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Started by Petrus02, November 30, 2016, 10:48:31 AM

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Hello and welcome in my Big Ideas Thread. First, i would like to clarify a few things:

Z) I play with male/female and other writers, no problemes there, no worries, everyone is welcome!

A) Please do not post into this thread, as i will update it in future and notify you guys with an extra post summarizing the changes. If your interested in playing with me, if you got questions or own ideas roughly fitting my interests: feel free to PM me!

B) I will rate all my presented ideas with an interested rating ranging from 1 to 10. 1 Means its an idea i like and would like to play sometime but am still waiting for the right one to play it with. 10 means an intense craving I'd rather have sated yesterday than today. When i reached my limit of how many RPs i can play simultaneously, i will go by these. I generally will not abandon a Game with a rating of 7 or above, but consider this a fair warning: if you play a game rated 6 or lower with me, and i get the offer of something 8+, you might be dropped.

C) I will make clear what side of  the roleplay i want to play

D) I will separated my ideas into System Ideas and non system Ideas. I always will mention the system i want to play in as accurately as possible (with weblinks where available)

E)Important sidenote: I am currently craving for plot driven stories. While smut is welcome and appreciated, i want it to be logically fitting into the story. As such, i am not really interested in any ratio below 50:50plot to smut for any lasting stories, and would see at least 60:40 as the best.

F) Similar to the interest rating i will rate my wish for a short or longterm RP from 1 to 10. 1 Being an RP maybe a month, maybe two in real time, a single scene or maybe two in RP time, 10 would be a complete story, A lvl 1 to 20+ Pathfinder adventure, possibly taking years of real life time.

G) Currently looking for another 5 Games

H) All preferred themes are just that: things i would llike in. If you want something in that is not on my offs list, feel free to talk with me about it!

System Ideas

Shattered Star Adventure Path

Interest Rating: 9

Time Rating: 7

Side of the Story: Player

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Looking for someone to play the adventure path with me. i'd want to play an elven Rouge/wizard going into arcane trickster eventually, and i am looking for a very sneaky style of game, with sexy consequences when hes spotted.

Bound by chains, stronger than steel

under construction, that's why here is only a short preview of my idea:

A beautiful female Mage gets in trouble and sees only one last way out: to summon an otherworldly horror and bind herself to it in a pact that makes it protect her at all costs.

for a more lengthy idea either wait till I've found the time to write it properly, or just Pm me, asking me directly what you want to know. I'm always interested in others ideas.

The not so shining Knight

The following idea is inspired by This Song. Maybe it inspires someone else too :-)

System: Pathfinder

Interest Rating: 7

Time Rating: 6

Side of the Story: Player

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He sat upon his chestnut, watching the battle below him at the foot of the small hill unfold. Lastwalls heavy infantry was prized as one of the very best in the world... but the orcs had proven to be able to smash through them at countless occasions. Indeed, his jaded but still sharp eyes could see the first cracks in the frontlines. He turned abruptly around, facing the rider to his left. "Tell Warden Abercrombie to hurry his decision. My offer lasts for another five minutes or so, after that me and my men will be gone as to not be caught in the ensuing massacre. Though we number only 50, me and my men are now the only thing that can turn around this battle. either your damn idiot of a niggard parts with his gold, or his life."

It actually took the Warden about 6 minutes to come to an decision, but in the end he could not ignore his increasingly routing forces, and thus gold changed its owner. Having been paid properly he nodded " Good choice, if a bit late. Now sit back and watch in awe. Men! we're going to save their sorry asses! Wedge Formation! Ready? CHAAARGE!

I'm looking for someone to moderate a game for me where i can play this mercenary leader chevalier. It doesn't matter much to me if it really is against Orcs, or the Demons of the Worldwound, or other mercenaries in the Riverkingdoms... all of it, or something different and not golarion related. All that matters is plenty of coin, plenty of enemies, and plenty of women to celebrate with after the battle is won!

The caught Thief

System:  Pathfinder/ Shadowrun 4e, others maybe, ask!)

Interest rating: 7

Time Rating: 5

Side of the Story: Either (Player preferred! GM only with Pathfinder or Shadowrun 4e)

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" I know this city is not the best one to live in. I know my life in the shadows is dangerous. I know i don't earn much, stealing from the poor and the foolish... but that's the only life i can live. I've been in this city for all my life, i know every last stone of it. I know the shadows better than anyone else in this city, i know the dangers that lurk here very well, for i have been fallen prey for them more than once. But at least i am still alive, still in the business, don't need to starve, and not wearing rags. But... something is changing in this city, i can feel it. More and more people get sick, the city watch is getting more violent by the day, and in the shadows one can earn more than ever now."

