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Author Topic: My little wish list F for M  (Read 1001 times)

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My little wish list F for M
« on: December 20, 2016, 06:42:55 pm »
Howdy everyone. This is just my little wish list. Below you will find a list of my ideas and posting samples for almost each of them. I am willing to try and double though fair warning the list of characters I can double as is somewhat limited. I am willing to try through. I am also open to discussing changing some things around to suit my partner.

Final Fantasy 10 idea

Story idea

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The story line I have in mind would take place some time after the events of the game (Final fantasy 10 not Final fantasy 10-2). The eternal calm was three years ago and it ushered in a new era of prosperity and growth. Spira had changed so much but what she felt for the legendary guardian had not. They had all traveled together and it was in those times he had won her heart. Their affair had been secret but passionate in those times they could be alone. When he was sent her heart was broken. Sad words of goodbuy never had the chance to be spoken to the only man she loved. Years passed and her heart had grown cold, She cursed his name and the fact she never felt those same soft feelings for him in the first place. Still the thoughts of him where not the only things that clouded her mind. Threats against her life and a few attempts drew her attention from her lamination of her love. The one that sought her life a rival businessman whom she had denied a business merger.

Auron had one chance to regain a place with the living. A challenge that seemed impossible. A higher being then Yevon had watched Auron interested in the guardians life. He presented Auron with a choice. Spend the remainder of his after life in the Farplane or be returned in a living body to try to set right the heaviest thing on his heart. He chose the second. For one year he would be alive again and had the possibility to regain the remainder of his years if he could win back the woman who had stole his heart.

Example of possible first post

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It had been three years. Three years since the eternal calm had been brought to Spira and people could learn a life without the the constant threat of Sin. After the journey to defeat Sin she had moved to Luca. Someplace away from everything and everyone she had known. Her only hope was for a fresh start to her life. The life of a guardian was far behind her she had started a small clothing shop and had done surprisingly well. So well that more then a few had offered to purchase her shop. All of which had been quickly refused. As of late though there had been more then a few strange accidents that had made her worry about how serious they where planing on becoming. These where the same reason she started to carry a small knife with her. Even though she didn't have to anymore every morning she would go into the shop and work the day away. It helped keep her busy and it helped keep her mind off of him. The red coated guardian that had stole her heart and then disappeared into her memories.

Leaning against the railing she looked out over the ocean as the sun started slowly creeping over the horizon. Her lips quickly turned down to a deep set frown seeing a red flag fluttering in the morning breeze. She hated that color. It reminded her of too much. Red was the color that would have described the passion between them, red was the color he had managed to turn her cheeks so often with a word or a touch, red was also the color of the anger she felt towards him for not telling her. She was mad at him for leaving without giving her a chance to say goodbuy, for not telling her that he had died. Most of all though red was the color of his coat that he had wrapped around her that first night they had kissed. Red reminded her too much of him.

Sasami let a small sigh slip out of her lips as she slowly stood straight giving one last look to the ocean as she pulled her shawl a little tighter around her. Warm brown hair tied back in a bun framing a delicate face. One that would be hard to picture belonging to a knight. Slowly she turned from the ocean and the painful memories that color brought heading towards her shop. Maybe the one refuge she had left. Her eyes remained on the stone walkway as she traced the familiar path. One she walked every morning and back every night. Her mind still tracing over the contour of his face. Over the scar on his eye. Her skin still remembering the feeling of his hands. She was angry at him. She hated him but she also missed him beyond measure.

Superhero idea

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Some where born to be heroes. Others where born to be villains. Then there where those who had no choice but to be the villain. To be the one that everyone needed to hate. For her being the villain simply made dealing with all the things she had to do easier. After all its easy to think yourself a monster when you have to do horrible things. All those horrible choices are what lead her to a small back water planet called earth. When she arrived mankind was hadn't yet discovered electricity and the different country’s where just starting to colonize the Americas. It didn't take her long to learn though that her skill set could come in hand. After all there was always someone willing pay to remove a problem. So over the years she grew richer and richer always adopting a new personality after every life time of man. Now with every passing it day its seems more and more meta humans are revealed. More and more stories in the news papers about heroes. Watching them on TV was enough to make her wonder if one could change. Was it possible to wash so much blood and evil deeds?

