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Started by elenisil, December 15, 2008, 10:37:03 PM

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These are not carved in stone, so if any appeal to you but you have some ideas let me know.

Vampire Hunter:   Young woman whose family was killed by a renegade group of Vampires dedicates her life to eradicating the species until she meets her destiny, her soul mate in Lucius a Dominant Vampire who captures her. 

The Alpha Wolf: Leader of a clan of werewolves is being pressured to take a mate, but is not interested in any of the females in his pack; he doesn’t like humans either until he meets her.  Recognizing his mate by scent he won’t let her go.

My Trainer, My Master:   Young woman fascinated by the world of bdsm and slavery answers an ad in a bdsm paper.  Master with 20 yrs experience will train novices and experienced subs alike to help them find a permanent Master.

The Fae and the Witch: Unseelie Royal Guard ventures out into the world of humans and meets a witch.  Fascinated by the human he brings her back to the Unseelie court…permanently


I'm interested in "Vampire Hunter."  :)