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Author Topic: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)  (Read 3452 times)

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Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« on: September 13, 2015, 02:23:54 pm »
I am google, the twisted, dominant, and cruel search engine... and ironically you have been looking for me.|
No, bad joke?
Well I am not much of a comedian but I love writing.

A few ideas below, coming from an old partner and modified... open to be tweaked and modified as a partner desires

My Sister's Keeper ~ Mafioso x younger half sister.  Bro-sis incest, Mafia, domestic violence, Non-con.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Your Character has grown up under the protective shadow of her significantly older half brother.  With the typical double standards employed by staunchly Catholic Mafia families, the fact her older brother is up to his eyes in shady deals involving drugs and trafficked women, he is determined that his kid sister will remain a virgin until she marries a man that he considers 'suitable' and above all, loyal to the family.

My Caracter character was born to Don Marco's first wife - a tough cookie who accepted the risks that came with Mafia life and who ruled the family at your father's side.  You have immense respect for your mother and revere her memory.  She died when you were still a kid and within a year or so, your father had moved on to his second wife, the mother of my character.  Don Marco was tired of strong women by then and so he married Francesca, a much younger trophy wife who was too terrified to ever go against him.  Their union was not a particularly healthy one and your years of puberty were profoundly affected by witnessing your father domineering and abusing my mother.  I heard the kind of depravity through your bedroom wall that got me rock hard and insanely jealous and my teens were spent furiously masturbating over thoughts of your downtrodden stepmother - a woman nearer to my age than your father's. 

When your character was still young, Francesca tried to leave Don Marco and his revenge was terrible.  His mental, physical and sexual abuse of her lasted days before she finally died and although he tried to keep his wife's murder a secret from you, you learned the truth.  Not too long after that, there was a power struggle within the Marco clan, with your father's influence waning, while I were still too young to take up his mantle and compete with the other Marco men to rule the family.  Don Marco was killed by an ambitious relative, leaving you at only 20 years old in sole custody of your half-sister.  True to my father's wishes I've kept her close instead of giving her up to the care of a cousin or aunt and now she's turning eighteen and is the image of her late mother, a woman you have had depraved fantasies about for years.  In the years since our father's death I have clawed my way up through the ranks in the family.  Your character knows hers is a Mafia family but she's kept well shielded from the dark underbelly of organised crime and has very little notion of how my character spends his days.

Your character has been led to believe that her mother left the family because she couldn't handle Mafia life.  Now she's eighteen and she's going to start asking questions and demanding my character's help to contact her.

I resent the fact that being rendered a single parent at a young age has made it harder to settle down with My own wife.  The truth is that I have far too much fun sampling the family's merchandise as it suits you and can't imagine anything worse than settling down with one woman and watching her spawn brand new brats when I'm only just beginning to have the prospect of getting his sister off of My hands.  But if she's to be taken off My hands it will be on My terms and she'll be handed over to someone you trust to be a good husband to her and remain loyal to the family.  You really don't see the point of sending her to college.  The truth that I can't admit to is that you really don't want to let go of her at all.  I have very deliberately never laid a hand on her in chastisement since she first began to hit puberty, because I simply do not trust myself to touch her now.

Despite having sent her to a very strict Catholic girls' school at no small expense, you discover that My kid sister has been dating a boy in secret.  She's still a virgin but now that she's turned eighteen, she's not planning to hold onto her cherry forever.  You also discover that she's lied to you, that she's been applying to colleges that are miles away, because she's tired of being under My constant scrutiny and wants a chance to build a life for herself out of the shadow of the Marco family.  My character is going to suddenly start disciplining mine like never before and the lines will become blurred as he gets more and more consumed by the urge to finally play out his depraved fantasies about his step-mother. 

