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Author Topic: RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F)  (Read 1692 times)

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RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F)
« on: October 20, 2016, 07:57:07 pm »
Hi all! It's been a while since I've advertised for stories but I think the time is ripe. I've been writing on Elliquiy for several years and have a ton of stories to my credit as well as a number of off-Elliquiy stories I enjoy writing. You can find several "character repositories" in my signature that contain tons of characters (along with pretty galleries for these characters) many of which I'd love to hash out a story if you're burning to play them out. But the ones below are the ones I'm craving particularly badly at the moment. I imagine this list will grow longer as I both come up with new characters/plots and get burning hot desires to play them out. Despite the long descriptions below please note that I'm pretty flexible and very interested to hear twists, turns, and potentially new angles on these and my other stories.

Also note that I'm almost entirely interested in F/F stories and, yes, I'm a cis-gendered straight male. I know that can turn some people off so I am up front about it here. Take care and happy reading!
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Offline Ron Don VolanteTopic starter

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Re: RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F, Deep Plots, Complex Characterization)
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2016, 08:07:23 pm »
Fear No Man, Trust No Bitch
Who cares about the shit people say that they don’t have the balls to say to your face?

Inspirations: The Sopranos, Inside The American Mob, Goodfellas, Killing Them Softly

Anna Maria (“Ann Marie”) Briganti (nee Leotardo) is not just any elite lawyer in New Lyonesse. Her father, her grandfather, her uncle, her cousins, and her husband were all Made Men in the Buccola crime family in New England. So, for her entire life, Ann Marie has been surrounded by violence, imprisonment, and death which accumulated with her husband’s violent murder ten years ago, leaving her a widow and their children (Carmella and Jackie) fatherless. But whereas the vast majority of “mob wives” would recede into the background, satisfied with what scraps her Family were willing to give, Ann Marie stepped up.

A corporate lawyer with a specialty in labor law, when the Buccola Family’s last remaining interest in New Lyonesse, the port, was threatened Ann Marie used her contacts and skills to hold it. As the Family withdrew other resources from New Lyonesse, Ann Marie became their go-to woman in the area providing whatever was needed. While at first this was investments and legal advice it grew to information on the local power players, then the local gangs, then much darker requests. In no time, Ann Marie becomes an essential associate for The Family.

Eventually, the Family decides it’s time to invigorate their slowly fading grip on New England starting with Ann Marie’s city. In a bold decision, the Boss of the Buccolas, Giovanni Sacrimoni, declares that their effort should be spearheaded by Ann Marie. Then, shockingly, he has her Made, making her the first official female member of an American Mafia. And, although everyone appears to be supportive, she knows very well that she’s being judged and despised by her new “brothers in arms”... even as her mission looms in the foreground along with her day job.

Soon it becomes clear that between, her enemies, her lover, her children, and, worst of all, her “coworkers” Ann Marie’s life is going to get very complicated and very dangerous… in more ways than one.

Looking for somebody to play Ann Marie's girlfriend but other possibilities exist.

Sample opener with Ann Marie
“Hi welcome to Daybreakers! What can I get for you?”

Ann Marie Briganti stared at the incomprehensible menu before directing her scowl at the barista in front of her. If there was one thing she was lousy at, despite her ethnicity and day job, was ordering a fancy cup of coffee. “I’ll just have whatever she’s having,” she said, gesturing to the young woman next to her. She decided not to get into a repeat of the argument about the details of “tall” “grande” and “venti.”

Ann Marie’s daughter, Carmela, rolled her eyes. “Two grande chai lattes with whipped cream.”

Ann Marie scowl got a bit deeper. “No whipped cream for me.” The barista, who looked to be about Carmela’s age, obviously was more comfortable speaking to her than Ann Marie. Fair enough, since Ann Marie already hated the pompous little shit. Carmela ordered two biscottis on top of everything else before Ann Marie paid and they stepped aside out of the workers’ earshots.

“You know,” Carmela said. “Every time we walk into a Starbucks or whatever you seem totally out of it Mom. All those years as a lawyer you never took out a client for a cup of coffee?”

