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May 17, 2022, 06:36:29 am

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Author Topic: The Anal Slut Academy- Looking for a new Principal/Teacher (transformation)  (Read 995 times)

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Hello! I have an idea that has been in a few discussion and it didn't really go anywhere. I would roleplay Sophia and some of the other students, and you could roleplay the teacher, principal, or anyone else that would discipline, mold, and shape Sophia.

My character is a rebellious young woman, and her parents are worried about her ever finding a 'good' man, so they enroll her in the ASA- the Anal Slut Academy, where Sophia will be turned and transformed into an Anal Slut by the end of the year.
Well, we can just summarize her school experience and only rp her after class time, or on weekends, or punishments for disobeying the rules.

For the first quarter, it would probably be mostly non permanent things- maybe clip ons, temporary tattoos, tight clothes/binding/wraps, playing around with sensitivity, and maybe increasing arousal, slowly getting the students to change their wardrobes- first no underwear/panties, then only bikinis or micro skirts and small tiny clothes. Maybe the 'vitamins' they take each day increase their horniness and cause their secondary sex characters to increase, ie, chest, hips, and butt alterations as well as having them be flushed, sensitive to clothes, and start to think about sex more.

All students would have to practice blow jobs, oral sex, multiple partners, and of course, anal sex. Maybe the female students could practice on each other.

For the second quarter, maybe the girls first expansions would take place and improving technique

For the third quarter,  there would be excessive growth and introduction to stretching/plugging

For the last quarter and before graduating-  something like excessive stretching, gaping, tattoos, piercings, and laser hair removal

Since the characters are all over 17, that should be fine.

Being a teacher's pet to demonstrate lessons would take on a separate meaning

Maybe the intro students they would read about it and learn about it in theory, then the hormones and exercises are introduced. They'd have to do things like- masturbate and have ten orgasms and keep a log of their own pleasure, for example. Maybe they'd have to wear larger and larger plugs with surprise inspections, and, if they don't have a plug on, get stretched to something double the size. And, hormones to increase bust/hips/sex drive/insatiability would all work out pretty well.

maybe they have to use strapons on each other since it's only women there except the faculty.

You might have a goal, for example, of having anal sex with two of your classmates by next Friday and then right a report on it. Everyone gets involved since it's required and a sanctioned school activity.

If you are interested, please message me with your idea of the character you would play and what you have in mind for the game- especially for our heroine Sophia.

Here is the first post-
Sophia had acted out in her teenage years- everything from stealing her parents car, to sneaking out in the middle of the night, to going through boys like most people went through kleenex when she was in high school.

Her father, was a stern totalitarian who had rules and there were clear punishments for violating the rules. He was a renowned proctologist who had secretly stretched Sophia's mom to absurd proportions. He was the one who had started the Anal Slut Academy, donating millions of dollars and helping shape the curriculum. Her father had warned Sophia that if she didn't shape up, she would be sent there on her 18th birthday.

Sure enough, on her 18th birthday, there was a knock at her bedroom door as the clock hit midnight. Two men waiting in suits, one holding a suitcase of Sophia's things, were there to escort her off her parent's properties.

She was taken to the car and driven to the boarding rooms. Luckily, at the ASA there were always new students entering while older students had retired, so class was in session year round.

Sophia was thin and plain- was the best way she would've described herself. She was slightly taller than average, she stood about 5 foot seven inches tall. Her brown hair was dyed flame red. She had no tattoos and no piercings besides three in each ear lobe. Her skin was pale and medium length, she usually wore it pulled back into a single long ponytale.

She quickly realized that each quarter had their own floor, with a total of five, one for each floor and the very top for administration.  The floors were completely locked with keycards that all students were given when they enrolled. She was on the green floor- that was the very bottom and appropriate for first quarter students. Next up were yellows, followed by red, followed by oranges which were the near graduate levels.

Sophia unpacked her things, still dazed and dumbfounded that her parents would actually put her into a boarding school. She couldn't believe it. Her schedule on the desk. She looked it over.

1- English- Intro to Erotic Fiction
2- History of Sexuality
3- Beginning Erotic Art
4- PE- Intro to Erotic Arts
5- The Science of Sex

Sophia looked at the schedule and laughed, "Is this some sort of joke? They're all based on sex?" She turned on the tv, sure enough, there were only channels of erotic debauchery, starting from tame on the lower channels- mostly girls in bikinis, to the channels in the 20s were stomach churning- sex parties, gangbangs, boobs that were as large as beach balls, some girls butts looked like they had their own zip code, and nymphomaniacs that seemed insatiable, too. She watched thirty seconds of it and was shocked.

She had been with 21 men so far, but none of them longer than a week or two.
Sophia took a shower in her bathroom, then changed and slept for night. She woke up early, grabbing her things and heading to the first classroom.

The school looked like a regular high school, more or less, except the little touches- posters of naked women, women who were enjoying being fucked by three guys at once, and lots of other scenes of sexuality and debauchery.

She headed to the first room and entered the classroom, sitting down. She was ready to find out what this school was all about, she hoped that it was some sort of joke.

Sophia was wearing a sports bra, two tee shirts, and distressed blue jeans along with sneakers. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytale.