Servant Girls desires - f looking for M (BDSM non con blackmail humiliation)

Started by Servant Girl, November 20, 2016, 01:47:00 PM

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Servant Girl

Hi!  I'm feeling pretty frisky of late so I'm looking for a writing partner or two!

I'm currently looking for a few stories.

1.  The adventurer's nightmare.  Mf or M+f

Rowenna- A young treasure hunter heads into the ruins in search of gold but winds up facing a powerful physical enemy.
She fights- desperately and almost gets away... almost.
The story details her battle with the beast or beasts then her ravishment and finally her training as a sexual toy for the monster or monsters. 

2. Betrayed agent.

As the most beautiful intelligence agent in her class, Samantha had made more than a few enemies.
Her complaints of sexual harassment, her arrogance and the way she enjoyed putting men down had made her the most hated woman in the organisation.  She was also the most ambitious.
After she ruined the career of one of the most talented agents with false accusations, her bosses decided that she should be put where she could do no further harm.
After testing her resolve to really do anything to get the job done they sent her to infiltrate a brutal porn directors studio.  She would be auditioning for a role in his latest film so that she could get the inside scoop on his drug trafficking.  To what lengths will she go to get the information?  What disgusting scenes will she film and what favours will she perform to land the job?  She may need to be trained to deep throat and take double penetration or even double anal   
This story is about betrayal of trust and Samantha's ambition forcing her to willingly submit. 

3.  Unable to say no. 
Lexi is a gorgeous young lady.   She lives at home with her step father and older step brothers.  She goes to college.  She is a member of the school swimming team.  She babysits for her step fathers friends.  She enjoys shopping at the mall.  In many ways she’s a typical young woman.  However she has just been cursed or enchanted or chemically altered.  She can no longer refuse to obey a direct command.  She can say no but she just ends up doing it anyway.  You’ll play all the people she interacts with.  I’ll play Lexi.

4. The doctor will see you now

I've always had a major fantasy about being used and abused by a doctor.  In my fantasy I go to the doctor with some imagined problem and after thorough examination he prescribes humiliating and painful treatments for me.  Perhaps he arranges for a succession of other people to get involved.  Perhaps he sends me home to my abusive step father for treatment.  Perhaps he treats me himself.  Perhaps he insists that I go out and find men to give me the treatment I need.  Whatever the case I learn to love it and willingly offer myself for more and more.  I'd love this to involved spanking, slapping and humiliating examinations at the very least!

Please PM me if any of this sounds interesting.

SG  x

Servant Girl

Jump in anytime.  Do what you want.  No negotiation.  Let my character try and negotiate.