“I usually let somebody order for me. That or I take them to a restaurant where you can order actual drinks instead of this crap.” Ann Marie crossed her arms and examined an old fashioned brass plated cappuccino machine. “God. How did we miss out on this stuff?”

“What stuff?”

“Espresso, cappuccino, lattes. We invented this stuff, brought it over here across a sea and an ocean, were treated like shit for years and then had it all stolen by the WASPs.”

Carmela snickerd. “You’re serious?”

“I am serious! It’s not just about the money either it’s a pride thing. I just read a book about this. In the thirties when my grandparents, your great grandparents, came to this country the government had been pushing this gross tasteless mush on people. They specifically said stuff like olive oil and garlic and other spices were unwholesome ‘foreign’ foods that red-blooded god-fearing WASPs should avoid at all costs.”

“And now look at it all. Pizza, calzone, buffalo moozadell, olive oil. A whole fucking Mediterranean diet! And on top of all of it…” Ann Marie pointed to the cappuccino machine. “This espresso shit is the worst.”

Carmela giggled. “Geez Mom, what is it you’ve been reading exactly? You need to chill out. It’s just food.”

Ann Marie crossed her arms. “Aren’t you the college kid in the Ivy League school? So aren’t you the one who’s supposed to be up in arms about ‘cultural appropriation’ or whatever?” She got another eye roll as the barista called out their order.

“You know, if I didn’t know better I’d say you were in a bad mood.” Carmela picked up the drinks and picked a table to sit down at. “Everything okay at home?” She paused. “Jackie’s doing okay right?”

The mention of Ann Marie’s son didn’t make her blood boil but thinking about him did heat it up. “He’s finished the first half of his first semester in community college without flunking out so that’s good right?” She saw the pain on Carmela’s face and sighed. “I know I know I should be more positive. But he just makes me nervous. that’s all.”

Carmela took a sip from her chai latte. “Well it’s good that Jackie isn’t the one that’s got you so pissed. But didn’t you say you got a new position at work?”

Shit. Carmela knew very well what her late father’s business had been but was mostly unaware of how deep Ann Marie had been in the business with him. And she was especially unaware of Ann Marie’s real new position. “No….well not exactly. But yeah somebody said something at work about me that got me a little pissed to tell you the truth.” She twisted her large wedding ring on her finger.

“It’s not sexual harassment is it?” Carmela said, sharply. “Ma, I know I shouldn’t have to tell you this but just because you’re a woman working as an attorney doesn’t mean you have to eat shit.”

”Always with the drama, Mel. Now you really do sound like a liberal college student.” Ann Marie waved a hand. “It’s just a new case. Nothing for you to worry about, I just have a lot of stuff on my mind.”

“Yeah I know how you get when you’re like that.” Carmela broke her biscotti in half with her dainty hands. “I do have to say, though, that whenever I think it’s hard being a woman as an econ major, which is like ninety percent male, it’s probably ten times as rough being a woman as a lawyer who’s also dating a woman.” She bit into her biscotti letting crumbs fall in a cascade on the plate below her chin. “Ugh, these things are so good but messy. Anyway, how is Laurie by the way?”


The top of Ann Marie’s chai latte popped off before she realized her grip had tightened thanks to bubbling anger. “Aw shit! God damned coffee lids.” she cursed grabbing a napkin to wipe her hands. “She’s doing okay. And, to answer your question, I haven’t been taking any shit for dating a woman either. My job isn’t nearly as sexist or homophobic as you might believe.” Ann Marie didn’t like lying to her daughter. But the fact was, the legal field really was kind of sexist and homophobic. And her other job, her real one, her calling, her honor? That was something else entirely.

“I just need to drive to Hartford after I’m done here for a lunch. Never like driving two hours in one day that’s all. But, enough about me. Tell me all about what I’m paying an obscene amount of money every year for you to learn. It’ll help me take my mind off of all of my own troubles if nothing else.”

