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Author Topic: OPEN: Magical Girls (MtF/F); Sword Art Online (FtM/F)  (Read 1612 times)

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OPEN: Magical Girls (MtF/F); Sword Art Online (FtM/F)
« on: December 01, 2016, 03:50:30 pm »

What a Dragon Girl Wants; What a Dragon Girl Needs
(A growing library of Champion Lucetta's request history.)

Open Games
Burning Bright (Magical Girls!)
Sword Art Online (Coming Soon!)

Taken Games
Star Wars: Outer Darkness (Thread)
Fields So Green (Thread)

Finished Games
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Re: What a Dragon Girl Wants; What a Dragon Girl Needs
« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2016, 03:56:40 pm »
Fields So Green: Kitsune Girl looking for Human Magic User

Status: Taken! (Thread)

This request is loosely inspired by Spice and Wolf, the anime of which may be viewed for free on Youtube thanks to Funimation. However, a basic understanding of agriculture and economics and a dabbling in the occult will be far more useful during this game.


Chiyo bounded through the fields, the paddies and the bamboo groves excitedly. The humans surrounded her with so much bounty and she eagerly protected it all as the more benevolent of Yōkai are wont to do. She was a popular little fox among the local lord was careful to warn hunters not to harm foxes when wandering through these lands for fear of losing such a great asset to his farmers and his house.

Sometimes a chicken was taken in the night, but that was the fee for her protection. Oni would come in the night in the years before her arrival to steal children away or corrupt men into being unfaithful to their wives. With Chiyo running through these lands, evil Oni died if they dared trespass and men who were unfaithful on their own were cursed for dishonoring women. Men who stayed single were safe to visit the local brothel, but those abused the geisha were found decapitated with their souls stolen.

Time after time, Nippon would change but would remain loyal to their local Yōkai and to Inari Ōkami for sending this much needed messenger their way after they had prayed for fertile fields and peace that could be kept. The span of nearly seven centuries was nothing to the young fox, but the village had grown into a sprawling city with farmers that prayed to her less and less and sometimes tried to kill her for taking her fee.

Once the humans started arresting and punishing dishonorable men on their own, the part of her fee that had made her more powerful over the years was gone as well. Only a few elderly women remembered her, now, and the humans had forgotten that her help was given to them at all. Some of them thanked Inari Ōkami directly, but that was hardly thanks enough. The arrival of a strange foreigner changed things. This foreign human was a scholar of the ways of ancient religion and the economies of the world.

In truth, something was off about the human. They seemed to have a little magic of their own and they were actually looking for her more frantically than their calm words to the people of the city let on. Each harvest she met with one human who performed the ritual to summon her, and that human had been one of the old women for quite some time. She whispered to this old woman to guide the foreigner's hand in summoning her, then sell the foreigner some preserved rice so that she could leave and help him. The Oni had long been conquered in this land and she was insulted by this ungrateful city. It was time for her to be useful and appreciated again.


What I need is for an experienced role player to fill the role of a mostly submissive human male or female who is witch or warlock of the arcane. Western Demons of many species threaten their hometown and surrounding towns of farmers in a country in either North America, Australia, New Zealand or Europe and they are specifically seeking a powerful and ancient Yōkai who is on the verge of becoming "unemployed" to help them find and seal the rift, and then defeat the demons who escaped and the humans who assisted their escape one at a time.

There is an implication that a cult of Cthulhu may be lurking in the region, but whether they are clueless oafs who accidentally opened the rift, worshipers of a true Cthulhu or totally un-involved and pointless is an unknown. This promises to be a very lengthy story that will take a very long time to resolve like the Supernatural series. Romance would be a rather slow story element because the two will need to endure a lot of hardship together for the ancient Kitsune to fall in love. Chiyo is perhaps thousands of years old but only appears to be sixteen years old in her more human-like forms. She will need the human to gather worshipers who pay her in chickens in order for her to become attuned to their crops and survive before the Japanese rice she is connected to spoils.
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Re: What a Dragon Girl Wants; What a Dragon Girl Needs
« Reply #2 on: December 03, 2016, 08:01:16 pm »
Star Wars: Outer Darkness: Feline Hybrid Jedi seeking Female Padawan

Status: Taken! (Thread)

This is an original character I had commissioned art of. She pulls out all the stops as a Padawan in time of the Star Wars galaxy that can only be the far future. So far into the future, in fact, that the threat of an outside force finally discovering this strange and fertile part of the cosmos is very real.


Not so long ago in a galaxy still so far away...

Mima was by no means an ordinary Padawan. While peace ruled the galaxy for now under the banner and constitution of the Interstellar Democratic Republic, there was still a great separation of race for most sentient beings. Tensions between planets so far from each other would seem unlikely at best, but the matter of a half-Trianii Echani and a half-Cathar Mandalorian marrying so publicly had the Cathar and Trianii tribes up in arms.

