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Author Topic: Young Assassin x Soldier [WW1/2/ or Steampunk War Setting! M + F chars wanted]  (Read 1400 times)

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Offline ABagOVicodinTopic starter

Hello there, my name is Vicodin. I'm an experienced roleplayer who has another craving that I would like itched. This particular idea I'm interested in playing either the handler or assassin, but my preference would be the assassin. I do have room for one writer for each character, and I'll post here when it's full. I have a few rules that I'll put within a spoiler and I'd appreciate if they were read before I'm sent a PM. Please do not post on this forum, send me a PM if you're interested with some information on which character you want to play as well as some ideas to fill in the blanks in the open ended idea. I do not like one sentence or very sparse PMs. Thank you for understanding!

For those of you wondering, I'll post my F-List right here, but most of my limits are within the same realm as everyone else's. No scat, one line responses, and flakes. I'll toss my main rules in a spoiler down below. Be warned that they are copy and pasted from my OLD request thread. I'll strike out anything that isn't relevant to this idea.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
1. Please be literate. I am aware that I might give a few slip ups every now and then, and you might also. We can forgive things like that. So I don't want to get killed for spelling a word incorrectly or punctuation used incorrectly. I like to think that I am really literate, but I do mess up sometimes.

2. I role play both genders, M/F, and F/F relationships are all accepted.

3. I usually am online all the time on numerous things such as video games and messengers, so I might be online on this. I don't want my head cut off for not responding to your message if I have been online for an hour while you have, and haven't replied. I can get migraine headaches that makes me not want to role play, but still linger. However if I am in the mood, I usually will respond right when I get the message.

4. I can do either private message, email, or forum role plays, whichever you prefer. IMs are not preferred, but are available for chatting.

5. I do not have limits as far as I know, but if there is something that I find inappropriate, I will let you know and try to walk around it, to avoid conflicts and my stomach from getting queasy.

6. I like both of the role players to figure out a plot together or add onto the plot I've given. And I am always up for new ideas, no matter what they are. New twists make me more interested and more wanting to post.

7. I will be blunt if there is something in a roleplay that has irritated me or left me in a disposition that makes me not want to post. This is not to take a shot at you, this is to state why I am not longer responding, or taking a long time. I will act the same way if I wish to disband a story, due to lack of interest.

8. I am a very versatile roleplayer. I have role played out vanilla scenes, countless non-con scenes, and even scenes involving putrid amounts of gore and death. So with that in mind, I am able to play out any kind of role play. Vanilla, extreme, bondage, Exotic, you name it, I can do it.

Without further ado, here is the plot. It's probably one of my most open ended plots, but it's very interesting and I've been sitting on it for a while, crafting the backstory for it.

Young Assassin x Soldier/Handler

World War 1/2/Steampunk Setting

Kinks: Non-Con, Romance, Consensual, Violence, Abuse, Bondage, Ageplay, Creampies, Oral

Optional Kinks: Body Modification, Gang Bangs, Incest

Plot Themes: Unforgiving World, Gruesome War, Making Ends Meet, Can Cyborgs Love?

Story to Smut Ratio: 80/20

I had a few premises for this idea. Mainly the difference is within the beginning. I'll list the overall premise and then the changes down below.

It was his greatest invention. He had spent years putting her together, extending her life span from a week, to month by month. He replaced her failing organs, revived her over and over when her heart failed or lungs stopped taking oxygen. He didn't know what he could do with her, or even if his efforts would be worth it in the end. Unfortunately, he perished from a rare blood disease before he could see his creation open her eyes.

She was a beautiful 16-year-old, but you wouldn't be blamed if you didn't notice it underneath the blood, oil, and entrails that she was covered in right as her creator perished. He was unable to clean her off that night. He took a break in his study, and suddenly collapsed of heart failure. How she is found is up to the co-writer.

She is a cyborg, one that had various parts of her replaced with stronger alloys and parts the inventor created himself. I imagine her as more of a guns user, trained by whoever happens to stumble across her.

Preferred Perks: Higher Strength (due to alloy bones), Lower points of pain (can still feel it but usually shrugs off light punches and force), suggestions?

Preferred Ailments: Infertility, Wiped mind (as far as anything in her childhood. Basic acts she can perform), suggestions?

Scenario 1: The creator was a soldier during one of the major wars (WW1/2), and doesn't perish when the girl wakes up. He tries to keep her a secret from the government, but he is immediately enlisted into the war once a government official finds her. For good measure and as a partner, the girl is enlisted as well and put under the creator’s hand with little to no training. He has to train her instead, and each day is a game of Russian Roulette over whether or not one of them will come home without the other.

