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Author Topic: Doctor Freak's RP Request Thread (On Site) (MxF, FutaxF, FxF)  (Read 1014 times)

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Doctor Freak's RP Request Thread (On Site) (MxF, FutaxF, FxF)
« on: December 06, 2016, 10:46:36 am »
Hi there! Interested in RPing with me? Read below then!

History of Role Playing

I've been role playing for quite some time now. Perhaps a little over 10 years now! I've improved in a lot of areas since I started, as you probably would expect. I find it fun and I enjoy taboo role plays, but they're not the only kinds I will do.

Role Playing Guidelines

    1) I mainly role play female roles. Most of my characters, if they are planned out, are female. I will, however, never decline  the option of  me playing a Male or a Futanari role.

    2) Out of Character (OoC) Gender means nothing to me. If you're a guy and you want to play a female, that's fine. The same is fine for either gender wanting to play a Futanari or if a female wants to play a guy. If it matters to you, then we will not get along very well.

    3) Post lengths are, indeed, required to be minimum of 3 to 5 sentences per reply. You don't have to write a novel/screenplay, but one word or sentence responses will not be tolerated here.

    4) I only do story-driven multicharacter role plays. This means if you plan on just playing one character, then we will not get along. My partner, in a 1x1, should be able to play as several characters over the course of an RP (not at the same time, that's not required). Story's are much less fun when it's literally only two characters.

    5) If you have ideas during our Role Plays, do not hesitate to create an Out of Character (OoC) PM and we can discuss ideas while the RP is going. I do dislike putting OoC Chatter in the middle of an RP.

    6) Long term RPs only. I do not do short "quickies".

Pairings I Will Do

: Purple means I am willing to do the pairing, but I rather do the others listed unless the story calls for it.
MaleXFemale | FemaleXFutanari | FutanariXFutanari | FemaleXFemale

Pairings I Will NEVER Do
MalexMale | MaleXFutanari

Taboo RP Fetishes

These are the Do's and Don'ts for any taboo fetishes I have. The list is rather large and comprehensive, so if there's something not here and you're curious, just ask!

However, it would be preferable if you were interested and shared majority of my fetish interests. If not, then please DO NOT PM me.

Favorite Taboo Fetishes
Note: Red colored fetishes are "Must Have or Tolerate The Possibility Of" in an RP.

Large Breasts | Pregnancy | Lactation | Hourglass Figures | Transformation

Gender Bender | Fusion | Parasites | Ghosts | Demons

Angels | Furry | Driders | Excessive Cum | Cum Inflation
Corruption | Possession | Vore (Many Kinds, just ask) | Sex (Anal, Oral, Vaginal) | Sluts

MaleXFemale | FemaleXFutanari | FemaleXFemale | FutanariXFutanari

(and much more, just ask!)

Fetishes I Will Absolutely Not Do
Watersports | Scat | Loli (Underage) | Weight Gain or Loss | Vomiting

Death (for Sexual Arousal) | Decapitation | Detailed Gore

MaleXMale | FutanariXMale | Middle Aged Women | Small Breasts/Flat Chested
The Taboo RP Vault: Plots

This is the section where I post up my premade plot ideas and you guys can look at them and see if any interest you! However, do note that this does NOT mean I won't be open to hearing your own ideas. These are just ideas I've had.

RP Vault: Fan-Based Plots

These are plots that are based on a particular series I wish to role play. Once again, it is not limited to what I post here. If you have ideas for the same fandoms, just let me know!


Extremely Taboo - This means there is more emphasis on the smut. Occasionally, I would enjoy a story with more emphasis on smut. Who wouldn't, right?

Niche Plot - This means I know this plot is definitely not for everyone. If you don't want to be weirded out by it, then I suggest skipping over any plots that state this.

Darker Plot - This means this plot is darker than my usual plots. It can involve excessive vore or a character being forced to do things such as destroying someone. If you don't want to try Darker Plots, then skip over them, please.

Series 1: Bleach

I have several ideas for Bleach, and they're listed below. It's my favorite anime and I'd love to RP it with someone! ^.^

Plot 1: Soul Force - A young girl named Natalie Inoue grows up in the aftermath of the main events of the original Bleach anime (after the Fullbring Arc). Being the daughter of Ichigo Kurosaki and Orihime Inoue-Kurosaki, Natalie is able to see and talk to spirits and eventually discovers that she's inherited both of her parents' abilities and becomes Karakuta Town's newest generation Substitute Soul Reaper. She and her friends end up stumbling upon a villainous plot though within the Soul Society and might have to face it without their parents' help.