The war was very silly and accomplished nothing, and so the couple turned themselves in to bring it to an end after a few litters were born. They each died on worlds that were not their own and raising the children fell into the capable hands of Echani and Mandalorian families who had learned to love hybrids as much as full-blooded children over the ages. The children matured mentally at an alarming rate. Their bodies caught up as beautifully tanned people with white catlike ears and tails that had a variety of brown markings. They would settle a new world named Cathii, and the Cathiian race was born.

So quickly and peacefully they grew, developing their own civilization and technologies. The first Cathiian religion was founded in the second generation and the first Galactic Senator of the species was elected then as well. The first Cathiian Queen was coronated in the third generation. The first Cathiian Stardasher, a vessel that was truly remarkable, graced the galactic trade routes and shattered pirate vessels as early as the fourth generation. But it was the fifth generation that produced something truly remarkable for them all.

Again, Mima was by no means an ordinary Padawan... For the Cathii race, she was the first. And at such a tender age, her mother arrived at Yavin 4 to pass custody of the force sensitive child over to the Jedi. She matured into a wonderful young adult under the tutelage of the meekest master the Jedi Order had to offer. Both Cathar and Trian sent delegates to her knighting ceremony with the intent to mend past wounds with the new Cathii race, and that is the day that our story begins.

Mima senses that she will be given a Padawan the very moment she is knighted. Just at the age twenty-one and she has become wise enough in the way of the Force to know that the Padawan will be perhaps seventeen years old and that the trials they will face together are more terrifying than she can imagine. Rather than spoil this fate to others, she elects to enjoy the surprise rather than attempt to alter it. If The Force tells her it will happen, it is better to let it happen than waste her time and energy trying to prevent it and making it her fault it happens in the process.


Mima, an amazing pilot and cartographer, and her somewhat younger Padawan, an amazing engineer and ship weapons handler, are assigned a mission of exploration outside of the galaxy where the fragments of a strange signal are coming from. It is a one way trip as the vessel is expected to return when they have both been dead of old age for a few decades.

What I am looking for is a Padawan to Mima who eventually becomes used to the idea of spending their entire life with her as they explore and survive the unspeakable horrors of the Outer Darkness on a voyage to discover what lies deep within them. Deeper than any sentient being from the galaxy has lived before, and for more and more reasons that make why nobody survives out there clear.

This is meant to be a science fiction horror story that constantly threatens the characters' sanity, health and very lives. They are forced to become stronger and stronger in the light side of The Force and their love for each other or the Outer Darkness will swallow them whole.
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Re: What a Dragon Girl Wants; What a Dragon Girl Needs
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2016, 07:09:49 pm »
Burning Bright: Magical Girl seeking Rookie Magical Girl

Status: Open!

This request is inspired by the League of Legends Star Guardian Skins, the anime known in the West as Magical Girl Raising Project and Puella Magi Madoka Magica.


Real life wasn't that interesting for Francis. People teased him for having such an effeminate name and an other-than-masculine way of solving occasional problems throughout his schooling. It didn't help that he grew up with an interest in magical girl animations from Japan and gaming in general. He was sometimes a passable female at conventions lately, his costumes always lovely and well-designed. He knew that he was living in a fantasy when he actually made enough money to move away from his parents as a live video game broadcaster at the age of nineteen. It was a lovely environment that accepted him for the woman he probably was inside, donations filling his livestream with lovely sparks of magic and fanfares he created in audio editing programs that touched the heart.

Now he was broadcasting his first impressions of a game that had won awards well before it was released. A lovely game about magical girls. The title was simply Star Guardians. The installation screen was not like that of other games. It was a breath-taking, gently rocking image of a high-altitude sky with the sun setting on a horizon made of lovely clouds with gorgeous stars twinkling above. Random high-ranking avatars twinkled in and out of existence as "falling stars" while core game files installed, and a synth melody with heavenly "oo's," "oh's" and "ah's" looped over and over with a bass guitar to lend them rhythm. Francis explained how the soundtrack was condensed into an ingame composer... Going into a little more detail than the developers did. The text-chatting audience went wild over the physics engine, complimented the lovelier avatars and flooded the chat with vows that they would buy the game if Francis truly intended to play it.

Finally, the game files fully installed. Another soothing track played while Francis began toiling patiently in the character creation menu. The untrained eye would easily claim that it was a lot of character customization for a mobile game. But a seasoned gamer would be right to say that this was the most character customization a game had ever offered on any platform at all. Francis experimented with the engine over and over... Creating a sullen goth girl one moment and a lovely feathered tomboy wearing aviator goggles the next. Chat finally went wild over the fifth creation, a draconic girl who appeared to be roughly seventeen years old with blue catlike eyes, golden hair tied into side buns with a braid spilling out of each one, an imposing draconic tail, an adorable face and a uniform featuring high heels and unbelievably exposing armor.

