[Craving] The Last of Us [themed] RP

Started by Covert Revulsion, November 17, 2016, 10:16:26 PM

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Covert Revulsion

Hello all!

I decided to make this topic to cater to a particular craving I've been having as of late. I actually haven't completed the game as of yet, but I'm absolutely in love with the story line. Completed the game and I can't wait for the second one!

So, as the title says I'm currently searching (and really craving) for a The Last of Us RP.

I really want someone to play Joel to my female OC, or at least a male character similar to Joel (southern drawl, rugged tough exterior that ends up being a big softy).

We could do a similar concept to the game itself, where the RP takes place after the initial outbreak and everyone is trying to survive OR we can create our own story of the world dealing with the initial bouts of the Cordyceps sp mutant outbreak that began to infect humans. I'm looking for the RP to be dark, gritty, with high intensity situations where there are close calls and dangers from both the human side and the infected.

Please PM if interested so we can iron out the details.

*My character will be youngish, but legal of course.

Covert Revulsion

Covert Revulsion

Covert Revulsion

Dusting this request off again, would really love to have a The Last of Us game going. I'll be more open to an OC that's SIMILAR to Joel instead of Joel himself (I know some people are aren't keen on playing canon characters). PM me if interested.