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May 06, 2021, 07:34:50 pm

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Author Topic: A Game About Games (Where the Card and the Die will decide the World's Fate)  (Read 598 times)

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((This is being placed in both the One on One and Non-Adult forums. If interested, please specify whether or not you would like to include sexual content.))

Something that a lot of different manga, books and movies play with is the idea of a group of people playing some sort of game with extremely high stakes. Whether it's the classic Battle Royale with a high school class forced into a free-for-all deathmatch, or something more psychological like the strategy games of Liar Game with hundreds of millions of dollars and life-crushing debt on the line, what they all have in common is people being pushed to their absolute physical, mental and emotional limits all in the name of claiming the final victory.

As such, I'm looking for anyone who'd be interested in playing out such a plotline. There are countless ways such a game can go down, and of course just as many ways for naughtier aspects to be brought out. Manga like Gamble Fish are a great example of stories focusing on different sorts of games that delight in including sexy components. (Such as Strip Blackjack with million-dollar stakes.) This  includes things like Yu-Gi-Oh, where Card Games are Serious Business and world-changing events actually do hinge upon playing a children's card game, or more serious stories like Doubt where strangers are forced to play a life-or-death game with neither warning nor preparation.

Now, those of you who haven't already lost interest, I'm sure you're concerned that most of these stories involve a main character playing most of the games of consequence, and everyone else is a relative bit player. Not to mention that games need opponents, and it's a bit unfair to expect one person to play all the opponents while one just focuses on a main character that always wins. As such, the ideal plot for a game like this would have multiple main characters. Furthermore, it would require players who are capable of both running their main, as well as opponents that might be playing against other mains.

Example: I start a game with AwesomePartner. My main character is named Archie, and AwesomePartner's main is Betty. I'm also playing Reggie, who challenges Betty to Strip Russian Roulette Poker. AwesomePartner is also playing Veronica, who challenges Archie to Sexy Guillotine Mahjong.

Or, you know, something like that.

The below are the sorts of plotlines I'm looking for. If you have other ideas or like what you read, feel free to send me a PM!

---- Two new students have arrived at one of the best, most expensive high schools in the entire country. Almost immediately they're met with ridicule and harassment, the classic hazing ritual to get rid of anyone who doesn't deserve to stay. But neither of them lose their cool, and before their first day is over they've openly challenged the quarterback and head cheerleader to what appears to be a game of chance. If the popular kids win, then the new students will be toys for the entire school for a year. But if the new kids win, then the popular kids belong to them.

Everyone is astounded when the new kids win. Almost immediately others come forward to try and win back the king and queen's freedom, but the new kids easily defeat all comers and steadily increase their pool of wealth and followers. Both of them have their eyes on the headmaster, a man shrouded in mystery and a legacy of deadly gambling.

---- The most popular card game in the world is based upon duelists calling out various creatures that fight on behalf of their masters. But certain duelists are known to have a strange sort of power that only appears now and then, and Shadowy Organization will do anything to claim that power. (Basically any Yu-Gi-Oh style plotline where the world revolves around Children's Trading Cards.)

---- A dozen people are kidnapped and thrown into an abandoned amusement park. Various games with high stakes and higher penalties are scattered throughout the park, and each player has been given a single key. The first to claim seven keys by wagering them in the games is the winner, and permitted to leave the park with their lives.
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