Scenario 2: Two weeks after the creator perishes, his government invades his laboratory and comes across the girl. She is awoken due to a coincidence and silently captured and brought before the Major of the area. Believing her to be a nuisance, he assigns her to one of the younger soldiers on the field, thinking that they are both going to be cannon fodder anyway.

The girl and soldier slowly fall in love as the cyborg becomes one of the first women to take part in a world war.

Scenario 3: This scenario is admittedly a little darker than the others, and will require a lot more effort on the co-writer to piece together the plot or add to it.

The creator’s city had been taken over by the Nazis. Instead of dying slowly and painfully from a blood disease, he had answered the door and came face to face with a gun. Since he was Jewish, the back of his skull was immediately blown out.

The General of the invading army happens upon the Jewish cyborg and adopts her as his pet. He’s a sadistic general who takes pleasure in murdering in front of her, raping her, and beating her even though he knows she can take a punch. Everything was going well for him, until the Nazis betrayed him. From orders of Hitler himself, he was cornered in his base and shot, but survived because of her. The two escape and go into hiding, and the General begins to have new feelings for the girl alongside the desire for revenge for what his country did to him.

Do take note that this RP requires trading control of NPCs for both writers, as well as a constant building of a story. This is one of the few plots I've put together that has way less sex scenes than usual. That's why the story to smut ratio is so high.

So, let me know what you think! I have one slot open for each character, which means I will be taking two writers for this plot. I hope to hear from you all soon. Please oh please make sure to give me a PM full of juicy details and desires for what you want in the game. This can't just all be about me!

Talk to you soon,
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Offline ABagOVicodinTopic starter

3/31/2017 Edit:

I now have an opener for one of the scenarios (arguably my favorite scenario) for those who were wondering the specifics of the plot. Read it below and let me know what you think!

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
It all ended so quickly. The French soldiers had all gathered near the Franco-Belgian border in order to fight back the Germans. But before they knew it, a platoon of soldiers attacked out of the Ardennes Forest. France’s army, which had been more equipped for battle, more numerous, and acquired more help, was decimated within a week. Ten miles away from Paris, shaking and anxious hands worked at the wires of a makeshift machine, which threatened to short circuit the entire room. The man’s tongue dragged across his graying beard, eyes scanning every single wire to make sure that nothing was out of place. A spark shot out of the wire as it connected to a metal chassis, which was also connected to a battery which had been plugged into a wall outlet. The machine started working, and down in a soft and young arm, blood flowed out of a dirty, plastic tube into the chassis, while another flowed back into her other arm. The man sighed in relief. The dialysis machine was complete. After another part of her had broken down, he was there to fix it.

Axel Ramond straightened his back and wiped the sweat from his brow with the back of his hand. Putting together that machine had taken him an entire hour, and every minute he was playing Russian Roulette with the one that he had thrown his entire life away for. He stood back, and fought the urge to wipe the tears from his eyes, his hands covered in bloody gloves that had been washed over and over, the rubber threatening to give way any minute now. “It’s done… you’re okay… for now.”

Axel’s stare wasn’t reciprocated, but he wasn't surprised. Across from him on a table, laying down and hanging onto life with one miracle at a time, was an 18-year-old French woman. It was hard to tell if she was still alive, and any passers-by would immediately believe that she wasn't. But Axel made sure that she was. She deserved life. After all that she had been through, he would be damned if she died on his watch. Although, it would be nice to see her eyes for the first time… voluntarily. The woman had brunette hair which sank down to her shoulders, and was covered in dirt, grime, and blood. Her eyes beneath her closed lids were brown, like her hair, and her skin carried the slightest amount of tan, from her life before she was strapped to this bed. She stood around 5'6", which was short for someone her age. But Axel didn't care. Axel flinched as he heard a loud bang in the distance, the sound of mortar fire that could be right over his house, or miles away in the desolate wasteland that used to be Paris. He waited. Ten seconds. Fifteen seconds. Thirty seconds. Then a quake shook the ceiling above him. The mortar had hit far away, but not that far.

Axel took this moment of peace to sit down in an old wicker chair, which creaked once he relaxed all of his body weight upon it. He pulled his gloves off and wiped his sweaty hands on a towel, which he kept near the table he was using. He sighed in relief, and immediately felt the exhaustion of the last year bearing down on his body. His muscles and bones ached. He had a headache, and his eyes were bloodshot from lack of sleep. He had been up for three straight days, tinkering with his project, the woman on the table. Her chest was completely open, the flesh between her cleavage cut to reveal her ribs and heart, which he had previously worked on and needed access to for the dialysis machine. His eyes fluttered shut, and an hour passed as he slept.

