no longer about how good of wrestler you are (remember, everything is in kayfabe here, so the wrestling is "real" in that sense), but about how much you draw. And Mr. Kizer is gonna put the biggest draws into the top spots... unless you're willing to do something to garner a few favors from the boss.

What do I need from a potential partner, you might ask? Well ideally I'd like someone willing to make multiple characters. Someone who will be active in brainstorming up ideas for stories and wrestlers as we go along. If you'd like to have a main character, that works just as well, but I do want the AWWA to have a sizable roster to make it realistic. This RP will probably be heavily F/F in sexual content, so they'd have to be open to that as well, but there can also be some M/F between Kizer and the female talent, or possibly a male announcer figure (though I want to the keep the male presence at a minimum). Sex can occur both in ring and out since I'm not going to worry too much about TV censorship and all that.

I can see how this might be daunting to some, but I am hopeful that I might find a brave soul willing to work with me to build this little wrestling world. :)

A CuckQueen Craving (Female Cuckqueen X Male/Futa)

The concept is simple here: I'm searching for someone interested in either playing, or playing opposite a cuckqueen character. What is a cuckqueen? It is a woman who gets sexual gratification out of the act of her husband/boyfriend/significant other having sex with other women.

Plot Idea: I'm not simply looking for a plot where the cuckqueen has this particular kink and there's no real impetus for having it in there other than the kink stuff involved. I had the notion that the female cuck could be a character who has sworn herself to chastity (perhaps so far as wearing a chastity belt), but is either in love with, or falls in love with a male or futa character. Rather than sacrifice her chastity (which could have serious consequences), she chooses to allow her partner to explore sexually with other women within her presense. And perhaps she develops a strange gratification from that. I also thought it would be interesting if the cuckqueen were an actual virginal queen of some variety, sworn to stay that way.

Setting: I'm most interested in this in a medieval fantasy style setting involving some limited magic, with the plot primarily focusing on adventure and discovery following two primary characters: The cuckqueen and a male or futa character. I'm however, also very open to sci-fi, post apocalyptic, super heroes, historical... basically anything other than slice of life style modern.

Who is playing who here: I'm open to playing either the male/futa character or the cuckqueen. At this point I would imagine the other associated women who pop up from time to time (and various other NPCs) could be controlled either by one person in a GM-like role (likely whoever is playing the cuckqueen) or be shared control by both writers.