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May 20, 2022, 06:15:56 am

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Author Topic: Just What Do I Have In Mind? Specific Craving/General Plots M/F (all welcome)  (Read 1066 times)

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Here is my profile/ons and offs/plots/neat stuff is fairly long, so be prepared ;)

While I have more plots than this specific one I'm craving, here is the one I'm primarily interested in at the moment:  (If replying please do so in a PM, not here)

To Follow The Shadow
This idea is based in the Star Wars: Old Republic timeline.  MC is a grey Jedi in his 30s or 40s who has served the Order and the Republic faithfully, but his ideas are quite outside the acceptable by the Council.  He's done what he can over the years, but the longer he has lived, the more he has seen that the Order is denying the very thing that most people fight and live for: love and attachment. 

Much of his disillusionment comes from a former love he had.  She could have been a Jedi herself, or any number of other professions, but she ended up dying at some point.  His training helped him over the grief, but the experience helped form his beliefs into a completely new system, one at odds with the disconnect Jedi are taught to have.  He eventually comes at odds with the rest of the Council, and while he has tried to change the system from within, he is eventually seen as too disruptive, and a threat to the stability of the Order itself.  He's too radical to be allowed to teach his beliefs.  He's already been prevented from taking a new padawan for some years, and while out of respect for his prowess and heroics he was allowed to stay on the Council, he finally pushes them too far and he is removed from the Council.  He is not an evil person, but like Qui-Gon Jinn much later, his beliefs are simply too extreme for the Council.  He decides to leave the Order then, and continue to fight for the Republic in his own way.

YC is a feisty padawan, close to taking her trials, who has recently lost her own master.  She has her own ideals as well, but doesn't have the gravitas to do anything about it.  Perhaps she has some skeletons in her own closet, or her own lost love in the past.  At some time in the recent past, she came across or studied in some capacity under MC, and it was a revelation to her. To know that someone was of a like mind, and a Master Jedi on the Council at that.  She's a bit of a loner due to her beliefs, and when MC leaves the Order, she makes a momentous decision and quits as well, hoping that MC will take her on as a padawan...and perhaps, something more.

It's up in the air whether YC is already smitten by mine or vice versa, but it can also start out with them platonic, their common interests as grey Jedi having them joining forces.  The plot lends itself to more D/s plots, but that angle isn't necessary.  An event or two where their lives are on the line will cement more than just their trust in one another, however.  With both of them believing positive attachment is a good thing, it won't be long before they are more than just master and student...

The rest of the RP is open to discussion.  Shoot, much of this is open to discussion.  I just want to do a Star Wars RP!
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