I'm looking for a Thief/Dishonored style of game, maybe without needing to save the city, maybe while saving the city without planning to... anyway, the character should be  someone like this  (bonus brownie points for the one who actually wants to play or lets me play this one)

Something* with elves

System:  Pathfinder

Interest Rating: 10!

Time Rating: 1-10

Side of the Story: Either

Its said that a picture can tell more than a thousand words... here are a few pictures :-) i obviously have no finished Story for this, and i do not want one, rather i want to be surprised by you! Do you like one (or more) of the pictures, from any side of the story, from any perspective? Tell me about it. Describe your idea to me, as short or as long as you want to. I'd be interested in this in freeform too, but the rating would be more of a 6-7, with a shorter time rating overall too. I'd be interested in a more smut- focused play here too, but that would reduce my long term interest. Fair warning: Most of the pictures are NOT SAFE FOR WORK

Freeform Ideas

Rise of the Formicidae

Interest Rating: 5

Time Rating: 3-5

Side of the Story: Both(see text)

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Inspired by the third arc of the hunterxhunter series, where gon c&co fight against the chimera-ants, i would like toplay a similar game. I would like to control the Ants, from their single queen to the last surviving soldiers, while i am looking for someone to play the human victims, and the hunters send out to smash the bugs. I am looking for someone to write out the fights,the transformations, and maybe even romance. Knowledge about hunterxhunter is a must, as it posses a fairly unique superpower system.

Preferred themes: non-con, bestiality, romance(maybe) world building, business management, pregnancy

Living Garment

Interest Rating: 9

Time Rating: 1-5

Side of the Story: Either (GM preferred)

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She couldn't move a single finger. No matter how hard she tried, not even her voice would obey her , and so she could only watch in fear as her body rose from her bed, dressed up in her most skimpy clothes, applied some makeup, and went into the town...

A mix of control- and Ghoststory, i am looking for someone to play a "possession" scenario with me. there should be conditions for the possession, conditions under which one can break free for a certain amount of time, and a way to remove it completely ( and, for a bit more longterm games: to prevent renewed possession). It needs a reason or source why it is happening, it needs a complete background yet, but i am completely open to suggestions there. I would set golarion as the default world setting, but talk with me if you do not know or like it.

Preferred themes: Exhibitionism, control, humiliation, horror, mind break(maybe), non-con

WWII has never stopped...

Inspired by this song

despciption comming soon

A Game of Dares

Interest Rating: 6

Time Rating: 4-5

Side of the story: Both(see text)

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Lena and her best friend Sarah giggled in excitement. They had both their houses for themselves for a whole week! Their parents went for a  joined sightseeing tour around eastern Europe, but their 16year old daughters declined the offer, saying they had to study for their upcoming exams, and thus not too many questions were asked as to why they did not want the opportunity to stay out of school for a whole week, rather they were showered with money and told how fine young ladies they've become. Stupid adults! How could they pass up a chance to mess with each other without the interference of four pairs of overly protective, ever watchfull eyes?! This was so going to be the best week of dares they ever had!

I'm looking for someone to play this modern time roleplay with me, being player and Gm in one. I want someone to play the best friend, and the environment for the dares Lena's friend gives out( so the ones Lena has to perform) while i control Lena herself and GM the dares she gives out. Dares should start rather innocent  and get progressively more naughty-

preferred themes: exhibitionism, humiliation, slow corruption, bondage, vanilla sex, maybe more

Other stuff

A few random notes about myself:

I love to play and play with Elves

I hate toiletplay

I like my smut medium rare, meaning with a well measured portion of logic

I dislike godmodding, but am not as opposed to it that i would ban it outright - speak with me about it if you like it

I am open about what happens to my characters. Forced piercings, tattoos, magically alter the body or mind... almost everything goes as long as there is a good reason in the story for it other than " i felt like it"

I am open to playing both, dom or sub, but I'm adverse to extensive training scenes.

I am a pretty sadistic GM

I have an irrational hate of dwarfs and gnomes.

I am almost always open to others ideas

I am almost always open to haggling and compromises


Added: Living Garment and The caught thief ideas.
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Added: A few more pictures, Game of dares, Shattered Star Ap