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May 21, 2018, 05:50:53 PM

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Author Topic: Some thoughts and random RP ideas for your consideration.  (Read 316 times)

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Offline EdwardThatchTopic starter

Some thoughts and random RP ideas for your consideration.
« on: October 18, 2016, 04:54:40 PM »
Before I start, let me make a couple of those negative caveats. Absolutely NO violence against women. None, nada, no. Not in any form, permeation or even the slightest way. And I will not play cheating or sharing or multiple partners. Do please check out my F List in my signature block. I must confess I am very vanilla. All that being said.

I am finding language to be a bit of an issue here too. I have never been a "cock and balls" type of writer. I have always used a much more florid and descriptive language in my love scenes particularly. If you will excuse the crudity of the example, whereas on writer would say: "Yeah I stuck my cock in in that bitches cunt and rode her all night long" I would write something more along the lines of "and the waves of passion and desire swept them up into a heady oneness of pleasure which they crested over and over till the sun kissed the night darkened shores." I have loosened up a little and can and have used cock and cunt and tits where I felt it was most properly applied. I do, however, still find dick, pussy and fuck to be very cringe worthy words. I won't use them and prefer my writing partners not either. I can let a peppering of dick and pussy go for a well written story but a fuck? I'm do with the RP. To my mind, fucking is what animals do, what you do with a stranger in a dark dirty alleyway at night. Its one step away from rape. So while I have been trying to acclimate to the culture and much younger preferences in how to use language, I guest for this old fart there simply are some lines I will not cross.

A couple words about me. Before I entered the vocation I am in now, I was a writer and even had a couple of things published. One of my two BA's is in English Lit. I would guess its reasonable to assert that I am, in fact, some what literate. I have been gaming in RP in one form or another for 30 years. I have a somewhat dry, acerbic sense of humor. My current vocation requires that I be a very good listener and communicator, as well as being understanding. I prefer plot driven stories, with steamy scenes in them. The amount of smut/plot I like is a regular ebb and flow and I am prone to change to suit my playing partners mood. I do prefer the third person past tense, though I do have a bad habit of often slipping into the third person past progressive tense. I also have a bad habit of throwing off new NPCs like a fire does sparks.

Yet another plot idea:

I would very much like to try an RP based on the song, "Brandy, You're a Fine Girl" by Looking Glass.

Perhaps play the sailor's return to Brandy or if desired the original whirlwind romance.

It's a purely random idea of mine as I was just sitting here listening to it again and thought, this would make a kick ass RP. So I thought I'd throw the idea out there.

Another song based RP idea:

Jethro Tull's Witch's Promise

I'd love to hear any ideas and plots that pops into your minds based on the song. I've loved this song for years and really do think it has a lot of promise for the premise of a good RP.

Another plot idea:

Another idea that just hit me. A friend sent me a link to a list o quotes on a site called word porn. The one that stuck with me was "Somebody should write a book where the writer slowly falls in love with the reader." I got to thinking. What about a plot where two people got a set of magical journals in which whatever they write the are transported to the same location and live out. It seems like it could be a lot of fun and really creative too boot. Just another of those random thoughts I thought I'd through out there.

a further note.

I am also surprised to say that I have found I had and utterly unexpected kink. Incest. I can't stress how much this surprised me. But there it is. I am eager to explore its many variations: father/daughter, brother/sister, mother/son, cousins, aunt/nephew, niece/uncle and so forth.

With that in mind: there is a plot I have been dying to try and have approached a couple ladies about but with no real commitment. So I will try here.

My main plot pitch.

I am thinking a landed Lord in a High Fantasy or Medieval setting. Either father/daughter or brother/sister, but not following the standard format. You know, normal relationship, till they begin to notice each other and are either thrown into a compromising situation or they are overcome by hormones. That's fine and well, but a bit cliche. I want something original. I want it to be a conscious and willing choice. I want it to be a true romance story, just with a twist. Of course for years its a purely normal relationship if a little too familiar. In literature there is a theme about the perfect life o the Garden of Eden and the the corruption of the world. The bliss of purity and innocence of Eden versus the “adult” concerns and appearances and pragmatism of the cold cruel world. I want their relationship to be their Eden and everything else the corrupt world. So at some point and for some reason they chose to accept their love for each other. Perhaps it is to get around the a law that requires all owners of land over a certain age to be married. Perhaps they at some point realize they will never find anybody that will love them as much as they love one another. Maybe they wake up one morning and discover they had unknowingly had these romantic (I can't stress enough that it not just to be sexual) feelings for each other all along. Or they come to realize they are too jealous of each other to allow room in their lives for anyone else. Then they have to decide on it together and decide to hide it or not care who knows. Deal with the public opinion and rumors about them. Again, this should come across more of a romance story than a story just about incest.

Now, I will post on the forum but prefer not to, too static and forced to me. I have a strong preference for IM, being much more organic and fluid. To, it lends a sense of verisimilitude to the story, in that in a true situation you wouldn't get hours or days or weeks to make a split second decision. I will do PM if that is what my partner really prefers. Now, verisimilitude is a watch word for me in all my gaming.

The entire reason I came to this site was to explore the question of Morality. What makes a thing moral or immoral. What makes a person choose to do something immoral and if they do not perceive it as being immoral is it really immoral? Stuff like that. Yeah, ok, I know maybe I just think too much, but these are serious philosophical and theological questions I want to explore.

Any way, thanks for taking the time to review the request.