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Author Topic: Female seeking anyone for romance, monsters, furries, and image prompts!  (Read 1503 times)

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Offline ElectricEmilyTopic starter

Hey everyone! Here's a list of writing prompts and images that I'd like to get into. Some scenarios appear more fleshed out than others, but don't hesitate to contact me about any of them, regardless of whether you like everything I wrote! I'm open to changes, whether that means adding elements or removing them. As I mentioned in my Ons and Offs page, I am interested in both long-term plot-focused stories, as well as shorter-term stories more focused on exploring certain sexual or situational aspects. As I also mentioned in that page, I have the same standards for both types of stories. Be respectful, think before you post, keep in touch, and it'll all work out :)

It's really, really important to note, however, that I am really busy these days. I will do my best to deliver quality posts at a better-than-glacial pace, but if you're accustomed to fast posting speeds, I'm sorry to say that I'm probably not the droid you're looking for.

I am open to playing as and with most any kind of character, as you can see here. The character genders/sexes I've listed here are suggestions based from the initial concept I had of the story; they are totally up for change.

Long-Term Stories
Trans Demon Dream Team
Pairing: Trans female  x intersex
Themes: Friendship, support, crossdressing and transitioning, dom/sub
Summary: In a world where demons come from a real but difficult-to-access dimension, a half-succubus tries to figure out where she belongs. At the same time, a young woman tries to figure out her life in the male body she was born in. When they move in, perhaps they can help each other along the way -and a little demon magic doesn't hurt, either.
Notes: An idea I've had for a while that would follow a trans woman and a half-demon as the human starts to transition and the demon tries to find a place for herself in a society that sees her as dangerous and evil. Well, they're right about the dangerous part -she has to actively try not to consume her friend's soul, after all.

Demon's Succor
Pairing: Male x female (flexible)
Themes: Friendship, sci-fi, trust, dom/sub, soul vore
Summary: The world will end soon. Not because of global warming, or global thermonuclear war, or even a random X-ray burst, though. Turns out, the Great Filter is a species of intergalactic beasts that can eat an entire solar system's worth of souls in one big gulp, and one of them is about to eat everything on Earth. The demons who inhabit Earth are the only ones who can see it coming, and most of them peace out in whatever way they can, because even though the Great Filter can't eat them, there also won't be much point to being on Earth in just a short while. A few demons, however, have gotten a little attached to the pale blue dot, and decide to take little human soul mementos with them.

This story is about a succubus who approaches an asteroid miner with an offer: let her eat his immortal soul, so that the Great Filter won't eat it instead. She says there's a difference, but he sure as hell doesn't see it.
Notes: I've toyed with this idea for a long time, and I think it would be interesting to look at the weird relationship based on ultimate trust that would develop. The demon likes humans, and doesn't want take away his agency by stealing his soul before it's too late. The human, obviously, has no clue whether she's lying or not. Is she tricking him? Is she only able to eat his soul if he gives permission, and that's why she's telling him this weird story about space monsters? As part of the story, I'd like to incorporate the idea of her taking his soul, taking him with her as she shows him wonders of the galaxy, and then returning to put him back in his body. The story would have a time limit, and ends with the demon consuming his soul before the Great Filter arrives.

The Werewolf and the Harpy
Pairing: Male werewolf x female or intersex harpy
Harpy Reference 1
Harpy Reference 2

Themes: Dom/sub, ownership, transformation
Summary: Not long ago, the werewolf is banished from his home village, unable to stand the culture and deference that came with living in it -i.e. living in the shadow of the local overlord, facing conscription any day, or perhaps being a runt cast out for his weakness. Striking out on his own, however, turns out to be significantly more difficult than he had expected. Though he has some survival training, he is inept at medicine, and accumulates several afflictions over the course of his wanderings, some of them self-inflicted as attempts to cure the others. In addition, he has to contend with more immediate dangers, such as roving bandits, more well-established bandits, and soldiers who want to press him into service. He faces capture several times, but inevitably escapes through luck and skill. Eventually, however, his luck runs out, and he faces death by exposure.

