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Author Topic: Kidnapped and Distressed (multiple genres, M for f)  (Read 1311 times)

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Kidnapped and Distressed (multiple genres, M for f)
« on: November 01, 2016, 06:28:19 PM »
Hello! As the title implies, I'm currently seeking stories that involve a main character (your character) repeatedly put in a situation of distress, only to be rescued or escape at the last moment. Each story would probably be a mix of smut, adventure, and romance. I have a list of bare-bones ideas that basically give a potential damsel and a basic situation. The details would be for me and a partner to work out. I also have a single idea that is a bit more elaborate, though it would still need some hashing out.

Skeletal Ideas

F.B.I Paranormal Investigator (Think Agent Scully)

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I’ve been watching the X-Files again recently, and I like the idea of a pair of investigators looking into the paranormal, but through either overconfidence or bad luck, your character constantly finds herself at the mercy of werewolves, vampires, cults, or things of that nature. If you have a particular one you enjoy, perhaps one of those creatures becomes obsessed with her and follows her about.


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This one focuses on a female superheroine, someone who has made a lot of enemies in the criminal underworld. Some of those enemies would love to see her suffer a fate worse than death, and a few of them might even have the patience to watch her from afar, learn her civilian identity, and start to target her in both lives. 

Starship Officer

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This one would be in more of a Star Trek style universe, though it could be an original universe in that style. Your character is a junior officer on her first solo mission in a part of the galaxy that should be fairly safe. Nobody could have expected that marauders would take up position along her path and capture her shuttle.


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Your character is a journalist who happens to be the daughter of someone important in the town police department. She’s investigating a circle of criminal activity that seems to spread through every level of government, and she’s getting a little too close to the truth. Her connections to the police department mean that it would cause trouble if she turned up dead, but that doesn’t stop the different members of the gang from grabbing her whenever she gets too close to the truth. I’d love to work some classic peril into this one. She could be tied to a railroad track, tossed into the lake, and things like that.


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Your character is an A list actress who is doing the movie of her life, the story of a young woman who is kidnapped and held for days. This could make her a hollywood legend if she nails the performance, but right now, it feels like something is missing. To get into character, she has gone to the internet and hired a professional to kidnap her. What she didn’t expect was that the kidnapper might enjoy having her a little too much and come back for more, just as she didn’t expect that the thought might be oddly thrilling to her.

Elaborate Idea

1. A Taken Princess

When our two characters were born, your character's family made arrangements for her to marry my character when they both came of age. My character was a prince, but he was the youngest of four, so there was never much chance he would ever take the throne. Your character's family had just enough influence and power to persuade the crown to allow her to marry into the family at that fairly low station, and a contract was signed. Nobody would have thought more about it, but my character's older brothers were all killed in various battles, meaning that my character would eventually be king, and yours would be his queen.

To the people of the kingdom, it was something of a scandal. There were wealthier, more powerful families that were being passed over because of this arrangement, but a contract was a contract. Your character's family did their best to make the most of it. They learned that the prince-to-be enjoyed riding and fighting, so they trained their daughter to do those things as well, hoping that she would make a desirable traveling companion in addition to a wife. Still, they were concerned that the prince would reject her. When a traveling wizard came to your character's village, her family went to the wizard and asked if there was a spell that could be cast on your character that would make her the most desirable wife to the prince. The wizard offered a potion, but warned that there was no way to know exactly what it would do. Her family didn't listen, however, and the potion was used. It didn't make her any more beautiful, nor did it give her more skill in battle or any of the other possibilities her family had expected. Instead, it made her unable to resist commands that were given to her. When someone told her to do something, she did it. She could still exercise a bit of free will to interpret how she complied, but she was forced to comply by unseen forces.


As the title suggests, I'd like to see this as a distress heavy story. Our characters meet for the first time while she is trying to hide her condition, but eventually he figures it out. He helps her keep the secret, as his family would send her away at once if they knew what a security risk she was, but the two mutually enjoy a bit of domination when they are alone (nothing cruel, but the potion correctly assumed that he would enjoy dominating her in some way)

The tricky part comes not only from keeping the secret from his family, but from going on missions together. The kingdom is constantly struggling with goblins, orcs, and raiders, and since her family bragged about what an asset she would be, the royal family insists that the two travel together. Given her condition, it is all too easy for her to fall into enemy hands. Exactly what happens when those situations pop up would obviously have to be discussed.
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Re: Kidnapped and Distressed (multiple genres, M for f)
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2016, 06:42:32 PM »
Added a whole bunch of smaller ideas.

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Re: Kidnapped and Distressed (multiple genres, M for f)
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2016, 12:54:52 PM »
Removed a taken idea and added some new ones.