Big slutty girl or lady, smaller man or boy.

Started by NymphomaniacAmazonRP, November 24, 2016, 06:59:06 PM

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Hello there!

Looking for roleplay partners to explore some exciting things!

Please when replying PM me? I am not good at following threads; I can never find them!

I roleplay by PM's, e-mail or threads.  I simply do not have the time for instant messengers.

And, please, I like to have a background and leadup, for my our stories, and not suddenly jump in in the middle.
I also like details such as your height etc, and replies please of more than just one sentence!

I normally play as a big tall strong curvy busty girl or lady,who enjoys the effect she has on boys or men and uses this to find new partners and adventures. Accordingly I am often seen in public and other places wearing very revealing often slutty clothing.

Here is a "non-exclusive" list of the kinds of things I like (and feel free to suggest anything you like also)
I like almost anything imaginative and descriptive -- I like shy naive nephew/sexy young aunt or son/mother; or big strong women/small men, or bodybuilding daughter/niece/uncle/father; brother/sister/cousin; or neighbor, delivery boy, paper boy, chance encounter, student/teacher/lecturer/professor, boss/secretary, doctor/nurse/patient, pervert/teasing girl or others.

Some ideas: (by no means exclusive, and feel free to change details or suggest other pairings)

1) Aunt Christy is her nephew's mother's younger sister,. She is 33 years old, 6feet tall and 225lb. She is voluptuous and fit, as she works out a lot. She often embarrasses the family with the revealing outfits she wears. And there are always those rumors that she always ravages someone at the party --- Her nephew is shy and perhaps smallish, and during family gatherings she often catches him looking at her, yet he seems too shy to talk. She wonders why?

2) Miss Christy is the CEO of a clothing (or other) company. Maybe rumors about her have been floating about, about how she is tall, big, and voluptuous, wears outrageous scanty clothes and runs the company somewhat -- er -- "unusually" Time to advertise for another intern. She usually get lots of applicants for some reason.

3) An explorer (or someone) gets lost in a dense tropical forest somewhere. Perhaps he gets the sense he is being followed by someone or something -- perhaps not --

4) Have you ever fantasized about the "girl who got away"? The very sexy girl you saw whom you wanted like anything to get to know or to meet, but somehow never did? Now is your chance to relive those moments, with perhaps this time a more satisfactory outcome --

5) You are an eccentric scientist who lives in the country, far from civilization. You have developed methods and supplements to make girls big and strong, so that theoretically your fuck-partner also pulls the ploughs and does the heavy work, and acts as your body-guard, as well as a stunning partner for when you go out in public. Your old ox is sick and won't last much longer, so you desperately need a willing girl to submit to your experiments and see if your research was on track.

6) Christy is a tall curvy college girl, 6ft 225lb and is trying to attract the attention of a shy bookish science student. For some reason shy people bring her on, as she thinks it is such a shame that such people miss out on many good things in life. As the semester wears on, her hem-lines are getting higher and neck neck-lines lower, but still he doesn't do anything beyond a quick smile when they pass each other.

7) Christy is a "young woman around town" She works as a PA in a legal firm, and because that firm is very conservative she is constrained to wear business clothes which rather cover up her big voluptuous 6 ft 46D-32-44 body. She is also blonde and 6 ft tall with a good strong build, rather likes flaunting her body whenever she gets the chance, which is practically everywhere not in the legal firm!
It is time for her annual checkup. Accordingly she rings up Dr Smith's office to make an appointment

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