At her eighteenth birthday party you have a couple too many to drink.  It's not often at all that you are able to let My guard down and become intoxicated and this is one of those times.  When Her duplicity comes to light, you're drunk and horny.  There she is, dressed to kill in clothes that you have risked My neck to put on her back and she's telling you that she doesn't want My interference.  She wants to move away to college and live her life as she pleases.  Something within you just snaps and what starts out as a drunken attempt at corporal punishment escalates until you're beating and raping her with a savagery born of years of pent up lust-fuelled depravity and no small amount of contempt for her worthless little cunt of a mother.

Once you've crossed that line, you know in My bones that you're not going to let her go to college or marry anybody.  She's going to become My outlet, the one person you can truly let down My guard around and take all My petty frustrations out on.  She's going to become the only person who ever sees you stressed or scared and you are going to despise her for that.  She's going to become My confidante and the moment she does, you'll kill her with My bare hands before you allow her to spill My insecurities to another living soul. 

Your Character also becomes My idea of a party and to keep her even more closely under My control, My character employs the same methods that work on any other sex slave.  He plys her with booze and drugs until she's dependent on them - and therefore on him - to feed her addictions.  While she's drunk, high and pliant - and even when she's not, depending on how savage he's feeling towards her - My character shares her with his most trusted men - who are also close members of her family, who have watched her grow up.

Here's Looking At You ~ Jealous ex x ex gf.  Stalking, duplicity, non-con, domestic violence, eventual imprisonment & slavery, after a fashion.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
My character is bored with yours. I've been browsing kinky porn online and grown tired of regular sex. I try a few kinky things with my girlfriend but she's not interested. Things deteriorate and I dump her. My character avoids her for a few weeks, because he doesn't want her whining that they can make it work or whatever, or to give her false hope. When he does get in touch, she seems over the split. I'm shocked and a little pissed off. Suddenly my whiny bitch of a woman is self reliant and back on the market again. I see her out drinking and flirting, getting close to other guys and it makes my blood boil. I start stalking her and things escalate from there. At first I try to scare her, while simultaneously pretending to be a kind and friendly ex, offering her a shoulder to cry on. When that send doesn't her running back into my arms, I get more malicious with the stalking, enjoying terrifying her. 

Finally, the day comes when I reveal myself as the stalker and simply take her by force.  Beating and raping her turns out to be the hottest thing I've ever done but now you're left with the matter of damage control.  I can't have her going to the police with her injuries and DNA evidence.  I make her a prisoner within her own flat, moving my stuff in and taking control of her life, so I can break her by force into the kind of submissive maso slut you've always wanted.  In time my control becomes absolute, until she doesn't even have access to her own bank account or mobile phone any more.  I’m not taking any chances and besides, it's all way too much fun.   

In the long term, I become a Jekyll and Hyde character - capable of charming my girlfriend's family, colleagues and friends into thinking I'm the perfect man but behind closed doors it's a very different story.

Everyone Loves A Bastard ~ Womaniser x married woman, rough sex, non/dubious con, domestic violence, lots of sneaking around.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
An average woman with an average life and settled relationship manages to cross the path of a real bad boy; an inveterate womaniser and practised liar who's dominant/sadistic and chauvinist to boot.  He's the kind of asshole she should loathe the bones of but his good looks, well honed charm and charisma and incredible sexual prowess are just impossible to resist.

Of course the first time he gets his hands on her she tells herself it was a one-time thing.  She vows to make things up to her partner and never to stray again.  After that consent can be a bit dubious for a while, as she tries to tell him 'no' when she really means 'yes.'  He loves the thrill of corrupting her and of knowing she's lying with her man at home, aching for him.  As her infatuation with him spirals out of control and she takes greater risks in order to see him, it tears her apart that he's still fucking other women.  When he wants to and it suits him, he can use charm offensively but equally, it can be just as much fun to make it crystal clear to his deluded little fuck puppet just how little she truly means to him.  His treatment of her varies wildly according to his own mood and whim.