Through the hour, the machine pumped and whirred, purifying the woman's blood after his last treatment had a horrible side effect. Her ribs shined off the sunlight that shone through a tattered curtain, reflecting off of the metal that covered her bones. That was his last experiment. He spent an entire week cutting her open and replacing her bones, which were beginning to show signs of osteoporosis, from numerous sources from malnutrition to trauma. Every single one of her bones, from her skull to her toes, were either reinforced or replaced with titanium hollow bones, which housed her bone marrow. Her body was covered in scars from his work, as he practically cut across her body like a chef scoring a piece of meat. With her ribs, they were the final bones that he continued reinforcing, although he had to take a break to build the dialysis machine. He had a feeling that the unclean and disgusting environment is what poisoned her blood, and he prayed before he fell asleep that his experiments had not taken her life after all this time.

An hour passed, and Axel's eyes opened. While one hour of sleep would definitely not offset being awake for three days, as Axel stood up, he felt very tired. His bones popped, and his wrists radiated pain, no doubt the symptoms of carpal tunnel. He walked over to the woman, and spent the next half hour sewing her chest back up, listening for her heart beat and any discoloring on her skin. While her skin had been pale before he had built the dialysis machine, some color had come back to her cheeks, which made Axel happy. He sighed in exhaustion and walked over to a bookcase in the center of the room, which was packed to the brim with journals and books. He pulled a journal that was bulging out from the bookcase mass, and grabbed a pen, and began to write.

"Dear Potential Brother,

I have insulted God this day. But her beauty gave me no choice. My name is Axel Ramond, and I don't have that much time. I am a doctor from Germany... and not the good kind. I've done things that make my stomach turn to this day, and give me nightmares whenever I have managed to rest my eyes. If you are reading this, then I am no longer here. I am no longer alive, for I have been with this woman for the past year, and I intend to stay with her until my final breath. I offer no promise of the woman in front of you, but if she wakes up or lives through what I have done to her... she has the potential to change your life. I can't say much, just in case you are an enemy, but I hope that this isn't the case. I found her at the beginning of the German invasion. She was pinned underneath a building, her back broken from debris from mortar fire. I had just arrived in France, mind and heart broken. But when I saw her face, I knew I had to save her.

I saved her... so far. I replaced her bones with titanium-covers or complete metal bones. I built a pacemaker from spare parts and brought her failing heart back to life. I reinforced her lungs, although I don't know how. Everything of hers seemed to fall apart once I fixed something else, like a cheap imported Ford. But I had to do it. My breathing is growing shallow. I don't have much time left, but there is still so much to do. At the beginning, I only wanted to save her, to help her and give her a normal life. But I now realize that she has the potential to be so much more. Please treat her well. May the Allies win in this fight.

Axel Ramond
Nazi Doctor and Defector

P.S.: I haven't named her. But if I had to choose, it would be Leila De la Croix. It's beautiful, like her.

P.S.S.: I have some journals of my experiments in the bookcase against the wall. Take them all if you end up taking her."

Axel sighed once again as he signed the paper, a feeling of relaxing vindication settling over him. He stood up and walked over to a backpack near the stairs leading up to a trapdoor, and ascended into a living room. The living room was absolutely trashed, neglected with flies buzzing around unwashed dishes and canned meals that were rationed and eaten over months. The television which had been imported from America had a bullet hole pierced through the glass, no doubt the history of someone who tried to stop Axel from saving her. With a grunt, he heaved a nearby couch over the trapdoor, barely concealing it. He was too tired to close the door, and he had a feeling that he wasn't going to come back. And that he didn't.

He left his house, and never came back. A sniper bullet pierced Axel’s head as he was scavenging for parts, and he fell face first into a pile of mud, staining it with his blood. A storm collected over the city as hours passed, and eventually, the mortar fire stopped.

A day passed, and a platoon of soldiers trudged through the early morning fog, on their way to Paris to salvage what was left of the attacked city. Sniper fire had taken out some soldiers as they approached the city, but it seemed to be quiet for now. A general on a horse, a man that couldn't have been much older than his brethren stopped in the middle of an intersection, turning his horse towards his troops. “Alright men! We are a little ahead of schedule, so we are going to spread out and search for any citizens or supplies! Keep your heads down and let's take our country back!”

A war cry roared among the men, their spirit not broken yet despite their country’s surrender. “Split up into groups of three and search every house. This city is big, but it shouldn't take longer than a day. Anyone who isn't Allied forces or a citizen is to be shot on sight, understand?”

Another roar of approval. The men spread out, and the search as well as our story began...
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Kind of surprised that I have'nt had any bites yet! Can I use my monthly bump? IDK.

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Monthly bump

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Updated the plot with an opener for Scenario 2.

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I am dusting off this prompt after a long time of waiting. I've never actually had a writer for this that lasted long, so I'd love to find writers for this idea!

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I am taking advantage of my monthly bump. Still craving this idea.