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October 24, 2016, 04:01:02 AM

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Author Topic: Unseelie King/Seelie Princess - Arranged Marriage  (Read 100 times)

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Unseelie King/Seelie Princess - Arranged Marriage
« on: October 14, 2016, 06:59:16 PM »

A vampire king. A faerie princess. Each born to their own court, separate from each other and subject to their own rules, guidelines, and customs.

The two courts have historically been at war with one another, however recent events have caused a shift in politics and the view of war and peace. As with most alliances, a daughter of the Seelie court was promised to the ruler of the Unseelie, a cold, hard man who ruled fiercely and was widely feared.

This was not a pairing that either of them was particularly fond of, as the king had no real need for a mate and the princess had no desire to be married off to someone she didn't even know, let alone someone not of her own court.

But fate is a strange thing as the two come to find out that they've more in common than they once believed and that they may be the key to saving their entire race.

In this I would be playing the faerie princess and you would be playing the vampire king. I am not one to tell someone how to play a character however, I am looking for something of the stereotypical vampire-king model - dark, dangerous, sometimes broody, questionable honour, independent, a fierce warrior, iron ruler, etc. Of course, make him your own though! Below and above you can find some imagery for inspiration of the characters. I imagine it being something like... Beauty and the Beast. Hades and Persephone. Eric and Sookie. It's an arranged marriage. Neither of them is particularly thrilled about it but it's what duty requires of them and so they are following through. The plot in and of itself is not set in stone either. It's really the dynamic that I'm looking to play so I am totally open to ideas.

I don't foresee this going into non-con territory, or even dub-con. While his honour is questionable on the battlefield, it's entirely different when dealing with the fairer sex especially as it's the basis of a peace treaty. I can see there being light bondage (if that's your thing). Mostly vanilla. Her allowing him to feed off of her. Please be sure to take a look at my O/O's (which can be found in my signature as 'The Difference Between Getting Laid and Getting Slayed') to make sure that we're compatible before sending a PM.

Due to life and such, this will not be a fast posting game. Once a week on average. Maybe more if I can swing it, less if things come up. If you are impatient and can't deal with this, please do not apply. I post when my Muse is feeling up to it and dealing with life/school/chronic illness can make that vary greatly.

If all of that sounds peachy, go ahead and shoot me a PM! <3