Carmela was a sharp girl, of course. Sharp enough to know she had hit a nerve. And sharp enough not to keep it up. “Sure Ma. Sure.”

The job site was well known to Ann Marie especially considering she did a lot of the paperwork necessary to keep certain jobs to produce legitimate paychecks even if the workers didn't actually do any work. So it was this familiarity that allowed her to spot a circle of those “workers”, members of her Family, lounging on lawn chairs and shooting the shit...minus one certain person.

“What do you know what do you say?!” shouted Joey Carwash longing on his chair. Ann Marie recognized the friendly jovial smiles on all the men in that little circle. All pretending that she was one of Them now that she had pricked her finger, burned the picture, and said the words.

“What's new guys?” Ann Marie said approaching slowly as if she were half afraid to get dust and dirt on her shoes and skirt.

“Slaving away,” Paulie said drinking from a can of soda. “This no-work shit is a pain in the ass. You sure you can't do nothing to make it a no-show?”

“Me too huh?” Jack The Glasses said covering up that previously had been do friendly. “There's a blowjob in it for you.”

There were a lot of laughs and hoots and hollers from the guys around Ann Marie. Jesus. You'd think they'd get better and newer material by now. She gave Jack an apologetic smile “I don't have five bucks on me right now sorry Jack. Word is you give enough of them that i could maybe get it on consignment?”

The hoots got louder as the smile vanished from Jack's face. Ann Marie had fielded so many sexual jokes and advancement from her “associates” she had an endless number of rejoinders at the ready.

“Cat's got some claws I'll tell you that!” Vinny said. “Don't fuck with this one if you idiots know what's good for you. Learned everything from Gio and her dad, God rest their souls.”

Even if Vinny hadn't been so close with Ann Marie for as long as he had been she would have loved him for that. She gave a short laugh. “There you go, making me sound like some kinda fucking cougar or something.”

“Oh you’re a cougar all right!” Joey Carwash said with a grin.

Ann Marie flipped him the bird. “Hey I don’t see Ronnie. Any idea where he is?”

The mention of the Family associate, and non-member, got all the full members to look at one another. Obviously, they all knew what the deal was. “He’s over there by the management trailer talking to that HR chick.” Joey wasn’t even finished with his sentence before Ann Marie was making her way to the management trailer.

Ronnie, younger than the rest of the guys, was chatting up the rather pretty hispanic HR girl Maria. The dipshit was so involved with trying to charm his way into Maria’s pants he didn’t notice who was approaching him before getting away. Ann Marie felt good when she saw that he was terrified as soon as they locked eyes. “Oh… Hey Ann Marie!” He said standing up, confusing the young lady he was talking with. “How are you? Did uh… Did Jackie get those Patriots tickets he was looking for?”

“Oh yeah he did thanks!” Ann Marie said with a smile as she approached him. “And how about this humidity?” She slammed her fist under his chin with a vicious uppercut before another punch landed squarely on the side of his jaw sending him to the ground. She heard the girl screamed next to her and all those Family members laugh near by. That didn’t matter, of course. Ann Marie was too concerned about Ronnie trying to get up to strike Ann Marie back. She sent her short heel on his rib just like she had learned in her muay thai class.

“How’s it feel mister Tough Guy huh?” Ann Marie slammed her heel harder against his ribs one more time to a loud howl. “You talk that way about a goomah? The goomah of someone in the Family you son of a…” She sent a kick against Ronnie’s face causing a loud crunch and sending the girl, thankfully, fleeing. “Fucking bitch!

“Hey hey! Whoa whoa!” Ann Marie felt Vinny grabbing her arms and pulling her back. “I think he gets it huh?”

Ann Marie ripped her arms out of Vinny’s grip. “You sure about that Vin?” She looked down at Ronnie. “You get it huh Ronnie? You gonna talk about how the Family's dyke has a girlfriend so fat she’s needs to have a fifty pound mole removed from her fat ass?” She brought her foot down on Ronnie's own ass so hard she felt the short heel on the shoe snap. Running fingers through her hair, now looser and slightly damp from sweat, Ann Marie turned to look at the guys around her. They weren't laughing now. That was for damned sure.

