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December 05, 2020, 08:38:16 AM

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Author Topic: The Dictator  (Read 841 times)

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Online RedRoseTopic starter

The Dictator
« on: November 13, 2016, 10:52:39 AM »

Themes*: Betrayal of one's values. Crime. Love/lust/hate. Manipulation. Moral issues. Politics. Power. Revenge.                 Seduction. Under cover. Violence

In a few words: She's a hitwoman, he's some Slavic dictator. She'll have to seduce him and keep his attention despite all his "political responsibilities", especially since he won't be the trustful type for obvious reasons. Whether it's at a party or somewhere else that they are supposed to meet...

Irina was happily married before her husband was killed in an elaborated plan to get rid of the country's dictator. The plan failed, and the Resistance contacted her, the widow, to carry on her husband's legacy...

Maybe the contract is multifold and she must find out SOMETHING before killing him (hence why she doesn't just shoot him from a rooftop). Maybe her own brother is imprisoned somewhere as a spy or opponent and though it's not part of her job she decides to discover where, plant evidence to get someone else accused, whatever, before taking care of the mission. And obviously she wants to make him pay. No better way than getting him to be crazy about her and betraying him bad, breaking his heart -if he has one- as he broke hers. But one does get used to luxury and to his seductive ways, the longer she waits the harder and the riskier it will be. He certainly has his own stuff to hide, and he will probably start getting doubts after some time if not from start. Whatever it is, this is not a smut based game. Even something starting with a one night stand can be intelligent and feature realistic, thought out characters.

What she presents herself as can be discussed. An official's secretary from an ally country? One of those girls who love powerful men? Someone who has a favor to ask? Or even a high class escort. Looks, details and ages also up for discussion. I'm just not opened to the old "dictator sleeping with all women "thingy.

Looking to keep this 1950's to modern, written in a style appropriate to the time period. I'm writing for Irina.
We can expect plenty of twists and turns, and of potential NPCs. From citizen informants, to Irina's own family and their reactions to her new life (eventually) as she can't keep them updated about her real mission, and of course her having to report to the Resistance - while he manages his advisors, generals and courtiers.

Read my O/O in my signature, and please write at least 1 post a week - pms or emails (or Google docs).

I wrote that about another game but apart from the setting and date, I find that it really fits.
1969, male CIA agent vs female Russian spy. Inspired by my aforementioned example about spies “Even my strong characters play against someone as strong or stronger. I just don't enjoy it otherwise. Of course sometimes she has the upper hand, especially if she managed to steal his heart - or his gun. Example: two spies, both pretending to be what they are not, both leading the other on in a desperate attempt to find out what they really know? What's not to like  In that case clearly two dominants or very strong switches. Trained to win, strong personalities and egos. It's obvious that sometimes he'll get "on top" (no pun intended?) and sometimes she will and both are hot.”

The pics are only for inspiration.
Interesting setting, a bit too modern though

*The Themes above are by no means the only themes in the RP. They are only there to help you decide if you are interested. If you like them, check the thread and my O/O :) If you can't stand the themes, skip ;)

TAKEN - but if you have a real craving and a good take on this, please come to me :)
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