The harpy, who had been observing him for some time, reveals herself to him when he is weakened and otherwise alone, too exhausted to attack. She faces a problem: although she is capable of a limited ability to transform, unlike other harpies her arms are permanently stuck in wing form. In other words, she has very limited capability to use her arms and hands, which gets in the way of her passion of alchemy. The werewolf, to her, is an opportunity: if she can make him bind himself to her service in return for shelter and healing, she can use him as a manservant to further her own goals.
Notes: Not much of a story beyond that thought; obviously there needs to be more of a driving force to the story, which I'm still working on.

The Drider
Pairing: Female drider x human, or anything, really
Drider Reference

Themes: Size difference, survival, soft (fatal) vore, non-sexual(?)
Summary: A young, small human (see prey size in above image), on the run from a hunter, stumbles into the lair of a young drider, not yet fully formed. Though he is saved from the hunter, she almost eats him before he pleads with her and she realizes he is not food, and releases him. Though he is afraid, he eventually comes back, and they become close friends; eventually, she becomes all he has left after hunters find his village and abduct everyone in it. Though he remains a small creature, she grows and continues to grow. Eventually, he is no larger than the small animals she now regularly eats, and it becomes harder for her to see him as anything but more prey.
Notes: Still working on it, so it's just an idea right now, much like the other ideas I have up so far :P This story actually ties into another idea I had: the same drider, fully grown, encounters a small fairy, the daughter of the friend she had made so long ago and who eventually parted ways. The fairy had been captured and shipped far from home, and the drider resolves to help her home to make it up to her childhood friend.

The Centaur and the Dragon
Pairing: Female/intersex centaur x male dragon
Centaur Reference 1
Centaur Reference 2

Themes: Size difference, war/skirmishes, soft (non-fatal) vore
Summary: The dragon is an outcast or runaway from his family, and left at a young age. He is small and nearly defenseless, and struggles from exposure in the woods. The centaur finds him, and instead of killing him or reporting him, tries to befriend him. Her village is dominated by a dragon lord, and the people harbor resent and hatred for dragons. Despite also being young, she has no fear of him, and spends much of her free time with him. One day, he must leave, either because he is being hunted or because the people are getting suspicious.

They meet again one day, far from her home, when she has become a wanderer, one of her village's few survivors after it was burned down by the dragon lord. By dragon standards, he is still young and thus relatively small, while she is now a young adult. Neither is willing to settle down into a life of peace, both having been marked by the atrocities and injustices of the dragon lords. They become rebels, aiming to overthrow all dragon lords everywhere, and also come to see each other as lovers. Their cause has varying degrees of success over time; their guerilla operations tend to succeed, but they have a hard time organizing large-scale rebellions, in part because of the nature of the dragon regime, and in part because few are willing to trust him. Even as the size difference between the dragon and the centaur increases, their relationship does not suffer, only changes. Vore becomes one of their intimate activities, where he swallows her and keeps her safe inside of him, since he has the power to control whether or not to digest things.

The Manticore
Pairing: Female manticore x human, or anything
Manticore Reference, Human Form
Manticore Reference, Beast Form

Themes: Slavery/ownership, heavy dom/sub, non-con
Summary: The human was a soldier in a lord's army, fighting border incursions against the subterranean dragon lord. One day, he is captured, either in an ambush or by surrender in a battle lost, and brought back across the border and underground to be sold as a spoil of war. Initially, he is sold as a farm laborer. He makes two escape attempts, the first failing and the second succeeding. He is doomed to not get too far, however, as he does not know where he is, does not know how to live underground, and has to avoid everyone he sees. He is eventually found by the manticore, out on a trip or mission. She goads and coaxes him into begging for enslavement and binding himself to her to secure his safety, and she takes him back home, to a small fortification overlooking a waterway. There, she plots her overthrow of the kingdom, as well as waging a guerilla war on multiple factions.

Short-Term Stories and Image Prompts
Situational Ideas - Furry
Cross-Dressing 1

Cross-Dressing 2

Cross-Dressing 3



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Re: ElectricEmily seeks anyone for romance, monsters, and image prompts!
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Finally updated with a bunch'a images! And notices regarding the drider and manticore stories.

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Removed some old stories I'm no longer interested in.

Added two new stories: "Trans Demon Dream Team" and "Demon's Succor". I guess I'm in a devilish mood!