“You made your point Ann,” Vinny said. “You gonna beat him to death?”

Putting her hands on her hips, Ann Marie stared down at the moaning and crying asswipe before her. “You hear that crying? Where’s the tough guy huh? Oh yeah, he just got his ass kicked by a forty eight year old woman.” She put her hands on her hips and leaned down. “Don’t go shooting your fucking mouth off again asshole. Cause next time there will be no next time. Capeesh?!”

Ann Marie turned and saw something she hadn’t quite seen from her fellow Made soldiers of the Buccola Family. Respect.. “Well that was productive meeting gentlemen. If you’ll excuse me.” They separated to let her through. As she walked back to her car She let a smile crack her angry facade.

Job satisfaction. Earning the respect of one’s co-workers. Standing up for yourself. Ann Marie was starting her new position on the right foot for sure.

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Re: RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F, Deep Plots, Complex Characterization)
« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2016, 08:17:21 pm »
A Heart of Glass
Do I dare disturb the universe?

Inspirations: Carol, The Chocolate War

Ellen Anna Benson (nee Roberts) has a dream life. At forty eight she still has her great looks, a husband who owns a billion dollar company, three beautiful and intelligent college aged daughters, a host of elite and wealthy friends, and a prestigious extended family. Gorgeous, elegant, charismatic, and intelligent she’s the absolute envy of everyone around her.

Just under the surface, however, is a much more complicated story. Ellen’s three daughters are mean, vapid, and strange. Her mother, sister, and brother hold her in contempt and jealousy. Her “friends” are a gossipy, dull, and backstabbing flock. And her husband Victor, under his slick charm, brilliant mind, and astonishing looks, is a manipulative and narcissistic philanderer that increasingly spends more time away "on business."

Worst of all, Ellen’s sweet, gentle, gracious, and accommodating nature is exploited ruthlessly by her friends and family especially her cruel and sadistic, but always smiling, husband. And so it’s been for the past twenty four years until she begins reading her book club’s latest selection. Before even finishing the inspiring text, she finds herself getting closer with the younger lower middle class divorcee in the club. As Ellen develops feelings and closeness to the beautiful woman she begins to see, for the first time in her life, a way out of her cycle of depression and emotional abuse. But to do that, she has to do something she’s never done in her life.

Ellen must dare to disturb the universe.

Looking for someone to play Ellen's potential lover.

Sample opener for Ellen



Valerie and Persephone
Ellen Benson had spent the last hour of her Friday morning picking out everything for her husband, Victor’s trip. It wasn’t something she liked to do. It wasn’t even something she wanted to do. It was just something she had to do. She sighed as she folded one of his handsome Polos and placed it neatly in the large suitcase. Twenty three years of dealing with Victor’s late meetings, business trips that could last days and weeks, and phone calls at all hours of the day. After all this time she didn’t think she’d need love him so much that those times apart would hurt so badly. Like some cruel bird that flew off with part of her soul eventually to return.

The truth was, she hated it but she put up with it. Ellen needed loved Victor too much to raise too much of a stink. He was an important man. And he had even cut back on his duties several years prior but even that hadn’t helped because he often spent that time with their three daughters.

A knock on the door of the huge master bedroom of their mansion startled her as it brought her mind back to Earth. “Hey hon!” Victor said peaking his gorgeous head in. Ellen felt relief as he smiled at her. “How’s it going with the suit case?” He walked in and wraped a comforting arm around her shoulders. Ellen felt herself blush as she cuddled a little bit into his broad chest. Another thing she hadn’t really been used to was the way Victor made her feel whenever he got like this. They had met so long ago in college and even now they were still the homecoming king and queen as far as she was concerned. She was the blushing bride to his amazing success story.

Ellen turned and kissed Victor on his lips and smiled at him in the most charming way she could.  “I’m just about done Victor, I promise!” She quickly folded the last pair of pants and put it in the suitcase. She began zipping it up as she said excitedly, “There! Done!”