The random name generator exploited her nordic appearance and draconic features, calling her one lovely name after another with each roll of the dice until the audience lovingly voted for Francis to keep "Fyrifloo." There wasn't really a tutorial so much as a simple battle after an amazing cutscene of the new character falling from the sky and landing in a detailed and busy battlefield. This new Star Guardian crashed through ranks of monster hoards boldly with her magical two-handed sword, spitting out blue flames at larger clusters of small foes and learning new techniques relevant to her custom features. Several hours of the best gaming experience of Francis's life passed by with a few people in chat getting jealous of how quickly he was advancing through the game.

Each weekend, he livestreamed this game and the audience grew. Other Star Guardians clashed with him in GVG (Guardian versus Guardian) to try to grief him during his broadcasters. But his character was too durable and too strong. Even against magical characters, she always had a way through to a decisive victory. Fyrifloo started appearing on loading screens across the world, falling gracefully on that beautiful horizon with her sword strapped to her back and a brave smile on her adorable face. This was a character design that began selling phone covers and even led to the implementing of a new town within the game dedicated to a "dragonkin" variation of the Star Guardians. Fyrifloo went from popular to famous overnight when she was one of the girls featured on the official game release trailer when it went out of open beta.

The royalty check Francis received for the products sold and the success of the trailer online was terrifyingly large. Tens of millions of players looked up to his lovely dragon lady as an example of a brave and powerful woman who vanquishes evil and rescues good. She was even signed on to star in an official anime as the captain of the canon Star Guardians. Livestreaming became a part time job because Francis made so much money off if it that he could relax. The prospect of transitioning to female was explored briefly, but he was already so cute in cosplay that it just seemed to be unnecessary.

One day, he was playing the game just for the joy of it without the camera on for once. The amazing dragon girl struggled to defeat a terrifying new boss monster that had rampaged through Draig City and scattered the draconic women across the other lands as an endangered species. More and more weaknesses were found and exploited in what was supposed to be a co-op match, but Fyrifloo was determined to solo this beast out of her city once and for all even though the rest of her party had fallen since the battle begun. She learned a new spell in the midst of the chaos, and Francis did not hesitate to throw this new kitchen sink at the dreadful void beast without even finding out what it did.

Fyrifloo's eyes glowed with immense power and she breathed blue lightning at the beast instead of flames, making it writhe and shriek in perfectly rendered agony. It literally exploded from the overload, making a rather large mess that even splattered on the victor's skin, hair and clothing. In place of the victory screen, something strange appeared with a background of stars behind it. It was like a portal or a wormhole in space, and the synthetic ambiance that was the procedure-generated background music was truly enchanting. A single line of text appeared on the bottom of the smartphone screen, "Press to Become One with Fyrifloo."

"Heh... Perhaps something was lost in translation from Japanese," Francis thought aloud while pressing the portal gently with a thumb. What happened next was truly insane. He simply... "Transformed." Much like those amazing and sparkly visuals from so many magical girl anime, Francis gradually turned into Fyrifloo, a creature who personified girl power, honor and justice so well that she had appeared on the cover of magazines as "This Generation's Wonder Woman."

"I'm... I'm really one with... What just..." Francis, or rather Fyrifloo, stammered uncertainly. But then she drew her sword and struck a gallant pose, "Burn Bright, Star Guardians!" She laughed from how much of a dork she felt, but it was fun! The dragon lady would be sighted all over the United States, a suspected Public Relations campaign for the upcoming feature length movie. But she would get better at avoiding cameras while boldly venturing into criminal organizations to mercilessly destroy them. She would even encounter true monsters the likes of which she defeated in the games, surprising other real Star Guardians when she saved their lives while meeting them for the first time.

Fyrifloo became a hero of heroes, her instincts guiding her to Seattle where a truly terrifying storm seemed to be brewing. The alter ego known as Francis only broadcasted on weekends because saving the world had become a full time job for the true person she felt she was meant to be. Other Star Guardians fangirled when the celebrity was near and proving to be as powerful in reality as she had been in the cartoons. There were some close calls when particularly deadly monsters attacked, but a wounded Fyrifloo was far more deadly than an unscathed one.

The journey Northwest only uncovered one lead beyond this strange feeling she had. And that one lead had been a traumatized girl in Denver who had escaped from Seattle who simply said, "It was a bloodbath... P-please don't go there!"


What I need is for a young female character living in or near Seattle to play my fictional Star Guardians game on her phone and become a magical girl known as a Star Guardian after reaching a very high score playing a support role. She goes on to save an older couple from a burning building, getting help from the more experienced Star Guardian. They build a friendship each night, facing strange challenges along the way including the hidden dangers of the very contract that gives them the power to save lives and fight evil. Including the occasional betrayal by an NPC, even.

There will be lots of blood and violence. Some characters will die brutal deaths. Our own will be wounded and near death themselves from time to time. But what is expected to develop between these characters is a true romantic love that gives them the psychological endurance to survive these horrors without losing themselves to the madness that infects Star Guardians who have less than that.