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Author Topic: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)  (Read 2124 times)

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Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
« on: February 09, 2014, 10:15:14 pm »
Let's get a few things out of the way first.

I'm up for roleplays that might be different from the norm, or "outside the box".  Don't get me wrong, some of the classic smutty ideas and pairings are still good, if they're done right and the rp'er makes the whole thing interesting.  I like substance to go along with the sex, the smut.  Foreplay?  Good thing.  One liners or one short paragraphers need not apply, as I like to be tested and have someone reciprocate the amount and quality of posts.  This is not everyone's wants and needs, but it's certainly mine.

I'm male and I'm looking to rp with characters that are female, mine being male.  I don't think I could ever really rp as a female and enjoy it.  However, I have rp'd opposite a hermaphrodite once or twice.  The only reason why that rp flew was because it was, as I said before, "different".

I'm well versed in rping in different settings, Fantasy/Medieval, Modern, Futuristic, although I tend to stay away from Modern if it's just a regular human couple or something.  I can do the regular human couple in the other "interesting" settings.  Modern would have to have something taboo about the pairing, situation, acts, etc.

My roleplaying has continued to evolve, especially after meeting some people recently that don't like *'s and ()'s and the like for action etc.  Now it reads almost like a book, or something close to it.

I could list off a bunch of pairings that I'd enjoy but I usually like to come up with sort of an idea with the person I'm going to rp with and we go from there.

Although I can be very dominant, I'm actually a switch, or enjoy equality, taking turns that sort of thing.  I also like the occassional time where I'm submissive...which is a nice change since most girls like to be submissive on these types of boards.

Some Pairings...

Vampire  (No Twilight Though...)
Werewolves  (Same)
Fallen Angels
Super Heroes/Super Villains

Those are to name a few.

Please let me know what your thoughts are, if you got an original idea I'm very open to suggestions, I do occassionally do ones from premade fiction, fan stuff, but it'd have to be something I really like (Like Star Wars or Firefly), to get me to do it, but as I said, I'm always open to suggestions.

Currently Seeking-->

Post Apocalyptic, Zombie, Incest...

No, we're not talking having sex with zombies.

I would like to see a Father x Daughter, Brother x Sister or even Mother x Son pairing where they are all that's left of their family after the horrible zombie outbreak.  Most of the world has been lost, they have met up with other groups but they've never worked out, whether the group disbands due to leadership conflicts, or a zombie attack, they have never managed to stay with anyone but each other.  This non-contact with other people, with the stress, their minds hanging onto why they should live and continue on with their existence find comfort in the other member of their family.  Whether it's an accident or intentionally, some feelings of desire could creep up between either one or both and escalate at some point.  If it's the parent or the stronger of the two it's because they feel it necessary to make sure their family member is happy and satisfied, and if that means helping them get off, then they're willing to help them do that.  Of course what might start off as just simply "helping" could delve into a base need and desire, despite being related.

This could easily be modified if the person wanting to play this feels easier about them being related through marriage (ie step-brother x step-sister).  Of course there should be plot, details about how they got to where they are now, but I'd like to have the RP start in and around the day that that first "thing" happens between them, whether it's a simple kiss, or brush of a hand, or mutual masturbation, the sky is the limit.


Android!  I've got a few ideas that I've had develop before but never REALLY get off the ground.

The first 2 involve the female being the android, the first one being that he's the creator of this artificial intelligence and so he's quite enamoured with it and ends up testing its limits, both of it's ability to learn, adapt and "feel" and what it's capable of doing physically with a human being.

The 2nd is that the man who gets the android is not it's creator.  He HAS however had a large part in the company that has built her.  Androids are well known in the world and this is supposed to be the most lifelike model yet!  As a present, since he's a scientist and words day and night for the company and never has time to go out and socialize, or get a girlfriend or develop a relationship, they ship him a model as a "thank you", to help him pass the time.

The 3rd go at an android idea is one that I had going for a few posts and never saw the person again.
Great idea though!

Androids are illegal...especially the ones that look like humans, but a man creates one to be his bodyguard, however he's programmed with many different talents.  The android is male, and at some point, the cat gets out of the bag and one of his rivals in the science world seek to capture the android and kill the creator.  When the plan is botched, with the android becoming damaged and the creator killed, but the authorities on the way, the rival company bail on the idea of taking the android, thinking he's irreparable.

Disposing of him in a dumpster or some other place where someone wouldn't look, your character, a tech savvy wiz kid comes along and finds him.  From there, she repairs him even though she knows it's illegal, getting help from her friend to bring it to her shop in her basement.  From there, she's flabbergasted by how complex he is and her curiosity drives her to use the android as she sees fit.  Seeing as she hasn't had a man in quite some time and he's programmed with the skills, she decides to take advantage of that.


This plot involves a Werewolf x Werewolf.

Here's the gist.

There are those who are born are werewolf because of their parents and there are those that are MADE a werewolf.

Both of our characters would be the first kind.

Turning into a Werewolf, for a natural werewolf starts to happen during puberty, but there ARE those that are what you might call "late bloomers".

There are times where even if two werewolves mate, sometimes their children are not born werewolves, so her parents didn't tell her about what she was because, well, they figured she wasn't one when she didn't have problems during puberty.

Cut to a few years later, working in an office building, a successful business woman, she begins to have problems with her senses.  Suddenly she can smell things that she shouldn't be able to, hear things she shouldn't be able to and is INCREDIBLY attracted to the guy who came in to fix her copier machine.  It's my character, and his presence, being around a male werewolf has set her hormones into overdrive.  He can sense there is one of his own here in the building as well, but can't figure it out until she loses control.

Right there at work, she gets so worked up that she tries to calm herself down by masturbating in the washroom.

Now, he can come and find her in there and they could have sex there to start...or he could at least help her through her change, because she's trying to change right there at work.  It's scary, it's primal and she's not quite sure what's happening, but he'd be there for her during this very strange and trying time.  What is worse is, she's normally a prude, very strong in her convictions about sex with strangers and all the rest, but because he's Alpha werewolf, she wants him any time he's around.

My previous RP of this had them eventually go out to some remote place to help her through the transition where she managed to get a hold of herself and the "beast" or "wolf" within, but of course there is lots of primal sex in and around and certainly after if she decides she wants him to be her Mate.


Some sort of RP with a dragon and a maiden would be awesome, now the odd thing is that I'd like it so that she pleases him (or at least does her best) to please him in his dragon form, not just whatever humanoid form he can turn into...

I know...odd, but I had a bit of one before and I dug it.


Last but not least? A human male paired up with a female fairy. One that can change sizes, both between being a tiny fairy, like tinkerbell or maybe a bit bigger and normal human sized (although I'd figure she'd be a pretty petite humanoid character).  Again, for some reason I do like the size difference, so I'd like there to be some sexual interaction even with her being such a vastly different size than him.  She's magical right?

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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
« Reply #1 on: February 09, 2014, 10:51:02 pm »
Interesting idea.  Not sure if I'd be up to the task, but thought it was a good idea for a story line.  Welcome and happy writing!

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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
« Reply #2 on: March 02, 2014, 10:01:39 pm »
New cravings, a number of them to take a look at and PM me 'bout!  :)

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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
« Reply #3 on: July 03, 2014, 04:58:16 pm »
Still looking for many of the above cravings!

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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
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Re: Literate Switch at Your Service! (M Looking for F)
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