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June 25, 2022, 12:42:35 am

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Author Topic: Shy female looking for a dominant long term roleplay partner!  (Read 1066 times)

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Shy female looking for a dominant long term roleplay partner!
« on: November 07, 2016, 08:14:57 pm »
***NOTE: I've been absent from the site for a while, so please keep mind that I am working on this post and editing it! So sorry if this gets a bit repetitive...

Hi! I'm Becca. I'm in the search for a long-term roleplay partner, for a realistic romance roleplay!

Sure, if you don't like our current roleplay we can always start a new one. DO NOT JUST DROP THE ROLEPLAY. Tell me why you want to stop roleplaying with me before you disappear on me. I also enjoy talking to my partners in a separate OOC message, to either discuss the roleplay or anything else, really. I enjoy getting to know my partners and keeping in touch with them.

I mostly like modern and current-day settings, and sometimes fantasy. Not so much into scientific things or fandom, either. I am not the best at coming up with ideas or pairings, so please have something in mind at least if you PM me!

I do describe my characters pretty well, but  I do prefer real pictures over anime if you are going to use a picture. I sometimes use Polyvore for outfits and rooms, settings, the sort, but I also describe everything.

I am mostly into realistic romance, I have no limits, a bit of comedy, some twists, and some drama in it, but nothing overly dramatic and stupid. I'm not into violence.... The basic pairings I do are m x f, f x f, and occasionally m x m (You can try and persuade me with a GREAT pairing and plot if you want.). Also, I don't want it to just be pure smut and sex all the time, I like some meat and a story line in my roleplay!

Also! Please, please do not use ** or -- when roleplaying and use only THIRD person, or else I will ignore you. Please do spell out your words and use correct grammar. PLEASE WRITE ATLEAST 1-4 PARAGRAPHS OF 5-8 SENTENCES. If you want to write more, that's fine. I do understand if there's not enough to work with, I am trying my best to add more into my writing without sounding repetitive, so it's a work in process, currently.

I type on average, 1-2 paragraphs of 5-10 sentences MINIMUM. Please be detailed! I don't care if you type more than me, you can if you want to, but please be able to at least match my posts! I do not mind if you type more, I love to read long posts, and I am trying hard to make my posts more meaty and long!

***I tend to write much better when given quite a bit to work with! It really helps get my creative juices flowing.***

I only roleplay over private messages.

For characters, I don't mind character profiles, just send me a skeleton for mine as well, or we can figure one out together. I also like describing my character more in depth in the roleplay. I also prefer real pictures of people, unless a neko or otherwise noted, or in-depth descriptions . Also, my characters tend to be rather shy, sweet, and innocent.

So please Message me if you would like to roleplay!

Come with something off this list or an idea of your own!

Sooo~ Here are some pairings I just made up sorta on the spot. I'll update it when I know when something has come to mind. Also, feel free to suggest something that's not on here. I'm always up for new things and ideas, so hit me with your best shot! Heh.

•Band Geek x Band Geek
•Band Geek x Head Cheerleader
•Band Geek x Jock/Prep/Scene kid. [boy or girl.]
•Nerd/geek/Scene kid x Jock/Prep/Scene kid.
•Jock/Badass [Girl or Boy] x Goody-two-shoes
•Model x Photographer
•Model x Model
•Club Scene
•Summer Vacation/Spring Break
•Anything Modern.
•Best friend x Best friend
•Shy x Outgoing
•Master/Mistress x Pet
•Neko/Kitsune/Inu x Neko
•Furry x Furry

Please come with an idea or craving, or we can work something out together!

Like I said! I am always up for new ideas, suggestions, and your plots! So don't be afraid! <3

As for my limits, NOTHING that belongs in the toilet, I do not do any blood besides minor injuries or broken bones. I LOVE romance, so ask me about my limits on that! I have a thing for perverted, sexy, kind partners.
Please come with some ideas or plots or both. If you don't have any, we can brainstorm together.