Victor squeezed Ellen’s shoulder and gently moved her away from the bed. “Ellen, you are entirely too good for me do you know that?” Ellen hooked a strand of blonde hair behind her ear and tried not to blush a little harder. Victor took the suit case and pulled it off of the couch with his other hand. “Is something wrong?”

Ellen walked with Victor out of the room down to the foyer of their huge mansion. “I don’t… I mean you’ve been going on these business trips a lot lately. Is everything okay with work?”

“Oh you know we’re opening a lot of negotiations with a bunch of jewelry distributors in Boston and the same mob that owns them owns a bunch of other stuff so it’s really nonstop.” Ellen saw that Victor seemed to be struggling not to smile as he talked. She might have thought that it was a sign Victor was lying to her but she needed loved him so much she just put that silly notion out of her mind. “I will make it up to you when I get back, I swear. How about a nice weekend at the end of the month out to the Shetucket Country Club?”

Ellen sighed in relief. Despite everything Victor didn’t forget her needs! He really was the best. “Oh that would be great Victor! You’re giving me another reason to have me count the days before you get back.”

Victor smiled at her as he pulled the handle out of the suit case. “Oh but I’m sure you’ll be fine. I told Perse that you might be a bit lonely this weekend and, well, she agreed to come down and stay with you for a while.”

Ellen’s smile froze at the mention of her eldest daughter. “Oh I don’t… I don’t think that’s necessary. I mean, Perse is so busy with work and school. She doesn’t need to come back out here from New Lyonesse to babysit her mother.”

“Oh don’t worry about that, Perse has learned a lot about balancing her time. Besides, I think some alone time with the two of you would be positive. Work out some of those… quirks with your relationship.”

Ellen bit her lip thinking about just what those ‘quirks’ had led Persephone to do and say to her in the past. What are you an old hen? She’s a twenty two year old girl and your daughter! Afraid of her? What the fuck is wrong with you? “I’ll call Eris too!” she added hoping that her youngest daughter would help balance things too. “Make it sort of a Benson Girl weekend thing?”

Victor didn’t frown. He almost never did around Ellen but she knew him well enough to know when he didn’t like what he heard. The slight fall of his face. The almost unnoticeable furrowing of his brow. The way his body tightened up. “Or… you know maybe Persephone and I being together would be good. Just the two of us.” She felt her husband relax. So she relaxed. Phew!

“Whatever you think is best sweetheart.” He held her head in his hands and gave her a deep but agonizingly brief kiss. “I’ll be back on Tuesday. I love you.”

It took everything Ellen had not to hold on to Victor as he stepped out the door. “I love you too. I’ll miss you!” she called out as he approached the chauffeured car. Victor just waved back with a smile.

Chez Mari was pretty busy thanks to the warm spring when people loved to emerge from their winter shelters and actually go out and enjoy life outside. It wasn’t as fancy as, say, Victor’s self-titled restaurant Benson’s but it was more than nice enough to go out to lunch. In truth, she would have preferred not to see Persephone without Victor there but she had promised…

“Can I get you anything else while you wait Mrs. Benson?” the waitress asked. Ellen felt herself turn a little red but unlike with Victor this was more about embarrassment.

“No, I’m fine thank you,” she said waiting for the waitress to leave before checking her phone for the fiftieth time. A dread feeling came over her as she knew that, even as a little girl, Persephone was rather bullish about her punctuality. And yet, here she was, nearly half an hour late for their lunch. Maybe there was an accident. She picked up the phone to text again…

“Oh hi Mom!” Ellen looked up at the familiar voice. Her eldest daughter was dressed like she might have been going to a fashion show to flaunt the upcoming summer styles. And the girl she was linked arms to… Persephone wasn’t exactly open with her personal life with Ellen but she had met Persephone’s long-time girlfriend Isabelle enough times to know the older smirking blonde was not her. Had she broken up with her girlfriend and not even told Ellen about it? Surely Victor would have…

Something seemed to make Persephone and her companion amused as they approached the table. Ellen stood up to hug and kiss Persephone on the cheek. “I’m so sorry I’m late but, you know, something came up. And this is Valerie. I think you’ve met her a time or two.”