This would be more a story of her moving from the role of villain to hero and the joining of two very different hearts. How much smut takes place before that I really don't care just as long as it isn't just all smut. After all smut and no story gets boring after a while. Kinks are open to discussion. This is an oc character of mine and there is more to her back story then what is written here. A lot more but it would be a bit much when looking for a writing partner. I do have some canon superheroes I would LOVE to rp this story with. Of course I love story planing with my partner since its only a rough outline that I have in mind.

DC superheroes

J'onn J'onzz (I have tried this a few times but my partners always end up leaving on me which really sucks. I would almost kill for someone to rp as him)
Maybe the newer Aquaman

Captain America
Loki (Though it would probably be a far different story)

Loki Ideas

Story Idea one (light elf)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
The character I have in mind would either be a kind of light elf from Álfheimr which is a different realm or some other being from a different place. Her kind has not been seen in the other realms in a very long time since they have isolated themselves from the others. I have been playing around with the idea of them being able to create basic life forms such as plants and animals but not higher life forms like humans or anything like them. If have have already lived and have died recently then they can recreate them but they can't have been dead for long. Most fear them though because they can also unmake matter though for them it comes at a high cost just like creating does. I can tone down or beef up her powers as needed. That is pretty much the character I would like to play but as I said I am open to changing for Loki . With her realm being isolated from the others she grew up only having heard of them in passing or old rumors and legends. She is one that always is looking for something new. Something interesting. She spends a good deal of her time in books learning as much of the different realms as she can tell she finds a way down to them knowing it will result in her banishment from her home. What she didn't plan on was what life was like alone when no one really knows what you are. It isn't long before she finds herself in trouble and captured. This is where I was thinking they could meet. Maybe Loki can tell what she is since he seems to have quite an intellect. He sees the chance to gain more power that would give him the chance to gain the throne of Asgard and she sees the chance to only have to deal with one person and a chance to see new things and have a better life. It would kinda be an uneasy partnership of sorts at first it could slowly turn to something more romantic.

First post sample

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
To say that the slave bazaar on one of the dark worlds was a dump would be a understatement of facts. The only light one could find would be the flickering light from lamps that lined the narrow over crowded streets. Almost every manor of life could be found walking through the streets or on sale in the many roughly made booths that where set up. Like many places the finest, freshest and most valuable where sold near the front. Young children, confirmed virgins or those that had a valuable skill that would be in demand. There the booths where cleaner and they where cleaner. The further back you went though the more the scent of death and unwashed bodies soured the air. This was the place for the unruly, the old and broken down, or those that had simply failed to sell. Those that where not highly wanted but could still be used for one purpose of another. More then once the body of slave was carried out that had simply passed away with no ones noticing.

Back near the end there would be a small rickety fence set up looking as though it had been made from what ever loose and broken boards that could be found. A short fat goblin set perched on a chair gnawing on what looked to be a slowly rotting cooked leg of an animal. Bits of flesh hung from between its teethe as it watched prospective customers. One hand ran over its pot belly just above the tattered cloth that provided the barest covering necessary for modesty, though if it moved right everything was exposed. Behind it chained to different pieces of the fence or the posts would be a varied assortment of slaves to be bought. Older people, a few women who had been over used in the sex trades, one that had stabbed her former owner and a few others that had proved too much trouble to keep. Then there was her.