Inevitably, her husband will find out about the affair.  Perhaps I feel I'm tiring of the lust-struck little bitch and expose her secret deliberately and cruelly, just for the fun of it.  Perhaps I've decided you want her at your back and call and sabotage her marriage to get what you want.  Perhaps it's the visceral thrill of being able to demonstrate to a man who's been married for years that he really doesn't know his wife or her body at all and will never satisfy her in the same way.

However I go about it, at some point down the line she's tossed out onto the street by her husband and winds up on your doorstep.  I make out that you're taking her in out of the goodness of your heart but really I just see a win-win situation here.  This woman has already accepted brutal sex, lies, domestic violence and emotional abuse from me, not to mention I'm catting around town fucking any pliant young thing naive enough to take the bait.  My lifestyle can continue as it always has done but now I'll have a hot little bitch to keep house for me, cunt on hand whenever I want it.  All I have to do is turn on the charm and lie to her occasionally, rewarding her with just enough affection and false hope to keep her on the hook.

The Retrosexual ~ Kinky husband x reluctant wife.  Mostly consensual, pushing limits, chauvinism, mild domestic violence, manipulation and intimidation, elements of love and romance.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
A guy has pursued and married the girl of his dreams. They are equals in all things, bedroom antics included. He has been raised to embrace the ideals of gender equality. He is big on romantic love, on the frequent gestures and reaffirmations that keep a long term relationship and a new marriage fresh. He is a passionate and generous lover, who always ensures his woman is well satisfied before he seeks his own release, always holding back a little even in the final crescendo so as not to hurt her.

He is happy and everything is perfect... until his new wife announces that she wants them to have a baby. He thinks it's way too soon, the wrong economic climate, they have plenty of time etc. He finds it hard to deal with, because this is ultimately an issue he has zero control over. She could quit taking her pill at any time and claim an 'accidental' pregnancy. He doesn't think that she would... but women who want babies can get irrational. He tries to be more careful during sex but she won't swallow his cum and he hates the way she spits it out as soon as they're done. She would never let him jerk over her tits or ass and as for anal, forget it.

It starts with him pushing for what he wants sexually. One night after a few beers he gets what he wants by being a little rough with her, pinning her in the positions he wants, going a little deeper and harder than he normally would. She climaxes harder than she ever has done and he finds that her fear and discomfort are powerful turn ons. The next day she's pissed at him and with-holding all priviledges, trying to redress the balance. He begins to find the equality and balance between then frustrating. He is more powerful than her physically, he wants sex more often than she does and more than the gentler lovemaking she prefers. He earns the most money and he most emphatically does not want her pregnant right now.

So he makes little assertions of authority. For example: Instead of asking her if she minds him going out with his friends, he simply tells her he's going. He asserts his will when he knows he's in the right, which as far as he's concerned is most of the time. He enjoys mocking and infuriating her. This filters down into their sexlife too. Now that he's seen how much she can enjoy taking what he dishes out, he gets more controlling and less bothered about any transient pain she might suffer. He gets sadistic but (mostly) in a way that she can enjoy... or at least forgive.

This thread will remain pretty much consensual, so after a while of stick waving, he introduces some carrots, rewarding her when she's suffered for him in some way. It gratifies him to realise that she's learning slowly not to cross him unless she has good reason, that it's better for her if she doesn't.

Once he's ruling his home and getting his kicks he turns his mind to other things. Do they really need her shitty salary? Wouldn't she be of more use to him keeping house, cooking his favourite meals and at his beck and call?

Naturally he becomes a hero among his friends, which is no small source of embarrassment for her. She also has to deal with her girlfriends seeing her become subservient.

Riverfall's Fall

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

For thousands of years, men and elves were allies against more savage races such as trolls and orcs.  Then men - who breed and die like vermin - began to over-run their own territories and sought to conquer land elsewhere.  Trade with the elves dwindled and then died as the latest human king sabotaged the long standing peace between their species, sowing seeds of prejudice among his people until they stopped approaching the elves even when they needed urgent medical help. 