The name and pretty face both seemed vaguely familiar so Ellen nodded. “Yes I think so. Hi Valerie.” They all sat down as the waitress returned handing out menus. Ellen watched, with a feeling she knew was jealousy, as the two love birds smiled at each other warmly and whispered a joke or two. She let them talk a little after they had given their drink and appetizer orders. They didn’t seem to be ignoring Ellen but they did seemed wrapped up in whatever they were talking about. Their relationship dynamic seemed a lot better than the one Persephone had with Isabelle. The way Persephone dominated the conversation, bossed Isabelle around, put Isabelle down all the time with her insults and sarcastic remarks. It had not been just unseemly but it had also been vaguely familiar…

“So Perse!” Ellen interjected with a smile on her face. “How long have you and Valerie been going out? And why did it take you so long to tell me?” she added as lightly as she could.

Her eldest daughter took far more after Victor than from her but those liquid brown eyes belonged solely to herself. And now those same eyes looked at her with such disdain and mockery that it was hard to reconcile it with the laughing smile Persephone had on her face. “Mom, you got the wrong idea. Val and I are friends. I’m still dating Isabelle.”

Ellen felt the redness in her face return. Her eyes darted to Valerie who seemed to find this as amusing as Persephone did. You must be stupid stupid STUPID! “Oh I’m…I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean…”

Valerie waved a hand. “Don’t worry about it Mrs. B. No biggie. Must be confusing to have a daughter who’s bisexual right? Anybody could be a friend or a boyfriend or a girlfriend. I totally get it.” Ellen could see that Valerie’s gorgeous eyes and plastic smile were a mirror of Persephone’s.

“Um… I suppose so. New world I guess. Old ladies like me we’re still getting used to it.” Ellen drank a little too deep from her wine glass and tried switching topics.  “So Valerie, you know Perse from Merlyn right?”

“Yeah we were roommates when I was an undergrad. Now I’m finishing up my second year at law school at Merlyn and I’m doing an internship next year at your family’s company.”

Persephone bumped her “friend” lightly with her elbow. “Yup! This time next year we’ll be working together in the same building. How cool with that be?” The two seemed to forget about Ellen again as they chatted about how excited they were for after Persephone’s graduation and the start of her career as a junior exec at the Masoch Group, Victor’s billion dollar conglomerate. Ellen felt something boiling up inside her. This blatant display of chea…Of infidel….of mock….

She stood up. “Sorry girls, I have to use the ladies room. I’ll be right back.”

“Sure Mom,” Persephone said, a half smirk on her lips. “Take your time but don’t worry. We won’t touch your wine. I know how much you like it.”

Ellen’s blush only grew worse at the mention of her functional alcoholism love of wine. She rushed to the restroom as fast as she could without looking, well, rushed. It wasn’t the first time she had felt like this, especially around Persephone. She was thankful that the place was empty. She took one of the face cloths and dabbed her face. She stared at herself in the mirror.

You’re not going to cry. No you’re not. You’re going to go out there and you’re going to get through this. You are. You have to.

Her mind went over this a few times before she departed to go back to the table but when she heard the voices of Persephone and Valerie around the bar, where they couldn’t see her, she stopped.

“…were not kidding! I can’t believe that’s your Mom! She’s nothing like you.”

“I know, I take after my dad.”

“Not just the look, though. She’s so…god she’s so pathetic! I mean did you see the way she was looking at us all slack jawed when you told her you were still dating Isabelle? She can’t be that clueless can she? How can she not get it?”

“I know! Usually I hate dealing with her but Daddy really wanted me to see her this weekend so I figured why not have some fun with her?”

“God you’re such a bitch sometimes you know that?” The two young women were laughing about it just as Ellen emerged from around the bar. Valerie had the grace to freeze and look uncomfortable but Persephone just smiled at her.

“Hey Mom!” Persephone said. “We were just talking about you!”

