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Author Topic: Some Star Wars Ideas: Submission to the Dark Side (M for f)  (Read 707 times)

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Some Star Wars Ideas: Submission to the Dark Side (M for f)
« on: November 03, 2016, 02:35:51 pm »
1. Mind Wiped Clean

She wakes on a medical bed, her memories a jumble. She recalls that she was a jedi, yanked away from her parents when she was an infant and controlled by the order at every turn. They tortured her at every turn, controlled her every action, and forced her to destroy all the things she loved.

Or at least that is what she recalls.

Laying next to her is a man in dark robes who is utterly exhausted. She doesn't know his name, but can sense that he is the one who freed her from her jedi captivity. She belongs to him now, and together, they will seek out their rightful place in the galaxy.


Obviously, you would be playing a character with memories that have been substantially altered by the dark side. Her peaceful time as a jedi has been corrupted in order to win her loyalty and turn her into a sith apprentice. My character might have put additional suggestions in her mind as well, making her feel pleasure at being bound, submitting to him, and serving him in private. Specific details would be worked out with a partner.

2. Corruption

During the days of the Old Republic, both the Republic and the Sith seek to establish relations with the Keth, a humanoid race who are influential to supply lines around the border. The Keth have been resistant to the idea of getting involved with either side, but recently the king of their planet has died, leaving Prince Orin Vlas the new ruler. Vlas reached out to the Republic and started setting up negotiations for a relationship with the Republic, but sith assassins made a move against him, and he barely escaped. In hopes of keeping the negotiations running, the council sends a jedi knight and a young padawan to protect him.


My idea for this one is that Orin has been in talks with the sith for a long time. He's force sensitive, and the sith have trained him into a powerful apprentice, and taught him how to mask the dark side in him, as well as his own force energy. On the sith's behalf, Orin opened talks with the jedi, as the sith wanted a chance to kill the jedi master they knew the council would send.

When Orin sees the apprentice (your character) he gets an idea of his own. He very much desires to seduce her to the dark side and make her his.  The keth are telepathic, capable of strengthening the emotions of those around them. Orin plans to heighten the feelings of arousal and desire that the apprentice already feels and use them to gradually make her his.

I'd like to see some elements of distress in this one eventually. The sith would be trying to capture both jedi, so they might send sith knights or bounty hunters. My character might try to put yours in situations she isn't ready for, so that when she gets into trouble, he can save the day and earn more of her loyalty.

3. Claimed

Our characters were best friends when they were children. Their parents both worked on a large freighter together that moved contraband. When they were both very young, the ship was raided by sith, and both of them were dragged off in very different directions.

Your character spent the next few years as a slave to a mid-level Sith officer, someone who has secretly been skimming money from the Imperial coffers to line his own pockets. When the emperor finds out, he sends a sith apprentice and a fleet with very specific instructions, to wipe out the officer and everyone who works for him. The sith and his men work with brutal efficiency. The officer and his guards are slaughtered, and your character expects the same. But when she looks up at the sith who is to kill her, it is my character.


Obviously, my character decides not to kill yours, in direct violation of his orders. Instead, he takes her back up to the ship as his personal pleasure slave. I'd like to see this as a second chance sort of story. Your character starts to try to pull mine back to the light, even as she finds a pleasure in submission to him that she never experienced with any of her other masters. There are a lot of directions this could go.

4. Darth Revan

I'd love to do something involving Darth Revan, set after the first KOTOR's dark side ending. Perhaps he takes Bastila as an apprentice, but forces her into more of a position of submission than most other apprentices. Or he could be paired with Juhani, who was captured during the final battle. He could work to slowly draw out her feelings of anger, in the hopes of bringing her to the dark side, or perhaps just breaking her into his loyal pet. This idea is kind of skeletal, but I'd love to work it out with a partner.
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Re: Some Star Wars Ideas: Submission to the Dark Side (M for f)
« Reply #1 on: November 05, 2016, 07:53:46 pm »
Added idea 4.