Plot 2: Shattered Souls - When Orihime and Ichigo finally get together and have celebrated with a fun time for their first all-nighter, Orihime finds out she is pregnant. Excited, they both plan their future together, but it is cut short when a Hollow attacks and bites Orihime. Now, she is beginning to Hollowfy and Ichigo must save her by using a taboo act similar to that of his father using on his mother. However, this lands Ichigo in a coma and Orihime isn’t fully relieved of all over her newfound Hollow powers. She must become the new protector of Karakuta Town while she waits for Ichigo to wake up, if he ever wakes up. (This is a prequel to the events of Soul Force)

Possessive Nature (Extremely Adult Oriented) - A Hollow manages to worm its way into the head of a powerful Soul Reaper, the daughter of Orihime and Ichigo, (or Orihime herself) and begins to alter how they act and emits various pheromones, causing a lot of confusion and sudden spikes in libidos. The Hollow is seeking revenge against them for slaying their mate and by doing so, turns the victim into a rather lustful sex addict. Will they be able to get rid of the Hollow or has it bested them by forcing them to be a new host for the Hollow's huge libido?

Series 2:  Kim Possible

Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me! I loved Kim Possible and I do enjoy finding Rule 34 of the now graduated hero. I've had several ideas for the series, listed below!

Plot 1: Kim Possible in Mind Games - Kim is on a mission just before her first semester of college. She has to infiltrate a signal coming from an old contact, only to be ambushed and drugged. When she wakes up, she's alone, but she now has the Mind Control Chip on the back of her neck. She begins to act strange and does the bidding of the culprit as well as anything else on the same frequency as the chip would make her do. Can she find out who did this before the Mind Control Chip takes over permanently[/SPOILER]

Plot 2 : Kim Possible in A Parasitic Transformation - Kim is infected by a strange parasite after a run in with a villain at an international science convention. She begins to experience strange urges, bodily changes and so forth. She needs to find out how to reverse or get rid of it before it's too late. [/SPOILER]

Series 3: My Life as a Teenage Robot

My Life as a Teenage Robot was a fantastic cartoon for me. And I loved the heck out of XJ9 (Jenny). However, I do think Rule 34 has made some pretty nifty design upgrades for the metallic beauty. Here are some ideas I had!

Plot 1: Adulthood.EXE - Jenny has several upgrades so she could become a proper adult and attend a University. She has several mechanical enhancements for her fighting abilities as well as her appearance based on supermodels, comic books and Japanese manga (along with some hentai, to which she did not know what it was).  Now sporting an hourglass shape, large breasts, curvier legs, some biological enhancements and flexible hair that could be put into various styles, she attempts to live an adult life of college and saving the world.

Plot 2: Downloaded (Darker Plot) - Jenny discovers the Internet and ends up connecting herself through an unsecured wireless connection. Unknown to her, an evil mastermind had been monitoring her and once there was even a second of a chance to enter her system, they did. They install a virus that causes Jenny’s appearance to further alter, but also act out. She becomes sexually aggressive, beginning to obsess over it. She commits crimes and does literally anything that her new master tells her to do, up to and including destroying people.

Series 4: My Little Pony (MLP)

Okay, well, I know what you're thinking. MLP? Really? You're a brony, Doc? You bet your sweet ass I am. Wanna fight about it? Just kidding, I don't wanna fight about it. I wanna hug and cuddle! Anyway... Rule 34, once again, has made me interested in some plots with the MLP franchise. However, these plots are strictly Anthro Ponies in an Anthro Equestria.

Plot 1: The Night Mare - A dark spell is found one day and accidentally cast, targeting Twilight and the Mane 6. It summons a demonic entity that possesses one of the Mane 6, forcing them to find and have its way with Twilight, the Princess of Friendship. Its goal is to ultimately be reborn via Twilight becoming its mother so it can never be sealed away again while causing chaos and sexual destruction.

Plot 2: The Elements of Disarray - A strange portal opens up and reveals a new, possibly evil entity that crashes into the fields of Equestria. After recovering, they wander around and come across one of the Mane 6 - Fluttershy. The creature eventually corrupts her through sexual influence and learns of Twilight, then sets its sights on her and the remaining Mane 6 in order to control them in order to take over Equestria.

Series 5: Persona 4

Persona 4 is one of the best games on PS2 and PS Vita. It was fun and very raunchy. I figure it'd be perfect for a couple of fan plots! Look below!

Plot 1: Shadows of Doubt - A young girl named Robin Sutokiora moves into a small town called Shiraku, not too far from Inaba, Japan. Everything is going well for her for several months until her closest friend has to move away due to their family moving away. On the evening before the move, they have a sleepover, but a strange fog seeps into the town around Midnight and they watch the Midnight Channel, only to be sucked into a strange Shadow World and separated. Robin must find her friend quickly before the Shadows within the world get to her but for them both, this was only the start of the strangeness.

