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Author Topic: Last two slots available (F for M character in these two stories)  (Read 638 times)

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Online LamentingQuillTopic starter

I had only been seeking one more story, but it seems a partner of mine flaked on me before any real planning could begin, so I have one extra slot available. These are the two stories I am seeking, I will not double them, once one is taken... it will be labeled as taken and the remaining story will be the only one left available.

Just making sure it's clear, the offered roles are the male roles, there are no offered female roles in either of these stories.

Devil May Cry/Sailor Moon crossover

First, I need to explain something about the Sailor Moon involvement in this storyline, absolutely no one but Princess Serenity is involved. The whole super heroine thing never existed here, the Moon Kingdom is still very much thriving on the moon ,Princess Serenity never died and never became reborn as Sailor Moon. Also, there is no Prince Endymion as there is no 'kingdom' on the earth, lol.

Besides, the intended pairing is Dante and Serenity, unless my partner is  die-hard Vergil fan, then an exception can be made

No knowledge of Sailor Moon is necessary, what is involved is very basic and easily explained if my partner has further questions.

The Offered Role/s are Dante and/or Vergil. Princess Serenity is not the role being offered.

Anyway, here is the plot:

When fearsome demons have finally reached the silver kingdom upon the surface of the moon and terrorize the peaceful Lunarians, Princess Serenity escapes the moon and travels to Earth to seek out the son of Sparda known to be on the side of good, Dante, in hopes that he might help her people dispose of their demonic menace.

Upon arrival on Earth, the princess is first approached by a demon she at first mistook for Dante and soon discovers to be his twin brother Vergil, a demon on the side of evil.
Serenity manages to escape Vergil, though not before unwittingly inspiring an infatuation for her in the normally heartless being, a most dangerous thing to do...

Her prayers are answered at last when she finds the demon Dante and explains to him her plight and his role in the entire thing.
Dante knows that the mission will be difficult, even more so when Vergil begins sending his minions to search the city for the lovely moon princess that bewitched his heart...

Sample Post:
The sounds of her shoes click clacking on the marble floor as she fled through the dimly lit halls of the Moon Palace echoed in Princess Serenity's ears, almost mirroring the heavy pounding of her heart as it beat like a drum in her chest.

Demons... Here on the moon... No one was certain how or why... but they were here and unleashing terror upon the entire kingdom, Serenity herself had barely escaped with her life when they had reached the throne room... her mother... Queen Serenity the first... had fallen...
It was up to her now to find a way to save her people and one name came to her mind, her mother had once told her about a benevolent demon by the name of Sparda whom had two halfbreed sons... One named Dante and the other Vergil.

According to her mother and what their sources had told them, they regularly liked to see how the Earth was doing, Dante had chosen to align himself with good while his brother Vergil, had chosen to align himself with evil.
Serenity had made up her mind as she fled down the darkened halls towards the teleportation room that she would use to escape to Earth and seek out Dante, surely he would listen to her plight and help her save the Moon Kingdom.

'Pretty, pretty princess... Where are you pretty, pretty princess?'

Terror gripped her heart as she heard that mocking voice echoing about the halls, the same vile beast that had torn out her dear mother's heart had found her and now pursued her, taunting her with it's malicious laughter.
Hiking up the front of her gown to her knees to enable her to run faster, Serenity kicked off her white satin heels and bolted as fast as her nimble legs would carry her down the corridor until she came to the large ornate double doors that would lead to her to the one that would save her home.

Pushing them open, Serenity burst inside, pushed them closed behind her with the bar down from the inside and rushed for the shimmering crystal platform, she punched in the correct coordinates for Earth.
The malevolent demon was now on the other side of the doors, beating against them desperately as if it could sense that it's prey was moments away from going well beyond it's reach.

Just as the doors were beginning to crack beneath the heavy beating the demon on other side was giving it, pale blue and magenta lights began to swirl and engulf the moon princess until she and the lights were no longer there.
It was now to Earth the princess was taken to and there her search for the Moon Kingdom's savior would begin...
{Seeking Dante and/or Vergil}

The Dragon's mate
Medieval fantasy

The dragon would be able to change his shape at will from dragon to a humanoid with dragon characteristics, like perhaps he might retain horns and maybe a tail? Perhaps reptilian eyes? I have some example here of what I mean in the spoiler box.

dragon examples

The small kingdom of Ruuna had many years ago been plagued by a ferocious wicked dragon, but the great, great grandfather of the present king struck a deal with the dragon... one virgin maiden would be delivered to the lair of the dragon every hundred years to serve as a sacrificial offering, she would be devoured and the kingdom would be safe from the dragon's wrath for another hundred years.

The dragon however has a secret, the reason why he's so angry at the kingdom and demands sacrifices of their daughters... a powerful witch under the original king's employ had tried to seduce the dragon and when he rejected her as he held absolutely no attraction to her whatsoever... the witch retaliated with a powerful spell...
The curse the witch placed on the dragon made him impudent... but every curse requires a loop hole, as it has always been since the first curse... the dragon's curse can be lifted when he finds himself in the presence of his one true destined soul mate.
The dragon, furious and consumed with rage, stormed the kingdom of old and hunted down the witch, killing and eating her, but... her death did not break the curse and he was left cursed, cursed and angry.

The virgin maiden maiden chosen by the kingdom's village elders and approved by the present king to be sacrificed is lovely seventeen year old Liliana Redfern, the only daughter of the Redfern village's recently deceased miller... no would would miss the girl with all of her family gone...
Garbed in a delicate robe of pristine white and little white flowers placed prettily in her hair, Liliana is drugged and taken slumbering to the dragon's lair...

When the dragon enters the sacrificial chamber of his lair to view the new century's sacrifice, he is (for lack of a better term) stunned when he feels a powerful attraction and the hardening of his phallus for the first time in nearly 300 years...

It was her... she had finally come to him... she had come to him and his curse was broken...
{Seeking Dragon}

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