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Author Topic: Dream with Me  (Read 632 times)

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Dream with Me
« on: October 15, 2016, 03:05:37 PM »
Request Thread



My life is busy and I have several games running now (viewable here), so I'm not currently actively seeking new games. If you think we'd be a spectacular match after paying a visit to my Ons and Offs to check compatibility, though, shoot me a PM - please don’t post here - to discuss a game. I'm being very selective at the moment, but there's always room for a truly exceptional fit. (Please make sure your initial PM either lets me know that you've reviewed my Ons and Offs and/or responds to the plot's "when you PM me" prompt.) I’m currently looking for a variety of genders and queer pairings, so check out each plot to see specifics! Overall, plots tend to run high towards kink but require dimensional, complex characters. If I have a preference, my role is indicated thusly.

Scroll through as you please, or click to navigate to my cravings, my shorter, smuttier games, my longer and/or more "plotty" plots, or a little sampler platter of image inspirations.

Hope to hear from you soon!


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« Reply #1 on: October 21, 2016, 12:16:30 PM »

M/m – it’s been a while!
Book-smart characters.
Untrained - I would love to play the "submissive" role in this game or top an M/f version. In general, I'd love to explore a game with themes of hurt and comfort, particularly from the point of view of the character needing more support.
Chastity play.
Something Blue - who doesn't need a sweet, snuggly story every now and again? 
More "extreme" kinks if we're writing a smut-heavy game. (Visit my Ons and Offs or F-List for more of an idea of what that might entail.) 
Note: I am currently open to playing a male in M/f scenarios for the right partner or plot, but otherwise am not open to heterosexual pairings.

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Shorter, Smuttier Games
« Reply #2 on: November 23, 2016, 01:10:24 PM »
In Short: One Shots, Two Shots, Solely Smutty Fun

On Ice
Genders: Any
Board: EX
Premise: For some reason, it is imperative that this character be kept completely helpless - perhaps they're being hidden for a couple of days until the deal they want to mess up goes through, perhaps they're being punished, perhaps they're being prepared for something. Regardless, I'm interested to play with what happens when someone is rendered as immobile and dependent as possible, reliant on others for all their most basic needs.
Seeking: A victim or a captor. This could go high-tech (catheters, feeding tubes, etc.) or low-tech (spoon feeding, something like diapers), but I'm interested in playing with immobility. Obviously this can only go on so long - maybe it's just a quick one shot, maybe it's the precursor to a larger game; we can decide.
When You PM Me: Give me an idea about why this might be happening.

Genders: M/m
Board: BON
Premise: (Names are purely for the sake of not doing grammatical gymnastics in this blurb and can be changed.) In ancient Rome, part of the celebration of Saturnalia was a license for slaves to disrespect their masters during the festival without repercussions. In the country in which the game is set, they've enacted a process they've called Saturnalia in an effort to discourage abuse of slaves: each year, the government selects a member of each extended slave-owning family to complete a Saturnalia, 24 hours in which the master must submit to the slave with no future retribution for the slave's actions. The slave may not permanently injure their master, but otherwise no holds are barred, and people have horror stories of their Saturnalias. The LeCont family is large enough that each member rarely has to complete a Saturnalia, which is good, as they're among the hardest on their slaves - they're well-respected for their beautifully trained, well-restrained, silent slaves, but such training doesn't come without a price. Liam was approaching his two-year anniversary of owning his slave when his name came up - his Saturnalia was to fall on exactly the day he was given his slave. Goody.

I'm not interested in violent revenge porn, though kink levels are negotiable. I'm more interested in playing with what happens when someone with ultimate power is stripped of it, or what it's like when someone who's always been little more than a clever object suddenly becomes a person. Maybe they just have a really interesting day of mutual discovery, maybe they have really hot sex, maybe they fall a little in love - who knows?
Seeking: Seeking a partner to play the master given to his slave for a day. 
Note: If you're saying, "Mess, this looks a lot like a longer-term plot below," you're not wrong, but the power exchange works differently when it's temporary. If you're switchy, though, I'd potentially be up for extending the game if the short version goes well to see what happens when they try to return to business as usual.
When You PM Me: Tell me something your potential character worries about.

