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Started by traci80, December 16, 2008, 05:51:22 AM

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I can play any of the characters in the following role plays...

The Skateboarder and The Preppy
The Skateboarder-He is all about his skateboard. His wardrobe consists mostly of long tees, cargo jeans and hoodies. Girls and school have little interest to him. He's kissed one girl and his grades are just good enough to get by. He has fooled around with a few of the guys he skates with, but that has only involved jerking-off and humping, nothing too gay. The Skateboarder wanted to do more, but he didn't want to be to be found out. Besides there was this preppy pretty-boy that was more his type. Tho the chances of laying him were remote he could always dream.

The Preppy-His thing is the girls, good grades and looking good. He is not a jock, but the girls consider him major eye candy and a master flirt. He is rarely seen without the company of at least one girl. He prefers having different girls to kiss and make-out with instead of tying himself down to a girlfriend. While he's had a lot of fun he hasn't gone all the way yet. His wardrobe is mostly Tommy Hilfiger. He likes khaki cargos, a polo shirt and a really nice pair of clean Nike high tops. Being a pretty boy a few of the guys had made attempts to get into his pants. One was a friend who he turned down cold. The other was a cousin that he let get in a few feels before stopping him.

The skateboarder and the preppy are both 16yo and have two classes together. They know each others name, but that's pretty much it. I can play either boy. And of course we can change a thing, or two, and add details

The Tomboy and The Preppy
The Tomboy-She is on the girl's basketball team at school. She skateboards.  She knows more about football than most guys. Her wardrobe is almost exclusively boys clothes including hand me downs from an older brother and a few things she has picked up from a cousin. She is bi, but prefers guys. She likes the cute and smaller guys she can dom and feel more like the man in the relationship. She's been saving a brand new strap-on for a boy that fits her desires, like the Preppy.

The Preppy-Same as the preppy from above.

Palace Athene

Da, I am indeed interested in the latter of the two. Is there a specific projected outcome beyond what's there, or is it rather open?
Help control the Human population, have your Humans spayed or neutered.


The outcome is very open.