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June 24, 2018, 05:50:53 PM

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Author Topic: By enchantment, censored/compelled. [Gray-ace looking for F/M Dom/Switch]  (Read 499 times)

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Offline wingnut2292Topic starter

Hi, everyone. I tried this once before a long time ago and didn't get much of a response. But in PM's I've sent to folks looking for partners I've been told I'm really creative and should post my ideas in the Looking for Partners thread.

Well *inhale* here it goes.

I'm looking for a different form of BDSM. Not one of whips and chains, and not one based on humiliation. I'm interested in gender transformation and I'd like to learn the feminine perspective both for kink and to be a better writer and person.

How to go about this? Well, I am a big fan of transformation, but not all transformations are equal. There are many ways one can be transformed, and they all lead to different results. One can change their appearance, one can change their substance (and so rust if they're iron, etc.) and I've seen the third form of transformation - a linguistic, memetic, conceptual form of transformation.

Think of a word that implies femininity. How about 'princess', or, perhaps the word 'bride'? Now, think of what else is implied by those words.

Being a princess implies a type of upbringing, education, wealth and status, dress, speech. A princess, at least a memetic princess, does not go about in trousers unless she is thinking about (Thanks, Disney!) She eats well, lives well, and is one of the most important figures in the kingdom - her life is never boring! She is the embodiment of the romance of the idea being 'the special girl.'

Being a bride implies emotions that a man may feel in degree and strength, but they are felt in a direction that most men, according to the Census, wouldn't consider. A bride is someone who is at a point in her life said to be at the peak of her beauty, and that is definitely a beauty man doesn't possess. She is thoughtful about the vows she is going to make but is confident in her efforts to keep them. And while she may be a little nervous about what happens after the marriage, she's (if she's been good) been waiting for this her whole life.

Words are powerful, aren't they?

So what I ask is simple. Make me a princess, or make me a bride, with everything implied that comes with it! I want to be limited by enchantment, my words and to a lesser extent, my actions, perceptions, and emotions censored so that I can not deliberately break out-of-character. A sensation of inevitability, in that I am transformed whether I wanted to be or not. If I try to fight back then I'm still a princess/bride, just a princess/bride in denial.  All that I ask is that agency is left alone.

How to achieve this? I'd like to give my partner veto or strike-out power over my posts, with the proviso that changes are made in the sense of changing the least to make things copacetic. Sometimes I may ask for my partner's learned perspective my character is doing things I may not know enough of - makeup, walking in heels, the heft/bounce of breasts or long hair, etc. I have a preference for IRL Females or Trans because they would have real-life experience to impart. But, beggars can't be choosers, and I'm willing to take anyone who will put up with me.

Below are some Ideas I sent to others via PM that was liked but denied. If any interest you, please PM me.

* My sister is celebrating her eleventh birthday. She has some of her friends over, plus me and my parents. She never outgrew the Disney princess thing, she just expanded into historical fiction like Lord of the Rings and A Game of Thrones. There’s a small bit of sadness because she’s just completed 5th grade and will be going to a new school and a whole new paradigm of education. So she wishes “I wish everyone here were princesses!” as she blows out her candles. The trouble was Mom and I sat back down at the table as my sister made her wish. (I turned out the lights, Mom brought the cake plates over from the kitchen.) Now, the world has been transformed. Or were we moved to another world? But in any case, there are now a bunch of princesses, (all of whom can't act out-of-character for a princess) in a room with a cake. Why would so many princesses gather in one place? To make a treaty of some sort on behalf of their families, most likely.

* Speaking of Disney, what if we were going on vacation in Orlando. Yay! …Our flight was delayed three times in three cities. The airline lost our luggage.  And when we get to Orlando, it’s -pouring- 3 inches of rain in a day. And when the Shuttle pulls up to take us to the resort, we get splashed by muddy water so our clothes, the only clothes on out backs right now, are ruined. We check into our hotel, speak with the manager on how to make things right. “I just wanted to have an adventure in the Happiest Place on Earth. I just want to have a couple of weeks where I don’t have to worry about being my boring self is all.” We settle down into our rooms, call for laundry service, and start a warm shower, when Elsa and Anna knock on the door. Pulling along two rolling suitcases, and each carrying a large manila envelope. The suitcases contain princess-dresses – everything from Snow White to Frozen, even Fantasia. Yes, you could be a centaur or the Demon(ess) of Bald Mountain or a walking broomstick if that was your fancy. The envelopes explain that Disney is looking for a new Disney Legend and is holding a competition to make the next one… as in if you win, you get to become not just a princess, but a real living fairy-tale… and Disney gets to make a movie about your adventures. Apparently, Disney is so creative that the creative energy is approaches excess, and can be dangerous if not released safely. (Remember in the first Transformers movie the energy from the Allspark hits a contently placed Mountain Dew vending machine, which gets turned into a Transformer in the process? That can happen in the park if the creative energy exceeds the safety threshold.) Putting the costumes on won’t turn you into the characters, because they already exist, here in the Park!  But they will turn you into the  sister/cousins/daughter/student/etc of famous Disney heroines. Well, this vacation isn’t going to be boring.