Ellen wanted to knock Persephone's martini glass out of her hand. She wanted to rip into this little brat and demand to know where she learned to talk like this. “Oh really? I would think two young ladies like you would have something more interesting to talk about than an old lady like me.” Ellen sat down giving them both a sparkling and charismatic smile.

You’re not going to cry. No you’re not. You’re going to sit here and you’re going to get through this. You are. You have to.

“So ladies, what do you think we should get for lunch?”


It was two thirty in the afternoon, well after Ellen had left her soul sucking miserable interesting lunch with Persephone and her “friend.” A bottle of wine had been cracked upon the instant she had arrived back and most of it had been drained by the time Andromeda called her back.

“Andy!” she exclaimed as soon as she picked up the phone. “How are…”

“Mom?” Her middle daughter said. “Are you okay? What’s wrong?”

Ellen had no way to begin answering that question. “Nothing sweetie. Why would you…”

“You called me five times in the past hour,” came the exasperated response. “Mom, you forget that one o clock in New Lyonesse is seven AM in Honolulu.”

“Oh. Right.” Ellen ran fingers through her hair wondering how after three years of Andromeda going to school in Hawaii, she would still forget about the time difference. “No nothing’s wrong. Everyone’s okay I just… I just wanted to talk to you is all.”

Ellen got a big yawn back. “Oh. Listen, I had a long night last night and I really would have called you later but I thought it was an emergency.”

A long night. She knew that Persephone’s mockery of Andromeda’s sex life was heavily exaggerated…but at least somewhat accurate. She prayed that Andromeda’s long night came from being up late studying. Either way, Andromeda wouldn’t be too much of a conversationalist at this point in the day. Unlike the rest of the family her middle daughter wasn’t really much of a morning person. “Well, um… School’s fine right?”

“Yeah it’s great. Listen Mom, I’ll call you later okay? I got a shoot to do this weekend, finals to prep for, and I’m at… Well I got a lot to do. All right?”

Ellen turned the wine bottle around and stared at the label. “Oh sure honey, sorry to have gotten you worried. Love you.”

“Love you too.”

Ellen hung up and dialed another contact. It cut right into a voicemail “The Eris is not in. Leave a message after the beep. It takes a second.” Ellen scowled. Another one of her youngest daughter’s jokes. She rarely understood what Eris was talking about half the time and even when she did… Well truth be told, Ellen had very little in common with her prodigy of a daughter. Even if they had talked or met, there would just be a lot of awkward silences and Eris going on about things Ellen had never heard of. Even her fashion sense was all about designer clothing but the kind that seemed to come from a foreign planet.

She declined to leave a message and hung up. She scrolled down her list of contacts. This one was too shallow to do anything but gossip. This one hated her for not inviting her to that one event. This one hated her for not inviting her to that other event. This one was less interesting than watching paint dry. Then there was her sister...

God I don’t have anyone. She just wanted somebody, anybody, that could talk to her with no bullshit strings attached. At first glance that seemed an impossibility. Still, getting drunk on a several bottles of wine in an empty mansion struggling not to cry was not how she wanted to spend her evening. Ellen idly swept her finger across her phone again scanning through more names until the scroll brought up a certain name ...
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Re: RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F, Deep Plots, Complex Characterization)
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Brick and Blade
Silent as mice fucking on cotton.

Inspiration: Fargo TV Series (Wrench and Numbers), Sopranos (Atwell Avenue Boys), Naked Weapon

There’s a pair of hitmen who are unparalleled in their ruthless, efficiency, and penchant for violence. For the right price they’ll gladly take care of your “problem” in virtually any way you like: publically, privately, brutally, quietly, and with any number of “embellishments” you’d like. Few people know what they look like, and fewer know anything significant about who they are, but their small network of contacts keep “Brick and Blade” flush with more than enough extremely well paying jobs.

