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February 05, 2023, 10:46:04 am

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Author Topic: Slavery Ideas (Fantasy and Modern) M for f  (Read 776 times)

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Offline jacobjonTopic starter

Slavery Ideas (Fantasy and Modern) M for f
« on: December 15, 2016, 06:29:39 pm »
1. The Suitor (Medieval)

Her people have been in a bloody war with their nearest neighbor for as long as she has been alive. They held  things together for years, but now they are on the verge of losing that war once and for all. Everything they own will be destroyed and their legacy will be gone. The king has one card left to play, a marriage to his only daughter. If a husband could be found from a strong enough kingdom, it could invigorate the war effort and give them a fighting chance.

Most of the suitors who come are members of lesser families, families who couldn't possibly make a difference in the war effort. The stronger families know full well that an alliance with her people would draw them into a terrible war, so they stay away. The king is just about to surrender when a final suitor arrives, one from a kingdom strong enough to turn the tides. He presents himself as a gentlemen, but each day he makes a new demand of the princess, and threatens to leave if she refuses. Eventually, he makes her aware that his plan is to save her people, but at the cost of her freedom. She will be his willing slave, a secret kept from her family and the kingdom.

2. The False Mage (Fantasy)

When she was a little girl, she made a reputation for herself for being able to predict storms and determine if crops would survive. People assumed she had strong magic, and eventually she embraced that assumption. The penalty for practicing magic is severe, but she lives on the outskirts of the kingdom, where people don't care about such things. Thanks to the loosely enforced laws, she has made her living as a mage, despite her complete lack of magic.

One night, the villagers turn on her. They learn that the crown prince is on his way, and they assume he has come for the rogue mage. She is tied to a stake to be burned, but the prince arrives and takes her into his own custody. The law allows him to spare her life in exchange for her unconditional service. The king likes the idea of a captive mage who is paraded about as a warning to others, and while the prince doesn't want to do that, this is the only way to save her.

(Over time, I'd like for her to learn that the prince (her master) is a genuine mage, one who is forced to hide his exceptional gifts out of fear of what will happen if he is discovered)

3. The Debt (Modern)

This would be set in an alternate present, where slavery is legal. If someone is charged with a crime or gets deep into debt, they can sell themselves or someone under their care in order to settle the debt.

Your character is a college student without a penny to her name. Her parents died a few years ago, and now she stays with her uncle while she struggles to get get through school and make a better living for herself. Unfortunately, her uncle cares little for her, and has a severe gambling problem. When he gets himself into some serious debt, he knows he only has one card to play to cancel the debt. She is given to the owner of the casino as a slave, who in turn gives her to his son, who is roughly her age.

Her new master takes a liking to her, and offers a deal. She will serve him faithfully for five years, and during that time, he will pay for her college education and set her up with everything she needs to succeed. Once the five years is up, she can either choose to move on with her life, or she can remain his obedient slave.