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July 22, 2018, 08:00:16 AM

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Author Topic: Attracting a Divine a Eye! [F for F/futa Angel. Domination and emotional story.]  (Read 418 times)

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Hello people of Elliquiy. I am posting a thread searching for someone to either continue or restart a story line which I created a long time ago about an artist and an angel. The general premise is that the Angel is unable to experience emotions after she was cast down from heaven and has spent centuries wandering the world searching for something to inspire her to once again feel. My character is an artist who see's the world in a very unique way, able to understand the way that society and emotions create the situation around them.

At an art convention the Angel would discover my character and convince them to come away, to use her skill at description and art to show the Angel how to feel again. There would be a strong theme of domination and control in this story and it would likely be pushed further and further as the Angel demands more and more intense experiences to be described to her.


This story really caught me and drew me in because of the intricate detail in which the scenes were described. The way my character was forced to go into intensely erotic detail about the scene that she was experiencing. Therefore all I truly ask is that you be literate and able to match the standard previously set. When it comes to the kinks used I'm mostly up for anything although hard vore/gore is something I'd like to avoid.


The city of Paris, one of the greatest cities in the world. It hasn't always been of course but recent events had transpired to push it to the forefront of tourism and media; with the revolutionary art wave sweeping the globe it was no surprise that the city that had long been famed for its artistic culture was cast in the spotlight. And what was revealed in the light was breathtaking. All throughout the city, museums and theatres, operas and art galleries, plazas and monuments and far more besides lined the walkways. Frequenting these attractions were people from all walks of life and class. The aristocratic and rich folk mingling happily with the lower class workers, all united in their common appreciation for the pinnacle of artistic flair. However things hasn't always been this way.

Years ago, in 2017, the world finally reached the breaking point. The internet and it's associated by-products such as social media, texting, gaming and blogging sites became a world wide problem when the census showed that more than half of the western worlds population were addicted to their mobile devices and had lost all appreciation for true entertainment. Determined to solve the problem the UN began a series of intensive campaigns to eliminate the threat of electronic devises for the new generations. Computers, mobiles and games consoles were made illegal under the age of 18 and many of the massive mega-companies began to crash as their audiences were stripped away.

To combat the new problem of retaining the income that these companies gave, the NAV was created. A virtual headset that allowed people under the age of 18 to continue playing games and accessing the internet; with one catch. For the system to work the user had to go into the real world and interact with others. Games were played with other real people around you and suddenly this new product became a huge success. Billions were thrown into the product and over time it became something so much more advanced than it had originally been intended for, with headsets for almost every conceivable task being out there somewhere.

Born into this generation was Belle. Raised without ever knowing the addiction of the internet, Belle's artistic side flourished, (like so many others), and it wasn't long before she was attending the royal academy for Artistic Talent in Paris. Flying through the courses like wind through the leaves, Belle finished the education and seemed to vanish from the face of the earth. Until two years ago.

Appearing at the Art Convention in Bristol, Belle impressed many with her renditions of unearthly figures of golden light, intrigued many with her abstract work on the world as perceived through sound and generally made herself famous overnight. Over the next two years she proceeded to attend a Convention or Art Exhibit every 4 months on the dot. Bringing her latest artwork to display and sell before vanishing back into the world. While it was never hard to find her at the events she always seemed distracted, lost in a sense, and would drift away as soon as you were done asking her what ever It was you needed to know.

And so it was that this day was the next convention that Belle would attend. The Global Art Faire; a collection of some of the best and brightest artists in the world,held in the Grand Art Halls of Paris. As usual the week begun with a very grand ceremony. The mayor of the town opening up the gates and hundreds entering to see the wonders created by the best. And again, as usual, in her own room stood Belle; her deep red hair curling down from atop her head to frame her pale face and her emerald eyes sparkling like gems.

If you would like to be involved, see some more of the previous story or discuss further don't hesitate to send me a PM!