Behind Closed Doors
Genders: M/m
Board: BON or EX (consensual)
Premise: MC is a tough guy, the son of an organized crime syndicate that more or less owns the town. Businesses pay a fee to be protected or left alone; retribution for lack of payment is swift and brutal. YC runs a small business – a bar, a coffee shop, a bookstore, who knows – and doesn’t make enough to keep all the plates spinning. The end of the month is always tense, because everyone knows that, sooner or later, the bill won’t be paid and MC is going to burst in and sweep YC away for a “little talk.” Of course, nobody knows what really happens behind closed doors, and it isn’t YC taking the beating.
Seeking: A partner to play a character who seems wildly unlikely to be a top who my character visits for a little slap-and-tickle, or more. I’m looking for a light, fun, kink-heavy game here. We could figure out how they start this arrangement, or hop into it as it’s preexisting. Maybe they’re just play partners, maybe they’re friends, maybe a forbidden romance is blooming in their occasional encounters – who knows? Let’s work it out.
Other Options: I’m not opposed to putting something of a fantasy spin on this – vampires v. werewolves, urban fae, whatever. Definitely contemporary urban setting, though.
When You PM Me: Tell me something about your potential character.

Genders: Any/f   
Board: EX (consensual)
Premise: Sexual incompatibility is a major problem for couples. In a society that is somehow both sex-obsessed and strangely puritanical, lots of people bring a great deal of shame to their marriage beds. That’s where Limitless comes in. The company offers immersive experiences with trained professionals designed to equip individuals to have healthier sex lives with their partners not just through exposure therapy to the things they worry about, but overexposure. The company pushes clients to the extreme opposite end of their personal limits in order to allow them to be more comfortable finding a happy medium with their partner.
The company’s made a big splash in the news, but there’s little information about what actually happens. When a reporter finds out that their friend who works for Limitless has an unbooked weekend coming up, they sign up to find out what the fuss is about and write a career-boosting piece.
Seeking: A partner to play either the reporter or the reporter’s friend. I’m looking for extreme kinks in a nurturing environment – they are, after all, friends, and working for Limitless is as much about working through emotional boundaries as physical ones. How does this affect their friendship? Does the reporter have some limits of their own they want to work through, or are they going to discover limits they didn’t know they had? Let’s work it out.
When You PM Me: Tell me about a kink you'd like to explore.

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Longer, Plottier Plots
« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2016, 01:12:44 PM »
Somewhat Longer or Plottier Plots

Something Blue
Genders: M/f
Board: BON
Premise: They were desperately in love, and their families couldn't have been happier. The wedding was simple and perfect, she'd been beautiful, the groomsmen had teased him for crying. Her family and community had expected that she would wait for marriage, and she had; he hadn't, and it had been written off as youthful indiscretion, but he'd been more than happy to wait for her and keep their contact pre-wedding at chaste kisses. He'd been gentle and careful on their wedding night, but she'd found herself upset, unsure how to flip the mental switch that physical pleasure was now okay and stuck between a rock and a hard place wanting to both honor her husband's wishes and not feel like a bad person. He'd made her a promise: they wouldn't have sex again until she wanted it...and he would do his best to help her want it using tools from a past he'd only hinted at having.

I'm looking for a sweet, romantic story about a husband helping his wife learn to love her body a little at a time. I would love to incorporate chastity play and light bondage (so, no wacky props or devices, just something like tying her hands to the headboard so she feels less responsible for enjoying his attentions - a play on submitting to her husband, for sure) into a pleasant little slice-of-life game.
Seeking: A partner to play the wife (who is hopefully an interesting, successful person having a bit of a hiccup rather than a dishrag.)
Note: This plot is not intended as a criticism of folks who wait for marriage or faith communities who encourage waiting for marriage, only a way to acknowledge that sometimes the message of "sex is special" is communicated as "sex is bad," and that makes uncrossing those wires later a challenge.
When You PM Me: Tell me something about your character's career.