Plot 2: Mothers of Shadow - Strange things begin to happen in Inaba only a week before Yu is supposed to return. Chie and Yukiko notice various people beginning to go on about life, babies and the process of birth, much to their disgust. They do soon find out that the Overly World they had discovered only a year prior has something to do with it, even witnessing a girl being raped by a Shadow and when it was done, the Shadow was gone and the woman was perfectly content and rubbing her belly. They had to get to the bottom of this otherwise they might be next.


RP Vault: Original Plots

These are plots that I've come up with myself. Take a gander at them and tell me what you think! The section will be revised with any new ideas I have! :D

Viper Rigg, Space Explorer - An RP based on the adventures of a space explorer who searches for her parents all the while getting tangled up with strange events and the Intergalactic Order of Space Explorers.

Invasion of the Womb Snatchers - A young woman ends up becoming possessed by an alien parasite after befriending a man and entrusting him. Once possessed, she becomes hyper fertile and goes out of her way to infect other females, as the parasite plans on using humans to repopulate and destroy the human race in order to take over the planet.[/SPOILER]

The Anomaly -A young woman ends up trapped in a loop one day and keeps replaying the events of a day over and over, no matter how many times she tries to do something different. She slowly begins to realize the people around her are not what they seem and they may have something to do with it.

The Ancient Peace Keeper - A woman is visiting a strange cave discovered in 2125, which show the remnants of a strange civilization worshiping a strange creature. When she goes deep into the cave, in a restricted area, she is slammed against the wall as a strange marking on the wall comes to life and fuses with her body. She begins to hear voices in her head, telling her to rid the world of who it thinks should be taken out. The way it forces her to do it, however, is forcing the targets to fuse to her body. In the fusion process, she loses her the ability to think on her own and her emotions, becoming the perfect puppet for the creature.

The Cybernetic Nightmare - After a highly intelligent woman witnesses something she shouldn't have when it came to the employer she worked for, she is murdered. However, the said employer destroys her body, but leaves her brain in tact. It is then placed into the first cybernetic chamber, allowing the woman to become a human-like AI for the forbidden experiment she witnessed fail with another human . She can access anything and everything, and lacked human emotions now. She decides to use her newfound AI roots to get revenge on the company and plans on infecting herself into every bit of technology in the world.

Hotel Horror -  A couple of young employees at a Five Star hotel are having the times of their lives, enjoying their job and the fact they're allowed to live within the hotel. However, when an explorer ends up checking in, a strange artifact is found and cracked as one of the Bellboys carries a bag into a room. Picking it up, they put it back after patching it up with some glue, but then the Bellboy begins to act strange as he becomes possessed by a vile entity, bent on using the Bellboy to fuse to the Bellboy's girlfriend and make her its slave.

Demonic Gateway - On her 18th birthday, a young woman experiences strange feelings and strange pains. Her body begins to alter itself, becoming curvier and even growing bustier and beginning to leak a strange colored liquid. Within a matter of hours within to her birthday, she notices her belly beginning to bulge. Within an hour, it's continuing to grow before her body forces her to double over as she goes into a birthing motion and gives birth to a demonic creature. Unable to process what's going on, her belly becomes perfectly flat again as the demon she birthed goes on a rampage with her neighbors. Within a matter of minutes, the demon returns and forces her to spread her legs and "re-enters" her the way it was born, causing her belly to bulge out again before rapidly flattening again. This freaks the woman out and she eventually finds out her soul had been sold when she was younger to save her from a terminal illness and in return, she is now an eternal literal portal to and from Hell.

Apartment 103 - A woman moves into Apartment 103 for next to no rent, only to discover it has a horrible secret. She begins to experience hallucinations and wakes up frequently sweating and feeling strange. She soon ends up getting a roommate, who she repeatedly tries to destroy. The woman ends up finding out she's the spawn of Satan and it is time to "give up" her body in order to let Satan wreak havoc on the mortal plain.

Holy War: The Angelic Hybrid - A young woman sees strange things on the day of her 16th birthday. She begins to see strange looking creatures, which seem to be follow her or spying on her. She also notices almost perfect looking people around every corner, having some sort of holy appearance to them. She eventually learns that she's the daughter of two powerful beings - an Angel and a Demon. They have since been killed and the Angels have been brainwashing the woman's "current parents" and the Angels tell her that they need her to defeat Hell once and for all. However, Demons also invade and try to force her to join their side, trying to entice her with various things like the ability to see her real parents again. Which side will get the powerful Angelic-Demonic hybrid female?