What nobody knows is that “Brick and Blade” are Kennedy “Miss Brick” Demar and Heidi “Miss Blade” Drobnjakovic two long time married women. Kennedy is known by most people as a fashionable heiresses and traveler based out of the picturesque city of New Lyonesse in New England. Heidi is known as a hearing impaired doctor who ended practicing pathology eight years prior once she decided to marry her wealthy girlfriend and jetset around the world. In reality, they begin their very successful and anonymous careers as assassins spending their down time enjoying the best things that, ill gotten, money can buy. Because nobody expects two beautiful women, including one that’s hearing impaired, to be as good as they are in killing and in cleaning up any evidence  without a trace.

Of course, all that changes when a very powerful organization, or perhaps individual, wants the two to be on retainer as their personal attack dogs. As things start escalating with their pretty new handler and when they discover exactly who their new employer is, Miss Brick and Miss Blade are going to put their skills, and their relationship with one another, to the limit.

Wide open here but I'm interested in a female character causing a Love Triangle type situation between themselves, Miss Brick, and Miss Blade. This could be their new handler, their new employer, their potential victim, or anyone else you can think of.
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Re: RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F, Deep Plots, Complex Characterization)
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The Lying Game
Who's to say that love needs to be soft and gentle?

Inspiration: Most soft core pornos, many lurid pulp novel descriptions

Business mogul Don Prentiss does not crush, exploit, and manipulate others just to gather an obscene amount of riches and power. Prentiss the sort of man that revels in the thrill of victory and the sensation of trampling on a helpless enemy. The sort of sadistic monster who relishes in cruelty for its own sake. It was strange, then, that so many beautiful creatures madly adored him…

Prentiss’s gorgeous wife, Vera, wasn’t simply the perfect and demure spouse entertaining countless wealthy guests and partners. She not only agreed to all of Prentiss’s kinky, dark, and painful sexual desires, she often brought her own ideas to him. Buxom Neha Krishna not only secures an agreement for her business but an outlet for her many submissive desires for humiliation and pain. The wild Louisa Sartana may have known many men but after Prentiss secures a lucrative modeling job for her, she devotes herself entirely to his pleasure before her own. College freshman Grace O’Malley was so enamoured of the man twice her age she begs to give up not only her virginity to Prentiss but her freedom as well.

Yes, life is good for Don Prentiss but that’s before he crosses paths with Wanda Donahue. Not only does the young woman match his evil intelligence and heartless depravity but also knows just what a vicious woman can accomplish that a man can’t. Swearing revenge for an act Prentiss had committed years ago that drove Wanda’s father to suicide, she pledges to expose the truth of Don Prentiss and gleefully destroy him with it. One by one, she seduces and enjoys the women in Prentiss’s harem extracting their most intimate secrets.

But when Wanda wraps her finger around Prentiss’s spoiled, perfect, fashionable teenaged daughter Diana, she unknowingly puts her plans at risk. Diana had grown up both loving and hating the fact that she is her father’s favorite victim and prey. So she falls almost instantly for Wanda until she finds out exactly what her lover has planned for Prentiss. In a moment Diana realizes she’s become the wild card in… THE LYING GAME!

Although this story may seem rather in depth this is wide open for discussions. It's a throwback to lurid pulp and porn fantasies complete with somewhat over-the-top drama and hyper sexuality.  I'm mostly interested in playing one of the two dominant characters with YC being one of the mistresses, the wife, or the daughter. This is especially good for a "one-shot" a short scene (or series of short scenes) with Prentiss having very kinky depraved sex with one of his gals (YC) or with Wanda doing the same (this will obviously be a F/F scene). Of course if you want something more elaborate (involving multiple characters and encompassing a larger arc) OR you have another gorgeous mistress you'd love to throw my way I'm all ears!

Don Prentiss (The Magnificent Bastard)
Wanda Donahue (The Seductive Enemy)
Vera Prentiss (The Kinky Wife)
Neha Krishna (The Humiliated Executive)

Louisa Sartana (The Slutty Model)
Grace O’Malley (The Young Virgin)
Diana Prentiss (The Wild Card Daughter)

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Re: RDV's Wants Thread (Literary, F/F)
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