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July 21, 2019, 02:08:03 AM

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Author Topic: Jared's Interests looking for females to write with.  (Read 404 times)

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Offline JaredSynTopic starter

Jared's Interests looking for females to write with.
« on: December 13, 2016, 09:56:56 AM »
I am JaredSyn and I have been on E for a little over a year and half now. I am a very active member, and I am looking to find a few more writing partners/stories. I have listed a few things below, if you have your own idea though for a thread, please feel to message me as well. I prefer to play males characters interacting with female characters. Also please feel free to check my O/O's before hand.

Forced into Service.
The war between Humans and Elves has been waged for centuries. With no clear end in sight, as the races continue to fight at any given opportunity. One of the Elven Lords is given a gift from the most recent ambush of a Human convoy. It was a intense battle and they found a rare prize, the Princess of the nearby Human Kingdom. The senior soldier orders the woman to be bound and gagged to be presented to their lord as a gift a slave to serve him as he sees fit. My character being the elven lord, and my partners the princess. I see the Elven Lord being dominant of course but the Princess at first at least less than willing to serve. Over time the story can develop as we agree.

The Vampires Desire
My character is a Vampire that has been alone for many centuries trapped in his crypt, by an earthquake. Yours is an adventurous young woman, who comes across the crypt or perhaps an Archaeologist. Upon finding the crypt she decides to see what Lies within perhaps some ancient treasure. As she opens the crypt the Vampire is released to an unfamiliar world, but his thirst is nearly immeasurable. However in gratitude for her freeing him he vows not to drink from her unless she chooses for him to do so. There is wealth in his tomb, as well Old artwork from some of the greatest of all time, as well as gold and silver and gems. Free to live once again she decides to help him. Once again the vampire would be the dominant one, but in need of her for her knowledge of the new time. Has the prophecy he was foretold so long ago finally come to pass is she the promised one who would end his loneliness?

The Barbarians Slave.
This is similar to the first idea, However this time it is a Barbarian warlord who overcomes the Princesses kingdom, killing her father before her very eyes in a contest of arms, to avoid the bloodshed of his own warriors and the kings. At her father's defeat what was his becomes the Barbarians including his daughters. Your character the younger of two daughters, is thrown into the dungeon by her sister before the Barbarian even see's her. Her sister wanting to rule even if it is beside such a brute of a man, what she does not realize is that while a Barbarian he is very intelligent and knows of them both. Your character is found in the dungeon and visited by the new barbarian King. I find this at first being quite Non consensual, possibly even involving a brand. I see them actually coming to love one another though as she realizes his is not an ignorant man, and comes to help him rule over the kingdom with her knowledge.

These are just a few ideas, as I stated before I am very open to writing other story lines. IF you are interested please PM me and we can discuss these stories or your own ideas.

Offline JaredSynTopic starter

Re: Jared's Interests looking for females to write with.
« Reply #1 on: June 18, 2018, 10:39:55 AM »
Bumping this as I am looking for more partners to write with. The previous story lines are still of interest to me, as well as the following. If you have an idea you would like to discuss feel free to PM me as well I am very open to other scenarios as well.

Post Apocalyptic
Post Apocalyptic could mean anything after a disease rampaged the planet and wiped out much of human life, or Zombies or maybe even after a nuclear war. The characters are trying to survive and sometimes it is just better to have someone to watch your back. It's hard to find a comfortable place in the world, and as unlikely as finding someone you can actually trust or love.