* What would it take to have a guy be a bride? Magic, of course? Perhaps an enchanted set of rings that take a deal offered and agreed to in jest as legitimate? Or a curse from a jilted lover, in the 'whosoever objects, speak now or...' sense?

For added complications, have the transformation be more than skin and clothing deep. What if I was so enchanted that I couldn't act out-of-character for a bride/young wife?  I'm interested in how women think/perceive the world. Things like feminine modesty, a women's' sense of vanity/body image, language/tone/word choice, having my speech censored by the magic (I can't say 'I'm a guy!', or 'No' to the wedding vows, or even 'No' to consummating the marriage. All of that would be out of character for a bride or young wife, right?) Would not being able to give consent because you are magically compelled (you try to say no, your mouth says yes) be dub-con or non-con?

My character is fighting with either a girlfriend or his mother about her choice to get an abortion. The girl-in-question challenges "Well if you want this baby so badly, carry it yourself!" And my character answers "If I could, I would!" And at that time a supernatural presence appears. I imagine it to be an angel of the Lord, but it could be one of the fair folk, or even a demon just as much. Apparently, it has a vested interest in keeping the baby alive, though it's cagey and vague about why. It gives a simple solution: transfer the pregnancy  from the girl in question to me" What results is me being technically female in the most minimal way (a vagina and all the corresponding reproductive organs, but nothing else. Not even a mound of venus) I also win the battle but loose the war - angry at being made fun of by a higher power, I'm kicked out of the house.

And that's where things get interesting because this story is one of slow change via the vehicles of need and serendipity. When I need something, by Providence it comes. Through this, I am transformed from being an 18-to-19-year-old guy into an older late-twentysomething professional woman and eventually, a bride and mother. The thought behind this process is to 'give the baby everything it needs to live a happy and full life.' That includes a spouse for me, a male role model if that spouse isn't male, a warm home big enough for an expanding family, either an income or a provider,  female friends, and likely a lot more that I am forgetting. It might be a bit hard to grasp so I'll  try to illustrate my thoughts by highlighting what happens after I get kicked out of my house. (Hopefully, we'll get to role-play this)

As I try to call my friends (who are are all busy or forgot, in guy fashion, to charge their phones) a pamphlet/circular for a shelter for needy pregnant women is blown to my feet. Having no other ideas and technically qualifying, I take the bus over there. As I register at the shelter, I notice that there is a perception filter about me. No one can notice, it seems that I am not really a girl. But then strange things start to happen. Hot coffee is spilled on my ID, warping it into uselessness. When I am interviewed and it's found out that I don't have any clothes, some of the girls lend me some of theirs until I can go shopping. When I step into the panties... they fit, even though they shouldn't. It's like I have invisible pads on my thighs and bum, except with the panties on I have complete tactile sensation. With the panties on, I have a thigh-gap and I have a proper mound of venus. When I put on the bra it too fits despite being too small in the band and straps, I end up cupping invisible cleavage that I nonetheless can feel through the lace and foam of the bra. When I put on the simple dress that's offered, I shrink and my body proportions change - longer legs, shorter torso, shorter arms. I'm given a packet of forms to fill out including a form for a new ID.  Plans are made by the girls at the Shelter to pretty me up because no one want's a bad license picture. (They last for years, hun! Best to make an investment now.) including clothing and a trip to the stylist. A karaoke party is in the process of being planned by the girls to as a welcome me for tomorrow evening. Something tells me that whatever name I put down on the forms will become my legal name. When I wake up in the morning, or when I'm sufficiently distracted from my changes, all the 'invisible pads' and size changes have become real flesh, instead of a magical phenomenon.

You could roleplay one of the women in the Shelter, or the Angel her (hir?) self or the father of the baby.