She set near the center of the back of the fence dressed like many of the other females. A warn dirty cloth cross crossing over her breasts to keep them covered and only enough cloth to keep from her hips to her upper thigh covered. Her hair which was normally white was now going on a darker gray from lack of cleaning. Her pale skin looked in much the same shape. Still her deep green eyes still held life and fight in them even if it had been tempered with everything she had been through since leaving her home realm. This was not the adventure that she had hoped for and she was sure if they knew the power she could unleash she wouldn't be stuck here. Her fingers slowly moved up brushing over the simply iron collar around her neck that kept her somewhat obedient to the point she couldn't wipe this place off the face of the planet. Her eyes slowly focused on the passing people who mostly kept their nose covered from the smell around the place. For this she was almost thankful since if they didn't they would smell the faint flora scent that her kind seemed to give off. This would lead to far too many questions. Her eyes fell on one passing figure before a sharp pain struck her temple and she could feel a small bead of red blood trailing down the side of her head. “Headsss down sssslave. You know better,” the short goblin hissed as chunks of meat went flying past its thin pointed nose. It wasn't tell her head lowered that its small black beady eyes turned back to the passer by. “Damn sssslaves,” he muttered before taking another bite.

Idea number two: Fire and Ice

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
( please note this is a little different from Marvel's phoenix)

When the Drozal set their eyes on Midgard as the next world they would destroy and terraform for a profit they already knew of the guardians that had stopped the first ones who tried to take over. So they sent their most powerful weapon. A phoenix which was stored in deep sleep when they didn't need her and only brought out when they needed. A nurointerpahse that ran along its hosts spine keep the creature under their control. When they unleashed their phoenix on earth the destruction was wide spread and rapid. There seemed nothing that could stop the loss of human life until it was discovered that the phoenix had one natural enemy. Only one being that could truly hurt it. A frost giant. But could Earth trust Loki enough to have him stand as the one barrier between them and destruction? What would they do when he decides to spare the creatures life rather then killing it?

The story is open for discussion and being worked with. I am more then open to playing some of the avengers as NPC's to help with the story line.

First post sample

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
When the Drozal set their eyes on Midguard as the next world they would destroy and terraform for a profit they already knew of the guardians that had stopped the first ones who tried to take over. A mistake they where not going to repeat. Not when there was money to be made from a freshly harvested planet. They sent the one weapon that would eliminate all life from a city before moving on to the next. The one for which they had total control and none would be able to stop. After all the only thing that could harm a phoenix were frost giants and they had long since been driven from Midguard by the all father. So with greedy smiles spread over thin twisted lips they watched the single beacon of light as it shot from the ship on a collision course with Midguard.

When the probe crashed down it would release a single long figure that looked like a normal human. Long red hair was allowed to flow freely in sharp contrast to the skin tight body suit. The only thing that broke up the solid black coloring would be a silver scaled control device that ran from the bottom of her skull to right above the sacrum. While her might have had normal sized hips and rear her breasts would be close to a b cup size. Colorless white eyes looked around the open country landscape knowing soon this world would be nothing more then a smoldering pile of cinder ash. No emotion played over her pale features as she flew up in the air heading for the closest town ready to show her powers and draw out the guardians that where responsible for protecting this planet. The first town that fell to her would be a small town in Arizona that boosted a population of 750. In less than half an hour there was nothing left but a flat field of glass where the desert sands had been melted. The next four towns fell in similar fashion. Nothing left but burnt ruin.

Now she hovered just a few feet above the desert sands with her arms crossed over her chest. She had surly caused enough destruction that the so called heroes would come and try and stop her. Once they where eliminated the rest of the world would fall in similar fashion. Then she would reshape it in the order that those that controlled her would wish. Slowly the her colorless white eyes opened slowly as she sensed a singular life form approaching pulling a slight frown to her lips. “Do they take me so lightly that they would only send one mortal to stand against me?” she asked as she looked around looking for the source life she had sensed.

Idea 3 (Chance meetings)

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
This would take place in the past before Loki found out that he was a frost giant. The population of Asguard is at a record low. The choice to join their blood with those of Midguard was made. To set an example Odin ordered his sons to be the first. To go to the world that worshiped them as gods and choice a bride. Loki was less than enthused about the idea. Little did he know in the back water planet he would truly find his match.

