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June 27, 2022, 01:31:08 am

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Author Topic: Oleanders RP Requests  (Read 823 times)

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Oleanders RP Requests
« on: November 27, 2016, 03:23:51 am »
    Welcome one and all, to
Oleanders Roleplay Requests!.
Here you will find a listing of all available game suggestions, with or without images to aid in their descriptions.

Rules of Engagement:

  • Do not ask for personal information.
  • Messengers are available upon request for RP, provided I am comfortable giving them.
  • Do not harrass me if I don't respond right away. I do live a very busy life.
  • If you don't like something, that's fine. Be polite about it, I'm human and so are you. We're also adults, so lets discuss it like adults okay?
  • Just because something isn't listed here, doesn't mean I'm not interested in it. Ask away! The worst I can do is tell you I'm not interested.

Limitations are.. well.. limited, too few and far between to really list. IF you're unsure of something you'd like to add, try, or suggest in any of the ideas, please feel free to ask, and I will either say yay or nay. It doesn't hurt to ask.

Alright! So, ladies and gents, the line up is in no particular order. So have a look, take your pick, and let's see what fun we can have!

All names are links to character images. Just because I have a brief character idea and suggestions does not mean I don't want to hear yours. Like the way a character looks, but don't like her story? Tell me, I'll work with you.

**Update** It's been a long time since I've been around these parts, I'm really interested in some long-term multi-para RP. If you're interested, even if I don't have something listed here that you like, PLEASE just ask. Whats the worst that can happen? I say no? Not likely.

**Current Craving : Seeking a power play between characters. I like conflict, I like when the main characters don't always see eye to eye and butt heads along the way. Submission from my females isn't given, it's earned. She will fight you tooth and nail every inch of the way. Be it non-con or con, the results are the same. You have to best her, to win submission. Otherwise, she will best you.

Xiao Niao

Preferred- Feudal Japan-fantasy / Dynasty Era China-fantasy / Fantasy

Hailing from a nomadic tribe, she differs greatly from the nobility, and civilized social elites of her country. Her upbringing guiding her to be humble to the earth, and fierce in her resolve. Recognized by her emperor as an invaluable force she was offered a marriage proposal to the Prince. In fear of losing her position and being reduced to a common house wife she fled.  The Chinese Warlord, eager for conquest gathered her armies and traveled East. Insulted by her reaction, the prince himself has followed in pursuit. Will he find the warlord he's never laid eyes upon before and convince her to return with him or will things take a darker turn? (Normally I wouldn't dictate what I desire my partners characters to look like... so you can take the following image as a suggestion but I'd totally fan-girl if someone used it for me. Prince )

Petrichor; Brielle Autorias

Preferred - Medieval Fantasy | Fantasy

Brielle hails from a world where Religion reigns supreme. The Holy are exalted and those who don't repent for their sins and become dogs for the Order are cattle for the slaughter. A Hound of the Order, Brielle assures the Exalted's hands remain free of bloodshed, and she cuts down their enemies, the sinners who oppose them and all those condemned for damnation. ** Don't like Brielle? She has a younger sister, too. Mylina

• Are you opposing the order? Making it your life mission to bring down the Exalted and all those who follow them? Is Brielle standing in your way? What are you going to do about it?
• Are you another member of the Order? Have eyes for Brielle? Prove your worth, join her on her mission and see if you have what it takes to tame the Hound.


Preferred: Fantasy | Fantasy-modern

Isadora is the only child of the Arch Demon Baal. A rambunctious and stubborn creature assigned to the ninth gate of hell.

•Are you a fellow demon? Isa getting on your nerves? Lets see how we can handle this.
• Human? Or something mortal? Need some... divine assistance? Oops, looks like you made a mistake and summoned yourself a Hellion. Oh well, she'll get the job done.

Ordella Severin
Preferred: High Fantasy

Child of Sorrel and Severin, Ordella is a princess by all rights. A member of nobility in the ruling house of the Seelie court. When a dark magic befalls their kingdom, and a rising enemy approaches, Ordella takes up weapon to defend her own. A princess, but no damsel, she is determined to defeat her enemy or die trying.

•Spoils of war. Wanna break in a new bed warmer? Or torture her to the point you think she'll finally snap? Let's find out.
• On her side? Join her in the hunt for the Oathsworn, a blade that can best the approaching darkness or can it?

Preferred: Feudal Fantasy

Gumiho are tricky spirits. Faen in particular is a creature who has won a place in the hearts of men. Known for seducing men ( only those of strong physical traits and handsome faces) and ripping out their hearts and livers to devour. A means for retaining her youthful appearance.

• Are you the person who finally breaks through her cold exterior? Are you a mortal she's fallen in love with, or are you a demon who wants nothing more than to tear her away from the idea of love, and keep her tucked safely in the realm of the preternatural?

Preferred: High Fantasy | Final Fantasy

Mao is a loyal retainer of the Mi`qote race. A loyal and earnest companion to acompany any warrior on their journy.

Wanting to play the following Pairings:

Wolverine x Rogue
Wolverine X Emma Frost (White Queen)
Remy x Rogue
Original Siren/Mermaid X Prince
Queen x Kings Knight (Love Affair)
Princessa x foreign diplomat
Oracle x God King
Deity x Hades
Human x Hades

**Throw Backs!!**

Cat Girl x Slave Owner/ Agressive neighbor.
Slave x Master

Also Seeking the Following Cannon Pairings:

Harley Quinnzel/ The Joker
Katara/ Zuko
OC/ Draco
Bellatrix Le Strange/ Voldemort

Willing to play the following roles:
Teacher(m) X Student (f)
Brother X Sister
Father X Daughter
Classmate x Classmate
Faery x Knight
Princess x Knight
Princess x Dragon
Princess x Evil King
Princess x Thief/Assassin
Queen x Invader
Secretary x Boss
Employees Daughter x Boss
Girl x Demon
Assassin x Assassin
General x Soldier

Willing to Play the followingAnimes:

Soul Eater - (MesiterxWeapon)**
Inuyasha - (RinxFluffy)
Tenchi Muyo (RyokoxTenchi)
Chrome Shelled Regios (Fellixrandom // OCxOC)***
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