Organised warfare was always something the elves wished to avoid at all costs.  After a solid year of fighting, Elf King Fëanor made the tactical decision to retreat across the river and focus only on guarding the crossing, along with a couple of fording places further upstream.  Riverfall is known as 'the bridge at the end of the world' and trespassers will find themselves taken down by elven arrows long before they are given the opportunity to explain their presence.  At either end of the bridge is a stout keep, garrisoned with plenty of men to safeguard the crossing.  Should any attempt be made upon it, elven warriors will stream out along either side of the bridge and make it almost impossible for anyone to gain access to the keep.

Since an uneasy truce formed when the humans concluded they could not take the keep and that in their turn, the elves would not challenge them for any of the lands on their side of it, trade has once again started to trickle through.  Elvish medicines, finely worked weaponry and elaborate jewellery have once again started to wander out by caravan and in similar wise, trade keeps the raw materials needed by the elves trickling in. 

Lhiannon is King Fëanor's heir and has spent virtually her whole life isolated at Riverfall keep.  Trips to the elvish towns have been rare enough and she has never been permitted to risk venturing into to the human-ruled lands on the other side.  Lhiannon has long been betrothed to Idril, an elf noble and warrior whoe family are staunchly loyal to King Fëanor and believe he was right to abandon their lands to the east of Riverfall and focus instead on consolidating a position of strength.  Humans are by no means the only threat to their peaceful kingdom and the possibility of men as allies is always preferable to the certainty of them as foes.  Idril is Castellan of the western keep and although he would prefer to be at the other end of Riverfall bridge, where the humans have their lands, he is obedient to King Fëanor's wishes and understands that he is also viewed as an heir now and must be safeguarded as such.

So, the plot I have here is that my human character manages to take Riverfall keep where all men before him have failed.   My character takes Lhiannon as his wife to legitimise his claim on Riverfall and one of his firsts acts as her new husband is to snatch the vial of immortality from around her neck and wield it as the ultimate control over her.  It would be unfortunate if, say, her immortality got tossed from the battlements or smashed upon the floor.  He doesn't like the fact she has the possibility of eternal life when he doesn't and so he allows his scientists and potion makers to study tiny amounts of the vial's contents.  The way this hurts and distresses his new spouse is just a bonus.

Against all odds, my character gets Lhiannon pregnant and later discovers that elf/human hybrid children never have sickness and live far longer than ordinary humans.  In addition, they are more agile, with swifter reaction times and have a far more accurate eye both for strategy and marksmanship.  My character then has the impetus required to enslave the elvish population.  The men are to serve as slaves, while the women are to breed him an army.  To this end, Lhiannon will be beaten and raped before the remnants of her kingdom, to make it abundantly clear to the elves what will happen to any who challenge your character and his men's authority.  Lhiannon finds herself reduced to chattel and my character finds himself unable to resist impregnating a few more of the beautiful elf women in Riverfall Keep.
(the names in this one can be changed up, I just kept the elfy names as an idea for naming)

Hope you like these ideas, have a few other originals but lets talk and see what we can cook up.

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2015, 02:33:25 pm »

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2015, 03:10:33 pm »
If you have any interest or even curiosity then PM me...

The ideas I posted aren't all that I want, if you have your own plots you think I will like let me know

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: November 06, 2015, 05:50:09 pm »
Retro sexual is taken, at least a variation of it is. But others are open... Let's explore your dark side.

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #4 on: February 02, 2016, 09:29:48 pm »
back after a short notice and few month long trip... looking to have fun

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #5 on: July 05, 2016, 10:53:01 am »
Hey there, I'm back after an extended leave of absence, looking to write, to indulge, to explore...

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #6 on: October 14, 2016, 03:48:01 pm »
Back after a short break due to a move, looking for a good story or two... bonus points if you have an idea of your own or a suggestion/bit of inspiration for one of the stories posted below

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Re: Sadist looking for a Masochist or two (M for F)
« Reply #7 on: November 04, 2016, 05:11:28 am »
Looking for takers