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October 01, 2022, 04:38:52 pm

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Author Topic: M Seeking F or GM/DM - Craving Action, Fighting, Conquest, Romance, and Smut  (Read 1155 times)

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I really want to play with certain pairings. I'm basically looking for a partner or DM/GM to do a setting where MC goes through several trials and battles to carve his own path and ideal lifestyle. This includes, but not limited to, gathering much wealth, finding and perfecting land, finding, protecting, training, and making hot & sexy love to a woman or many women(depending on the what the partner is capable of), finding & making allies that will aid and assist him with battles and shaping the world as he sees fit, fulfilling his desire for freedom & happiness. MC will be dominant, but will want her satisfied as well as himself. I do like 60-80/40-20 smut-to-plot, it really depends on the plot, but more often than not I want something sexy & smutty.

Brainstorming & plotting is highly encouraging before and during the roleplay process. OOC-chatting in general is also encouraged.

-Medieval Fantasy-
Knight/Mercenary x Princess/Queen/Empress/Noble Lady
Warrior/Hunter x Princess/Queen/Mage/Sorceress/Witch/Amazon
Rogue/Rebel x Princess/Queen/Priestess/Nun/Amazon
Gladiator/Warrior x Spectator/Wealthy Donor/Sponsor/Gladiatrix
Barbarian Warrior/Gorean Warrior x Tribal Queen or Princess/Gorean Girl/Amazon
Master x Mind & Body-controlled Slave
Master x Harem(either earned or mind & body-controlled)
Human x Anthro
Human x Succubus
Human Warrior/Adventurer x Priestess/Angel/Goddess
Psychic-Magic Caster x Sorcerer/Mage/Priestess/Witch/Harem
Rogue x Assassin/Dancer
MC x Genie/Faerie

-Modern Fantasy-
CEO x Secretary/Office girl/CEO from different company/Client
Wealthy Man/Sugar Daddy x Wife/Escort/Poor Girl/Maid/Girlfriend
College BF x GF
Story of 5 guys x their girlfriends/lovers - Long-term, From College to Career Life
Psionic-Magic Caster x Influencial/Wealthy/CEO Woman/Witch
Younger Male x Mature Curvy Female
Athlete x Geek/Rival/Cheerleader/Fangirl
Vigilante/Rebel x Police Woman/Wealthy Donor/Trainer/Mentor/Partner/Magical Girl/Witch/Rival
College Student & Vigilante x Geek Cosplayer/Wealthy Donor/Police Woman/Hacker/Fangirl/Rival
Courier x Rival/Assassin
MC x Genie

Civilian x Gang girl
Gang Leader x Rival Gang Leader
Vigilante x Gang girl/Sexy Thief
Gang Member/Loner x Rival Loner/Sexy Police Woman/Gang Girl
Gang Member x Crime Boss' Daughter/Wealthy Man's Daughter
Prizefighter x Fangirl/Wealthy Donor
Gang Leader x Harem Gang

-Cyberpunk & Mecha & Futuristic-
College Student/Athlete/Competitor & Vigilante x Girlfriend/Hacker/Geek/Rival Vigilante/Rival Student/Harem of Vigilantes
Gamer x Geek/Cheerleader/Rival Gamer/Elite-Rich Student
Engineer/Vigilante Engineer x Fangirl/Rival/Rich girl/Vigilante/Mentor/Romantic Crush
Programmer x Advanced AI GF in a Sexy Android Body/Harem of Sexy Androids
Courier x Rival/Assassin
Prizefighter/Arena Fighter x Sexy Competitors/Wealthy Donor/Dominatrix Fighters

-Space Fantasy-
Crew Leader x Harem Crew
Space Colony Life/Space Colony Harem
Building up a Lost Advanced Civilization into MC's image
Space Adventurer x Sexy Pirates/Warladies/All-Female Planet/Colony
Space Arena Fighters

Roleplay Elememnts:
These are elements that I want to use in the RP.
Fight & Combat Scenes
Romance & Relationships
Witty Comedy
Erotica & Sex Scenes
Different Character Personalities
Character Interaction & Empathy
Psychic/Psionic Abilities
Special Abilities & Powers

Curvy/Voluptuous Girls
Excessive Cum
Multiple Orgasm
Cum On Clothes
Public Sex
Hypnosis/Mind & Body Control/Seduction
Androids & Advanced AI
Harem/Polyamory(Male x Multiple Girls)
Tight Skirts/Dresses/Gowns/Bodysuits/Leotards
Shiny Skirts/Dresses/Gowns/Bodysuits/Leotards
Bodycon Clothes
Pump Heels
Bimbo Transformation
Angry Sex/Revenge Sex/Vigilante Sex/Love-Hate Sex
Sexfighting/Climax Submission & KO
Pleasure Control
Cock Worship
Ass Worship
Cum Worship
Cum on Ass/Legs/Body
Mutual Masturbation
Cum Addiction
Orgasm Addiction
Sex Addiction
Schoolgirl Uniforms
Cheerleader Uniforms
Office Girls/Secretaries/Businesswomen
MC Dominating/Controlling Bitchy Sassy Uppity Women
Pussy & Anal Cumming
Gorean Fantasy

Bodily Fluids
Pain & Harm-related

All Characters will be over 18, so don't ask for otherwise. All interested players please send PMs.

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Still looking for partners and GMs. Really eager to get back into RPing sometime soon.

Offline SpynmasterTopic starter

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I became inspired by ShoNuff44's art.

I'd really like a Modern Fantasy setting where my character has a double life of a civilian and a vigilante in his city that's by the water & beach, where his hangouts consist of an arcade, a diner, and a jazz club, and he wants to have sexy, beautiful women in his life. There tends to be fighting every now and then, 'cause evil and crime and douchebags exist, but he rises up and shows them that he ain't putting up with their shit.

It's a rough idea, but it's off my current feels at the moment. Please post or PM if interested.