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Author Topic: Coven - A Plot-Heavy Vampire RP (M for F)  (Read 241 times)

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Offline White WolfTopic starter

Coven - A Plot-Heavy Vampire RP (M for F)
« on: October 14, 2016, 06:58:35 PM »
Newhaven is a nondescript middling town virtually identical to the thousands others just like it scattered across the United States or Europe. Caught in a lurch between the crumbling edifice of its history and the bright lights of the inevitable transformative pull of globalisation, its a town out of time and out of place, where Gothic stone churches and their moss-eaten graveyards stare across the road at Starbucks' and Apple stores.

The town's crisis of self is mirrored in the lethargic duality between its generations; the older generation, rocked into hypnosis by family drama, reality TV and  the ever-present shadow of insurmountable debt, and the younger generation, bored and driven insane by the small-town atmosphere like rats in a cage, but unable to muster the courage - or the funds - to leave. Two opposing forces, relentlessly pulling at the other with all the pathetic mustered energy of a arthritis-bitten trembling hand.

It's a town of paradoxes and nothingness and inevitability and hopelessness.

And like any rat in a cage, when faced with the crushing bleakness of existence, the town's younger generation - souls still vibrant with the pulse of life, not yet crushed by the appalling pointlessness of reality - take to any escape they can scratch from their surroundings to numb out the world. In catering to this hunger for escapism came Coven - Newhaven's sole claim to fame, a nightclub so renowned it attracts the world-weary from several neighbouring towns and counties to its nightly bacchanalia.

A rave spot shunned by right-thinking folk for its darker reputation for drug use, lewdness and outright brutality, Coven is the one club every schoolchild in "The Haven" - as the locals half-bitterly refer to Newhaven as - grows up hearing about, counting with barely baited breath the days before they can beg, borrow or steal their first fake ID and just have a chance to step inside this Mecca of sin. As mythic as Coven itself has grown in the minds of Newhaven's young generation it itself inspires rumour and myth aplenty. Tales abound of the several layers of VIP rooms available to regulars, and half-whispered tales ("I know a guy who knew a guy whose girlfriend's brother knew a guy who said...") of what goes on behind those vaunted doors, or in that basement, or on the mysterious top floor abound as freely as tall tales and warnings about the exploits of others at the rave.

And then, there's the hundreds of passers-through of Coven who leave wondering what the Hell all that fuss was about. Just a rave like any other, made all the more peculiar for its backwater location. Reputations, these few may decide, are just that. Stories compounded upon stories until the original grain of truth is lost in the wind, and the repetition ad nauseum of myth becomes its own sort of peculiar truth. If enough people believe something, to such an extent that they as a community act and behave as if that thing were true, does that not make it it's own truth?

And that's all it is, those people say. A reputation that didn't live up, sadly, to its name, but that too many people believe in to ever consciously let it die.

And for some, Coven is just that. A rave, and nothing more. But for others, who believe in half-whispered rumours and knowing glances, whose rabbiting hearts still climb into their throats when sitting in a dark room recounting ghost stories, or who get giddy with manic excitement when crossing a graveyard at night...for others, Coven is something more. Something dark and beautiful. And real.

So I'm looking for a writing partner to share in an idea I've had for quite a while, and to help me explore it and play around with it. The idea basically speaks for itself in my intro above - Coven is a hardcore rave nightclub located in a sort of pointless, backward, quiet little town that attracts a whole lot of controversy largely due to the innate conservatism of small towns (the amount of scandals regarding the town's young in the Haven relating to the club, of course, notwithstanding). Coven is run (either directly or from the shadows) by a vampire (my character; whose name I do not know yet), who uses Coven effectively as his happy hunting ground. Drunk and drugged up partygoers rarely remember how they got an ugly mark on their necks, after all.

Though I haven't given too much thought as yet to the wider lore surrounding vampires in this world, what I do know is that my character - and other vampires who may frequent Coven - play it close to the line when it comes to standard practise. Where vampires traditionally operate in secrecy (in True Blood this was called "in the coffin;" in World of Darkness it's referred to more broadly as The Masquerade), vampires hunting at the Coven often act quite liberally with themselves in order to impress, wow and seduce mortals (there are, for instance, more than a few people who've learnt at least a partial amount of the truth of the club's owners, and have lived to talk about it - though nobody believes them, of course). This only goes so far - any vampire who gets too out of line is seen to, gruesomely. But the point is that this club represents a crossover between the worlds of day and night, where those with a yearning for danger can rub shoulders - knowingly - with genuine Creatures of the Night.

As for who my partner would play, that's actually pretty up in the air - some ideas I've had off the top of my head were a schoolgirl (16+ in keeping with E's rules) who gets a fake ID so she can experience Coven for herself; an older girl who, likewise, is talked into going to this notorious rave with some friends, or, basically, any other character at all, local or otherwise, who eventually finds herself at this club in this town and - sooner or later - rubs shoulders with my characters, the club's whatever end.

I'm looking for a writing partner who's willing to go into this idea a little open ended, with a mind to exploring the setting and the general themes as much as any one particular plot (though we can absolutely hash out a plot as we discuss things over PM). I tend to write lengthy posts when possible (obviously with the exception of direct interaction, since not much can be written without the other's response), but I don't mind a haphazard writing schedule just so long as my partner keeps me apprised of when they can get back to me (I'll likely be doing the exact same, since I'm in my final year of college now and the workload is a bitch).

My Ons and Offs can be found in my profile but, as a rule of thumb, I'm up for absolutely anything at all. If you have something you wanna' try, just ask me and we can discuss it. There's really only a very minor few things that are absolute nos from me, so please feel free to put forward any idea that takes your fancy.

If I think of anything else I should add I'll do so here - in the meantime if you have an interest please don't hesitate to drop me a PM and we can get chatting about ideas :)

Thanks for reading! I appreciate your time. Have a nice day!
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