The Epidemic (Niche Plot) - A strange liquid is delivered by an unmarked box to a chemical testing plant. The testing goes wrong and a strange greenish white liquid stains two scientists. Within a matter of seconds, they both begin to feel strange as they begin to act more feral and the female's head morphs into a phallic-shaped head and then finally into a literal, gushing cock head. The male scientist is morphed into a Futanari/Herm and their head soon also takes on a phallic shape, eventually becoming a large cock head as well. They begin to infect the entire lab through forced sex and then the spreading virus spreads to the nearby city. Different strains eventually develop, ala a similar style to Let4Dead 2, but with phallic monsters.

The Origin of Evil (Demonic Possession+ Plot) - A young girl finds a Ouija Board at a garage sale in a garbage can. She decides to take it despite the owners seeming to try and block it off from view and play with it. On the night she plays with it, she communicates with a figure that claims to be her deceased mother. As she talks to them, a strange demonic creature ambushes her and forces something into her mouth, causing her jaw to dislocate and fit the entire object into it. This leads her to becoming possessed and also gives her the ability to eat abnormally - either with a ton of food or perhaps even people for their souls. Can anyone stop this beast that now controls her?

Reality Ripple (Variable Plot) - Something causes reality to go awry, changing the way the world works and sometimes changing people. It happens once every 1,000 years , though it is considered a fairly tale, and a young teenager finds themselves in the middle of the stranger effects of the said ripple. There would be multiple varying scenarios, listed in the Spoiler below (though more can be suggested). It could also be set up like Groundhog Day, in which the main character relives the first day or so of the ripple over and over again.
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Reality Ripple: Futa Effect - Everyone becomes a Futanari but the young teenager.

Reality Ripple: The Need to Breed
- The young teenager turns into a breeder female (even if starting off male) and the rest of the world desire to make them reproduce. The world could be turned entirely male except for the breeder or entirely futa except the breeder.

Reality Ripple: Warped
- The ripple causes the young teenager to become a female that slowly gains strange abilities the naughtier she is. The world around her seems to bend to her will, as the female ends up having reality warping abilities.

Potion Commotion - A young woman visits a newly opened mall and is in search of an outfit that would make her crush notice her as she is invisible due to her naturally unimpressive form. However, she is distracted b a strange store that sells quite the exotic goods. She is then offered a Lust Potion after being told it would make the first person they see after drinking it into their dream girl. Little does she know that the Lust Potion is literal and the thoughts of the person who turns her into their dream girl affect how she looks and acts!​

Dimensional Trouble -  A young girl is born with a strange illness, referred to as "The Dimensional Traveler " Syndrome. She cannot be in one dimension for very long, often switching between them. They can vary dramatically or sometimes simply be parallel dimensions to the one she was in. The only person that was consistently within each dimension with her was her mother, who has recently passed away. Now trying to fight bitterness and loneliness and attempting to avoid getting lost in more taboo things to get her mind off of the situation, she has to figure out how to stabilize herself so she can willingly choose where to go.

The Cursed Amulet - After successfully and accidentally stopping a robbery at a museum, a young girl ends up falling into an exhibit that isn't open to the public yet. She accidentally breaks a casing, causing a very strange looking necklace to fall on top of her and it oddly lands around her neck. Everything then goes white and she wakes up back at home, but not everything is what it seems. The necklace is gone, replaced with a strange tattoo now starting from where it was placed and expanding downward, covering part of her cleavage. Little does she know that this necklace controls and influences desires of others and can put her in various worlds with different outcomes, people and occupations. It's up to her to finally notice and to try and undo the curse that was now placed upon her. But will she ever find out?

That's all the plots I have for the time being!

Thanks for stopping by, friends! Shoot me a PM or post a response to the thread if you are interested in RPing with me!
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Re: Doctor Freak's RP Request Thread (On Site) (MxF, FutaxF, FxF)
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2017, 10:34:37 am »
Le bump. Still interested in looking for some partners :3

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Re: Doctor Freak's RP Request Thread (On Site) (MxF, FutaxF, FxF)
« Reply #2 on: January 11, 2017, 07:14:25 pm »
Hi hi.

I am a big yuri (FxF) fan and I do love (FutaxF) if it involves impregnation and childbearing and raising the children together as a family unit.  Kind of like a romance from meeting to happily married life.  I'm not sure if you like that or not.  *^^*

I've got my own kicks and likes and such..but I thought I'd see if you're up for trying an rp with me and if so, maybe we could hammer an idea out? *^^*

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Re: Doctor Freak's RP Request Thread (On Site) (MxF, FutaxF, FxF)
« Reply #3 on: January 12, 2017, 02:06:40 am »
I'll shoot you a PM and see what we can work out!

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Re: Doctor Freak's RP Request Thread (On Site) (MxF, FutaxF, FxF)
« Reply #4 on: February 11, 2017, 09:52:21 am »
Le bump! Added two new plots, Dimensional Trouble and The Cursed Amulet!