Lord of the Rings/The hobbit idea

Lord of the Rings idea

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
During the War of the Last Alliance her ancestors lost their Kingdom. There where a race with no place for which they could call their own. So in their wanderings they settled into the forests of Harad which with to the east and south of Mordor. When they arrived they found the lands where hard to settle and many of their kind passed before their leader Lisast called out to the ancient spirits that lived deep in the woods to spare his people. They offered him a deal. They intrusted Lisast with a blade that could judge the hears to men depending on what was asked of them. For example if you where to ask if the person was loyal to you and stabbed them with the blade if they where loyal then it wouldn't harm them. If they where not it would kill them. Lisast was ordered to judge his people to see who wished for peace. Those that passed where given the gift of changing skins when their wold would come to them. The blade became a mark of leadership among them. As the years of men passed their numbers grew as did fear of the blade. They finally locked the blade away intrusting the key to the family of high stewards. Falens heart was dark and twisted from the start wanting recognition and power. He desired the power of the blade knowing that nothing can be hidden from it. As such he conspired with wicked men and they descended down in the dark of night smiting all in their path. Asea's father Karos was wiser then most suspecting something was brewing. He intrusted the key to Asea and hid her away from their kind. When Asea returned her people lay dead their spirits forbidden to pass one until they where avenged so they linger with in the boarders of their lands. This was something that left a deep scare on Asea's mind and she soon forced herself to forget. As she left those lands her wolf came to her. Vorw was already older her heart filled with much anger as Asea's over the slaughter of her people. She joined with her promising her that she would help the child survive the wilds alone. Asea came to rely solely on Vrow as the creature helped her survive. It was only by chance that she ventured into the lands of Lord Elrond. By that time she had come to rely on the beastly nature that rested in her to the point that wild. Lord Elrond recognized the girls blood line and brought her back to Rivendale. Arwen worked with her helping her regain some of her civilized behavior though there is still more wild in her nature. Elrond took the skin walker in hopes of removing the darkness that rested in her. After her sixteenth winder she left their lands starting her hunt for Falen as Falen had been hunting her since learning she held the key. The two have been hunting each other since that day. The elven lands where enough to protect her but something drives her to hunt him. Given her reckless nature it has led her to more then a few close encounters. We could pick it up around this point. She would be about 25ish at this point or we could pick it up at any point during her history.

Cannon characters I would love to be played in this idea

Bard the bowmen

Oc Males
A ranger from the north
An elf
Basically just about any male prone to adventures

The walk dead idea

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
I was thinking this would take place when they are in the prison or while they are in Alexandria. This is would be when the group is trying to find a place to settle. Just when it seems things are settling and they are starting to get some pattern of a normal life rumors start flying. Of someone who can walk around the walkers unnoticed. She doesn't speak and usually when people are near she retreats back. Which made his encounter with the woman they had named Ghost somewhat unique. Daryl was out on what was suppose to be a normal supply run when things went bad. Before anything can be processed he is pushed back in a corner his presence hidden by her. For a long few minutes he is eye to eye with her. After that there is something about those ice blue eyes that stick with him. Maybe it was some time that night he decided he would bring her in, if for no other reason then to find out why the walkers seem to ignore her when other would be torn to shreds. This is just the basic idea and there is a lot of wiggle room with this idea. I am very open to talking about and working out the rough parts.

Yu Yu Hakusho

Kurama (yu yu hakusho) x oc character

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Back when kurama was yokokurama he had a female partner. Not human nor demon but something far different. Something that could move through and control shadows. She made the mistake of falling in love with the heartless fox demon though the feeling wasn't returned until she seemingly gave her life for him. Later when he was reborn into his human form and learned human emotions he learned he loved her. Seemingly to late. After he joined Hiei and the others she came back. She had disguised herself not wanting him to know who she was. The reason she had heard the great fox demon had changed. Something she had to see for herself. On this one i am willing to play other canons for this one. I was thinking of having them face a new threat. Someone planning to destroy humanity.

