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August 11, 2022, 09:43:00 am

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Author Topic: The Collector seeks some new items (Fandom, One Shots, smutty fun m for f)  (Read 748 times)

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The Collector

It is known that there are many different realities and universes. While only a few share similarities, in all of them there is an oft forgotten tale. "The Collector". An entity that will appear before a woman and lure them into a lair. From there the being would subject the women to untold pleasures, warping reality to fulfill perverted and debauchery desires. And after the ordeal, the woman is given a choice. They can return to their world, or stay within the Collector's realm and willingly be apart of their collection. Often it is said that a woman who chooses to leave contains an iron will, something that the Collector greatly respects.

So what will you do? Will you allow yourself the chance of unearthly pleasure just once, or will you willingly allow yourself to be used constantly? The choice is yours.

~~RP Info~~
So basically the main story is about a entity (can appear in many different forms, i haven't nailed down a 'default' form yet) that snags women from different universes to bring to a night of debauchery and smutty fun before giving the option of leaving or staying. And this choice will determine which kind of RP this will be.
Leave: Short-Term
Stay: Long Term

Because of the wonky weirdy reality warping abilities of the Collector's lair, almost any kink or fetish can be fulfilled. A warriorress getting butt pounded by a giant horse dick? Sure. A disney princess getting a giant gangbang? PSh, all ya got? An adventurist spirit who has a desire to bathe in a tub of fresh cum? Bingo bango baby!

Now i'm mainly looking for people to play as Fandom characters. For now i'm kinda wanting to stick with western made games, cartoons and comics. As much as a weeb as I am i'd like to kinda take a break from straight anime stuff.

Of course some rules and stipulations and the yadda
1. I of course have to be familiar with the fandom of choice. So if you come at me wanting to play say Dragon Queen from Game of Thrones or FemShep from Mass Effect... expect a polite decline. I'll put a list of desired gals in the bottom
2. I am willing to cater to most kinks. Just nothing super abuse heavy, toilet related and such.
3. I generally RP via PMs or threads. Maybe emails.
4. If this winds up being long term, we'll need to come up with ideas to keep it going. So multiple characters would be cool.
5. Generally I will play The Collector along with the many denizens he can conjure up. This is generally due to me being assballs playing certain canon characters. That said we could say that the collector can turn into someone YC desires heavily (though it will get twisted in the end).
6. No Real Pics. This plot is mostly cartoonish so having real face claims would be weirdly out of place

Okay and now onto the fandoms.

Adventure Time
Princess Bubblegum

Steven Universe (pulls out the flame shield)
Lapis Lazuli
Amethyst Thicc Girls are best girls

DC Comics
Super Girl
Bat Girl (Barbara Gordon)
Wonder Woman

Scooby Doo
Velma Fuck yes

MAHVEL BABY... *ahem* Marvel
Kamala Khan She's fucking dope

Overwatch (you knew it was coming)
Zarya Gettin' fucked for Mother Russia

League of Legends
Tristana smol girls are pretty cute <//<
Really too many LoL gals to lists soo... yeah...

And that's it for now. If you're interested just send me a PM