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Started by Zeitgeist, December 14, 2008, 09:12:23 PM

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Premise: Witch Queen seeks the consensual affections of a village girl
Orientation: Lesbian
Tone/Flavor: Darkly erotic, intense. Mild vulgarity in-line with theme and feel
Setting: Gothic castle, village, other

What follows is a draft outlining the plot, theme and some details that this story will encompass. This will have something of a Gothic feel. This is a heavily lesbian themed story, as I am wont to write, and while definitely not a simple sexual romp, it will be highly erotic as well as romantic.

The Witch Queen of Arges tires of her concubines, and seeks a consensual relationship and sex partner. She decides to go out into the village in the guise of any other simple village girl, without the trappings and powers of the Witch Queen and win the heart and affections of another. She has tired of the assumed, obligatory consent, and desires true affection, and also believes the sexual relations would be more succulent and satisfying were it given freely. She is of course accustomed to her position of power and the challenge for Vella is to shed all of that, as to not taint the dynamic of the consensual relationship. She could easily cast a spell of charm, but that isn't the point. She is of course able to move around the realm without restriction and would likely go about the town in disguise and return to her abode in the evenings, although that isn't written in stone.

Being a witch of some power it is assumed she could rather easily take on the form of a younger version of herself. Whether that is a potion that wears off after a certain duration, or a spell she casts on demand isn't decided. The potion wearing off could complicate the plot in an interesting way. While this is a concession it is necessary nevertheless. Although I would point out, even though she is middle-aged or older in human terms, her witchcraft would have been put to good use and slowed the appearance of age and is a vivacious looking woman without any disguise. She would also need some sort of plausible background story as a common village girl. This probably should be vague, and the unraveling of that story could move the plot forward.

Vella's demeanor I fear is imperious, arrogant and she rules her realm, if well, with a heavy hand. While a part of her is seeking consensual affection and adoration, is she seeking love? Perhaps not, but maybe Vella will be surprised and fall in love regardless? She does have a heavy appetite for sex and is quite dominant obviously, but again this is her challenge, to let her guard down and try to let another take the lead, be it in the affairs of the heart or in the bedchambers. Her insidious witchcraft also colors her as dark and while not outright evil she delves into very black arts. This should come into play and serve to move the plot in unexpected directions.

Village Girl
I don't want to flesh out this character too much as to give the co-writer the creative freedom to do whatever she wishes. Yet there are some things to keep in mind. What sort of girl would interest Vella? What characteristics would Vella find pleasing? Vella is looking for a longer term relationship and thus the girl would likely need to have a strong personality, and be confident I would think. If the character isn't already these things, she would likely need to evolve into something similar as the story moved along at least. The girl obviously would also be inclined towards women, if not outright lesbian. This wouldn't be unusual or scandalous in Vella's realm, herself being unabashedly lesbian. How Vella is perceived by the commoners and by this girl would be an important element, and give Vella something to ponder and possibly rethink her imperious attitude, remains to be seen. While it is open to the co-writer to develop a background, it should be in-line with a Gothic and medieval feel and theme. She would likely share Vella's appetite for sex or perhaps acquire it via the plot.

We've established that Vella will go about the village seeking the affections of a village girl. This will involve a period of introductory posts and the initial encounter between Vella and the girl in question. The plot will continually thicken and complicate. There will be various issues of Vella struggling with letting her guard down, dropping her imperious attitude. Also the village girl getting to know Vella, and working through Vella's odd struggle, the romance and eventual sexual encounters. Over time small hints of things not being as they seem will unravel Vella's disguise and the plot will come to a climax and important turning point. Will Vella take on the girl as her sole lover/partner and consort? How will the two work this out in their minds? What conflicts will result?

Gothic realm obviously. The realm consists largely of Vella's castle perched above the outlying village(s). The village and any immediate terrain are in play. While its been said earlier that Vella rules in a heavy handed manner, the people are largely happy and content with the results of her rule. She provides food and substance, as well as protects them from any significant danger from outside forces. So while the village isn't impoverished nor is it a wealthy one. The setting should reflect the commonness Vella seeks to enamor herself to, to a certain degree.


wow, this one is very imaginative and impressive. I havnt played out a role quite like it before.


Very interesting and well thought out. (Oh, the temptation...)
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im glad you found someone for it then, but if that changes, well, think of us.