Just a basic wish list

Canon worlds (these can be oc x oc)

Lord of the rings & The Hobbit (looking for LoTR Style Elf, a ranger, rider of rohan or even better a Dúnedain))
Star trek
Harry Potter
Fable (3)

List of Cannon males I would love to play with

List of Canon males
Black Hat ((Priest)
Dr. MaCoy ((Star trek but the new star trek movies)) *
J’onn J’onzz
Auron (FF10)
Albert Wesker
Chris Redfeild
Dean Winchester
Remus Lupin
Any role played by Karl Urban
Bard the Bowmen
Ben Finn (fable 3)
Logan (fable 3)
Magus (chrono trigger)
Loki (Thor)

Posting Sample

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
She nodded her head softly hearing that the only time she would go hungry would be when all did. Knowing she would eat well tonight helped put her mind in a far better place then it had been. It was either the fact that her belly would be filled or the warm easy tone he used. Tender in it own special way. She felt his hand teasing against the small of her back that was soothing in its own special way. As she looked up into his eyes she could see a promise. One that she had not been expecting to see in his eyes. One that said when lean times came he promised to remain at her side. Slowly her lips took on a soft smile with out her knowing. She listened quietly talking about the complex leadership of their clan. She had never known anything close to this as in the clan she had known her people had been lead by her father. She noticed the way he turned back to her pulling her body up on his so much that her feet dangled free as once more she was able to enjoy the feeling on him kissing her once more. Once more her hands reached up brushing along the back on his neck as she kissed him back sweetly and passionately. Her mind had pieced together the unspoken and spoken words he had given her. She was more then just a conquest to him. He would protect her as he would the next beating of his heart. Some part of her even went so far as to think the connection he shared with her made him hers fully. She loved the way he kissed her when it wasn't with her hands being bound or when they had fought.

She smiled into the kiss as his hands gripped and kneaded her ass through the furs. She heard him moan letting her know he enjoyed almost anyway their bodies made contact with each other. Her hands drifted up brushing through his hair as she enjoyed the open honest contact between them now that they where meeting each other on level ground. As his hands kneaded her shoulders she couldn't help but squirm and flinch slightly as he reached the spot that had been scraped by the oak bark. Her smile grew to a full and honest one as she looked over her handy work that was written all over his face and shoulders. “Aye, well you did earn most all of them,” she jumping as she felt the sharp smack on her ass. Her smile took on a slightly wicked look as he begged her not to kill the girl as she stayed there thinking over it for a while. “Aye, alright I'll do my best not to kill the lass, Bruises I cannot promise,”

She moved up slightly seeing her pack and weapons laying just a little bit away happy and thankful he had grabbed them. As his hand ran down her face her eyes softened and closed enjoying the feeling. She liked the feeling of him touching her softly and gently. Her eyes only slightly opened as his hand ran down over her breasts before slipping his hands under the furs touching her skin with his hot hands. “I know you prefer my thusly,” she whispered looking up into his eyes. “And something tells me that you will have me in such a state again soon,” she whispered softly looking to where he nodded before looking up into his eyes. “I use to be like them until the gods and man decided to set me apart,” she said walking past him to her pack still keeping the fur wrapped around her. She quickly grabbed a tunic and some trousers and a pair of buck skin boots. Ones she kept for special occasions. Walking in front of him she tucked her clothes under her arm as she handed him one corner of the fur that wrapped around her waiting tell he took it. Grabbing her clothes she handed him other corner using him to hold up the furs so she could change in privacy. Slipping on her trousers she looked back up at him offering him a small smile knowing she was teasing him slightly but also thankful he was helping her. Slipping on her tunic she turned around her bottom resting against his hip as she slipped on her boots. “Its been so long since I've been in a settlement I can hardly remember the last,”