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December 02, 2016, 04:32:58 PM

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Author Topic: F Seeking F or M  (Read 338 times)

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Offline suddenlyskiesTopic starter

F Seeking F or M
« on: October 15, 2016, 09:40:47 PM »
A few details you may be interested in:

-Third person past tense point of view only.

-I'm looking for FxF or FxM right now with a strong preference for FxF. For FxM stories I'll be playing the lady/ladies.

-My interests and desires change every so often. Sometimes I like long, drawn out stories with crazy plots and adventure and a billion side characters and stories, and sometimes I like short fuck fests, and everything in between. But more often than not, I'm up for a lot of different things at any given time, so if there's something in particular you're looking for feel free to ask.

-Literate to Advanced only. I understand writers block, we all suffer from it, I'm not expecting pages worth of writing every post. But make your writing coherent, don't give me one-liners, and no godmoding/powerplaying/marygarysues/et cetera.

-I really, really prefer to involve romance in the story. This is not necessarily a requirement but it kind of is. Depends on the plot.

-I only do written descriptions of my characters in the introduction post. If you've got reference photos I'll see them, but I don't use them, myself.

-Brownie points for anyone who has played Dragon Age or Mass Effect or Skyrim and would be willing to do a roleplay in one of those universes. I really prefer original characters but can maybe probably not be persuaded otherwise.

-I live in America on the East Coast. My work hours vary from day to day, so therefore so do my roleplay hours. I try to be online fairly often, however.

I think that's about all the relevant information. Time for likes and dislikes!

-light bondage/teasing
-body worship
-rough sex
-sort-of public sex
-love/hate relationships
-elaborate plots
-forbidden love

-non-humanoid creatures
-toilet stuff

There may be others that I'm not thinking of, so if you're not sure about something don't hesitate to ask.

Some settings and pairings that I'm almost always interested in (but am by no means restricted to):
-Medieval Fantasy
-human x magical being (elf, fairy, etc)
-huge tough dudes with tiny delicate partners
-college party gone awry (yes I do mean an orgy)
-Dragon Age
-Mass Effect
bonus points for anyone willing to play a male turian for my female human

The list is nowhere near exhaustive and, once again, I'm sure there's a lot I'm forgetting.

Some things along the lines of plots:

-The Pirate and the Prostitute (fxf or mxf) (medieval fantasy)
What was supposed to be a simple visit to a high-end bathhouse turns into something much more complicated.

-Not What I Intended (fxm or mxm) (modern or medieval fantasy)
A young witch attempts to summon a demon to do her bidding for her - cooking and cleaning, nothing particularly sinister. By accident she summons an incubus/succubus, who will do anything in their power to get this pretty little witch in bed... which, being bound by her magic, isn't actually much. Time for some old-fashioned seduction.

If you're interested, hit me up via PM and we can figure out another method of communication from there.

Happy Hunting
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Offline suddenlyskiesTopic starter

Re: F Seeking F or M
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2016, 09:41:35 PM »
I would really, REALLY like to do either The Pirate and the Prostitute or Not What I Intended, if anyone's interested!

Offline suddenlyskiesTopic starter

Re: F Seeking F or M
« Reply #2 on: November 18, 2016, 06:56:49 PM »