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Author Topic: To infinite...and Beyond... M seeking F for Lit RP  (Read 425 times)

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To infinite...and Beyond... M seeking F for Lit RP
« on: November 09, 2016, 01:23:00 PM »
Welcome to my request thread. I do not have a strict line that I follow in my role plays but I do have a generalized plot I would like the story to EVENTUALLY get to. I am also not a grammar nazi. I am not perfect and I am perfectly fine with this. However I do appreciate the basic ability to spell. NO TEXT TALK PERIOD. If it's in OOC (and not in the role play thread itself) fine.


PLEASE DO NOT POST HERE. PM ME. (Don't need clutter between my plots.)

Now, onto a few basic personal rules that I keep:
1. Do not take control of my character and I will keep the do the same in regards to your character.
2. If you have any questions, comments, concerns or complaints bring them up in a pm, not in the thread.
3. I do believe in quality over quantity but it is very difficult to put quality into 3 sentences. I like seeing creativity. I enjoy reading, otherwise why would I be on a role play site?
4. My fantasy characters have been modified and created by me. Don't attempt to change them or tell me I'm not following the classic lore. I honestly don't care. It's my character.
5. I can play male or female characters.  The males are straight and females are lesbian or Bi but swinging toward females.
6. I will NOT role play with any characters that are under 18. All of my characters will be over 18 and I expect the same.
7. If you wish to use any of the plots or ideas, ask me via pm. Do not post here. Don't ask me if I want to role play. Have a topic/idea or mention which of my plots you like. I obviously want to role play if I'm on a role play site.
8. If I'm the one making a starter and it'll take you longer than 48 hours to make your first reply. Tell me. I loose interest when it takes someone 2-3 days to make their first reply.

Now that that's out of the way I'm going to give an "in a nutshell" description of my male characters. They all have the same basic mentality. Small differences here and there but the raw basics are the same.

Each of my male characters will be emotionally neutral/cold. Very self reliant, not very good at getting along with others and for my fantasy characters, most of them will despise humans due to personal reasons. A select few will be more open and warm characters, but I enjoy playing characters that one has to widdle down the mental and emotional walls. Why play a character that doesn't have some dark secret? There's no fun there.

Some of my plots will just be a short and sweet general ideas for my partner and I to discuss and build on while others will come with a background story of my character as well as what he is currently doing and why. For all of my role plays I tend to get a bit carried away in descriptions and detail. I find that if you can picture yourself in the characters shoes and see what they're seeing, it makes for a more enjoyable experience. That and I have an insanely large imagination and its hard to stay focused on one thing sometimes.

I will play vampire characters but I do not play the class lore.  It's boring to me.  So over the years I've created a layout for my specific race and I'll have it here.  If you would like to have me play a vampire or play one yourself, please use my layout.  DO NOT take my layout.  It's mine. 

Vampire Layout:
*All vampires can walk in sunlight. However the older they get the more tolerant they are to the effects. If the vampire is young it will make them physically exhausted or simply make their reaction time, healing, speed and strength severely limited.
*Garlic, crosses, holy water and all the other classic lore is nixed. Killing a vampire involves removing their head. Period.
*My vampires DO NOT SPARKLE.
*Vampires rarely if ever feed from humans. Human blood is too weak in comparison to vampire blood, so vampires will simply feed from one another. Most commonly from the opposite gender as feeding often times leads to sex because of the venom in their fangs. The venom is to dull pain and make the "victim" more comfortable and relaxed while feeding.
*Vampire venom creates a rush of endorphin's in the blood stream often leading to heightened arousal. From vampire to vampire the affects are controllable to an extent. However from vampire to human the affects can be addicting and if left unattended, painful. There are certain ways around this which mainly involves the vampire using a small amount of mental power to force the human into a slumber.
*Vampire saliva holds a healing agent within to heal minor wounds like cuts, scraps, minor burns and, most commonly, fang punctures.
*The older a vampire, the stronger he/she is. Pure Blood vampires have the ability to wield an element. (Fire, Air, Water, Earth, Spirit)
*Humans can be turned into a vampire but it is a dangerous process for both the male and female. The human body needs to be dead in order for the vampire blood to be able to reanimate the human and compensate for the energy and power that will come with the change.
*Females are the rulers of the race. Without females the race would die off. Males are the protectors, warriors and hunters.
*There are three classes of vampires:
Civilian: Vampires who are like the average joe and try to avoid combat and confrontation at all costs and just want to live out their lives in peace.
Noble: The watchers of the Civilians. A lot like Noble's back in medieval times. They protect the Civilian's and make sure they stay in line. They're stronger than the Civilians, faster and a bit smarter. They don't wield an element. They answer to Pure Bloods and only Pure Bloods.
Pure Blood: Rulers of the race as a whole. Often times they are Coven leaders, Master Vampires who delegate their Nobles to guard and oversee a certain section or city of Civilians. They control one of the five natural elements.
*Due to the higher healing rate and high energy output that a vampire naturally has, having children is very hard. 1 in 3 infants survive the womb. The female has to not only decrease her feeding habits but she also becomes very vulnerable to attacks as she is severely weakened.
*During times of pregnancy with a mate, males are extremely protective of their females and have been known to even attack their own if they fear injury to their female.
*Infants are top priority in the vampire society in terms of guarding. When an infant is born they need a year of being kept from the others to be fed and their skin and bones to strengthen. No one other than the Queen and a few other select vampire are permitted to see the infant during this year. Parents of the infant are also highly aggressive and protective during this time due to the frailty of their young.
*If a mated female dies, the male will die as well, the pain from the loss is too great and the heart and mind simply give up. If a mated male dies and the female has no off spring, she will perish as well. If she has a child, the child is her reason for living on without her mate. Though she will never take another mate.

Just as a warning.  As the title says, to infinite and beyond.  Some of my plots will be very dark.  They'll range from light to dark. 

My F-List
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Re: To infinite...and Beyond... M seeking F for Lit RP
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2016, 12:43:04 PM »
Opposite Worlds

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

My Character

So I don't want to copy the story, but I do want to follow that it's a school to train talented fighters for whatever purpose. The female character would obviously be the best in combat among her peers. Basically I want her to be the best but she's got honor and humility. The title hasn't gotten to her head. However, she is hungry and desperate for a challenge. Which is where my character would come into the picture. A new student. A ghost basically. Unknown to even the teachers. He was found on the streets fighting and offered to come to the school. Watching this event he offers to spar her and that's when the story would start. Basically she'd be curious about him. She's been trained by the highest ranking fighters all her life. She's from a wealthy family and he's the exact opposite, but just as skilled as she is. Only difference is, she's humble, he's cold. She respects her opponents, he sees them as something in his way. She can still enjoy life and talk have fun, he fights and that's it. We can work on the details in discussion.

Black Magic

My Character (Some personal tweaks may be made)

I'd like to keep this idea fairly open in terms of building but in a generalized plot, I'd like YC to be a sorceress of sorts.  Modern day of course.  Her reasoning for summoning a demon is up to you.  Preferably something that would be lengthy as I'd like this to be long term.  She had intended on summoning a low class demon that she could control but something went wrong or she read something wrong and she ends up summoning a high class demon who is way too powerful for her to control.  I'd like her to be a strong character but have weak or 'cute' moments.  Like summoning him then ignoring him while talking to herself on where she messed up kind of cute.  Kind of scatter brained.  This will intrigue the demon making him stick around just out of humor as he's pretty bored as it is. 

I'd like this to be a romance build up with humor thrown in.  It's a light rp with some darker elements thrown in.  Please shoot me a pm if interested.