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Author Topic: F4M - Playful Passion plots - Nonhuman friendly (May consider FxF)  (Read 1338 times)

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Offline MissInkTopic starter

Rules + Expectations

*Im a literate player and all posts must be at least  1-2 Paragraph minimum (More always welcome).
Must aid the plot- (Create additional characters, twists and move plot along)
No one liners. No Chat speak.
Will RP over PMs + Threads *

*Do not send me images of what you want MY character to look like.
I don't mind incorporating some features into my character for you, but I will outright refuse to rp if you expect my character to look or act a certain way.
Your character is yours. I have no expectations on how they look or act. I expect the same.

*Realism (to a point) No overpowered characters and ridiculous situations - Sexual or otherwise.
No cheesy/Hentai/Porn dialog*

*I don't care for long drawn out 'getting to know each other' scenes. I'd rather have 'instant love' or skip to the future where they already know each other.
Moves things along quicker and better to skip the tedious, boring phase.
Im not totally into fluffy romance. I prefer playful passion. "Take your panties off at the door" instead of being 'Wined and Dined'

*Sexual Turn Ons -
Apart from the usual - Anal, Squirting, oral, Spanking and Dominant partners.*
Any questions, do ask. I may have forgotten things here, so if its not here - Ask.

*Sexual Turn Offs -
Toilet play, intentionally inflicting pain, vore, Non con for the sake of Non con (Meaning that if its not part of the story in a logical sense and its non con because you want it to be non con, then its a no), incest, plots based solely on fetishes (Feet, bellies, inflation ect)*

*Open to suggestions, ideas, kinks and plots. Do feel free to add your own ideas to these plots. They are not set in stone.

*I love non human partners - If you have any non-humanxhuman plots, please do message me.
My favorites are Reptilian, Wolfen, Shapeshifter, Elven or Demon based (or similar)
Im not into Orcs, Goblins, Centaurs, Horses or similar. If unsure, ask.
I accept original races, as long as they are not like the above. Realistic genitalia expected - Canine knots & Hemipenis reptiles ect. (No Barbs)

Spoiler box contains NSFW images as visual reference - No resemblances of characters expected.

Medieval Fantasy Plots
This is by far my most favorite setting, however...I will accept other peoples plots if I like the sound of it (especially if you are a non human character). If you have any ideas for long term plots, one shots or short term, then im happy to discuss it if it respects my current rules. Non humans very welcome here .

Arranged Marriage
Ideally Non-Human Tribe, Son of Leader x Human/Elf

Either by a peace agreement, him finding her in the wild or by a raid -  a human/elven girl is taken by this tribe and the Leaders son takes an interest in her, much to this dismay of some of his tribe. He needs to marry before he can take over from his father.  She will have to get used to their customs and rules.

*Risk of Pregnancy optional*

Male Non-Human/Human x Female Human/Elf

A pair take up partnership to fill their pockets with coin doing odd and often dirty jobs for anyone willing to pay. Even when jobs are thin, there's always a way to gain more money.
(If you play a Non human, then the added social implication of a human traveling with a non human as it will be hugely frowned upon)

Forest Healer
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Male Human/Non-Human x Female Nonhuman

You've been wounded/are deathly ill/cursed. You faint while traveling and are taken in by a rare sighted Daemon with healing powers. She takes you into her home and treats you but there is much more to healing the body than just stitching and treating cuts and bruises.

Unexpected Slave

Master x Slave

Your a merc. You've been given a job to get rid of a small group of slavers. While doing so, you save a rare race of elf that is escaping her homeland. Her english is broken and she lacks the skills to survive on her own out in the wilds - Besides, her healing powers would always be helpful and you could always use her to bargain.  You take ownership of her, using her as you see fit.

Modern Plots

The Arrangement

They knew each other in college. You were friends but took different directions in life. You were the studier while she was your de-stress. She forced you to have fun before the stress of business crushed you. You grew a business from the ground up while she  traveled the world and both naturally fell out of contact.  You bump into each other again half a year later....
You offer her to live with you, and she will want for nothing. In return -
(Can add drama with the women that would be throwing themselves at him or ex girlfriends reappearing)

Romance Plot) You hope to rekindle the lost feelings between you and your lost sense of adventure. With her back in your life, your high demand job has never been so much fun. The passion burns so deeply between you, you can barely keep your hands off matter where they are.

Kink Plot) You miss her fun loving nature and you've since acquired new tastes. You've been looking for someone to dominate. (MasterxSlave/Controlling relationship. Can use or share her with business clients ect)

Life with a Demon

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Modern Fantasy - Male Human x Female Demon, Female Human x Male Demon, Futa Demon x Female Human

Due an old curse, every 50 years a someone in her family is cursed to have their soul linked to a demon. The demon has an aray of powers and gets in the way of the hosts day to day life, but it definitely has its perks.

Always there

You're a wealthy man. Beautiful women throw themselves at you and you take full advantage. You have someone to clean your pent house and she's been doing so for almost a year. She knows you well and you both get on greatly as friends, sometimes even hanging out together on occasion. Its obvious you enjoy eachothers company. Though you still enjoy the attention you get from women, you can't deny the attraction you feel for her. She's been here by your side longer than any other woman. Naturally, she's quite reserved because of your colourful history with women


Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

(Sex Based)

You've been struggling with finding work, you're in alot of debt and you don't know how you are going to make the rent this month. You ask a friend for a loan to keep a roof over your head, but instead sets up a meeting with someone he knows to give you a job since you're 'her kind of guy'. The woman you meet with is very interested in you, but to work for her means becoming an escort for her party business.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Master x Slave (Sex based)
You're good friends, but not best. She needs a place to stay and you have a spare room. You offer sex as a means of pay and she surprisingly agrees.
(They explore their sexuality, you use her as a means of bargaining, putting on shows for friends, or if you enjoy watching her with other men. Could be a house of multiple men for gangbang scenes.)

Reverse Rent
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

You need somewhere to stay. Your female friend has a room but in return for a rent free room, she demands your cock keep her entertained.
(Could be a group of men looking for a room for gang bang scenes)


Simply Research
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Human x Pokemon

Professor Cherry is a more controversial Pokemon Scientist. She explores Pokemon breeding, or Pokemon breed.
Relying on the donation of trainers wanting their prized Pokemon to be apart of this research. She hosts the trainer overnight, borrowing their male Pokemon and conducting her research.
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Re: F for M - Original Plots. Fantasy and Modern. Non humans welcome
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Re: F for M - Original Plots. Fantasy and Modern. Non humans welcome
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Re: F4M - Playful Passion plots - Nonhuman friendly (May consider FxF)
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