Genders: M/m, M/f
Board: BON or EX (dubcon)
Premise: The student is whip-smart and on the tail end of an MA program, applying for PhDs. The professor is young, a rising star in the field, and recently published a book that made a huge splash and hit the stands just in time to bolster the student’s research – their research interests couldn’t be a better fit. But the professor is at an expensive and highly competitive school, and the student isn’t willing to risk not getting in, or not getting the funding they need to go, or not getting to study under the professor they want. They’ll do anything to land the graduate research assistantship they need…even if the research is more hands-on than they were planning.
Seeking: A partner to play the professor or the student, who are both mentor and mentee and in a D/s situation. There are definitely elements of the conventional fucking-the-teacher plot here, but I’m not interested in a plot that centers on sneaky sex; I’m interested to see what happens if both the professor and student try to keep their dual roles scrupulously separated. This plot is all about the conflicts and contrasts – the brilliant student dominating in the classroom and submitting at home, spending hours writing a paper and pleasuring the professor while they grade them, fighting over a few points on a grade in office hours and being forced to go with the flow in life matters.

We can discuss if the student or professor brings the possibility up, what they study, kinks involved, etc., but I’m very much looking for a partner who’s willing to play an intelligent character and tie in the academic aspect, not just use it as a setting.
Other Options: Perhaps the home life never goes to class, but class life comes home – rewards for good behavior or punishment for mistakes. I think other students and faculty definitely don’t know what’s happening, but playing with how that secret stays kept could be fun
When You PM Me: Tell me about an academic area or two about which you’d feel comfortable writing about.

Damned by Decree
Genders: M/m
Board: BON or EX (dubcon), eventually romance
Premise: The elite members of this country own slaves - it's just what they do. When a man comes of age, his father helps him purchase his first home and gives him his personal slave, an outlet for pleasures and frustrations that must be meticulously trained and controlled. Slaves are from all over, domestic and foreign, but with the application of a recent highly-sought peace treaty a new rule comes into play: slaves from a specific neighboring country must be released immediately. Masters who refuse to do so face the steepest penalties, being enslaved themselves and having their newly freed slaves given both them and all their holdings. But what happens if you didn't know where your slave was from, or never thought to ask? A nasty surprise in the courtroom.
Seeking: A partner to play either the illegal slave or the master - most ideal would be someone at least a little switchy, so we could start a touch before the swap to establish contrast. Treatment of the slave has been not sadistic, but certainly very strict, enough so that they've almost never spoken before he is freed and given his former master as a slave. I'm not looking for revenge porn, but rather to explore what happens when worlds are turned on their heads and new relationships have to emerge, hopefully culminating in something like a romance.   
Other Options: A potential avenue for exploration is also how other members of society react. Depending on how forward it's accepted to be with your friends' slaves, there are potentially some really interesting situations with the former slave trying to act as a member of society or members of society interacting with their friend-turned-slave.
When You PM Me: Tell me about what's interesting to you, thematically, about the game.

Genders: M/m, M/f   
Board: BON, EX?
Premise: Apparently lots of countries have new indentured servitude laws now that let someone sign themselves away for a while or forever to pay off debts, escape bad situations, whatever...but nobody from outside those countries thinks about all the people it takes to make a system run. Everyone knows about trainers who help prepare new slaves to be acquiescent to their new masters or mistresses, but untrainers are equally skilled. Untrainers take slaves who have been removed or given up from their placements and aren't yet suitable for another due to their poor in-placement training (abuse, neglect, etc.) and resocialize them - like foster homes for puppies - to be ready to go out again without further trauma.
Seeking: A partner to play the abused slave and go on a journey back to something like wholeness. (Preferably a character who was once lovely and bright who was changed by a terrible situation and can come back to themselves.) Perhaps it's simply a process of teaching your character to learn to be handled again without fear so they can return to the market; perhaps it turns into a romance. Who knows? Let's talk.
When You PM Me: Tell me something about your potential character's personality before they were enslaved.
Note: I'm currently running an M/m version of this game in which I am topping. I would consider a version playing the abused slave or an M/f version.

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Image Inspiration
« Reply #4 on: November 23, 2016, 01:15:50 PM »
Picture Prompts

The pictures linked below are NSFW, and will be changed out occasionally. They reflect positions, moods, or themes I find intriguing. For a full complement if image inspirations, you're welcome to visit the Tumblr I curate for inspiration!
Travel Sized
Turkey Time

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