Gaz007's Idea's!!!! m/f, f/f. Twinest, Tv/Film cannon and Modern.

Started by Sixties Throwback, December 13, 2008, 05:05:44 PM

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Sixties Throwback

I love to use Images and Graphics in my threads... and I like to know what the charactes look like...

Here is a list of my favorite PB's
Here are a few of my ideas:


Currious College Girls:

Two girls share a dorm. They are close friends and one night they decide to experiment.
Pretty much all up for debate.

I have Icons for both PB's.

If you have any idea's. Post. = ]


Name: Katherine (Katie)
Age: 19
Orientation: Bi-Curious
Experience: Virgin, but knowledgeable

Name: Natalie
Age: 20
Orientation: Lesbian
Experience: Lost her virginity to a girl aged 16, never been with a guy. Done it all, loves sex.


This is one I'd really like to try, I'm obsessed with Buffy.

I like the Idea of a Willow/Dawn plot. 

Or Buffy/Willow

Also something with Buffy/Giles.

Maybe Anya/Tara.

Harry Potter/Marauders:

This is also something I'd like to do:

Hermione/Luna when they are 16-18.

Hermione/Ginny when they are 16-18.

Harry/Ginny when married.

Snape/Lilly while at school.

Sirius/Lilly when James and Lilly are married.

Groupies Through The Ages
I really like this Idea.

For as long as there as been Rock Stars, There have been Groupies. Girls who are devoted to the band, they worship them. Giving pleasure when ever it is wanted. There Idols have a power over them. It is inevitable that there would be an abuse of this power.


Buddy Holly
John Lennon
Jimmy Page
David Bowie
Robert Hetfield
Axl Rose
Anthony Kedis
Dimebag Darrell
Billy Joe Armstrong
Gerard Way

& The groupies.

I'd be happy to play any other Rock Star, suggestions are very welcome.

Slumber Party

A group of girl's, seniors in high school. Attend a slumber party. One of them is into some pretty intense stuff.
She introduces the others to her twisted world of perversion.

Private School

In the Colorado hills, there is a school. A private school just for girls. Think the Outlook hotel from The Shining meets Saint Trinians. For the Winter months the school is completely shut off from the outside world. There are no males aloud on site, due to the temptations that the isolation would cause. The Head Mistress treats the girls as her personal pets. One day a man arrives after being lost in a snowstorm...

From Hell

From the Alan Moore graphic Novel/the film... sort of.

It's 1888, the nights are cool as Autumn comes to an end. The London borough of Whitechaple is crawling with prostitutes. Selling their bodies to survive, most of them anyway. A strange man is prowling the streets. Killing, maiming and mutilating these prostitutes. He lets some of them live, some of them are killed. The police are trying to catch him. But they have no chance of catching the infamous Jack The Ripper.

There is only one man. Inspector Frank Abeline. A psychic, opium addicted man in his mid twenties. He is the only man who has the ability to stop the murders. He meets and falls for the Prostitute Marry Kelly. She is Irish born, with flame red hair. Together they investigate, while carrying on there exotic affair.

Will they find the Ripper?
Will they stay together forever?
Will they survive?


I love to watch movies, and I'd love to get some RP's going that involve these characters.

If there is a film that you would like to RP tell me, and If I know it. then we can get someting going.

Same goes for TV shows.



I'd like to do something that involves the girls from superbad.

Seth/Evan's Mom.

and something with Fogel (McLovin) and ???

Robin Hood
Robin Hood Prince Of Theivs.

I'd love to do some Rp's in this world, with more that just.. sex, sex, sex.

Azeem/ Marion

Robin/Female Outlaw
Sherriff/Female Outlaw
Azeem/Female Outlaw


I love skins.

The new series is awsome.

I have fallen in love with the twins.

Emily and Katie.

So I'd love to do something with them.

Could be Twincest or something with Effy or Pandora... or JJ.

Sixties Throwback

4 new Idea's added. Is anyone interested?

Post below if you are, we'll move to PM to work out the fine details.


I really would love to jump into a Buffy based RP. I like Dawn and Willow idea, but I would like play with some "Alternate Realities" ideas, like what if Buffy and Willow were more than close friends, what if Willow was the slayer (and of course be horny comes on the package) or what if the Summers sisters age order was the inverse

Sixties Throwback


A Buffy/willow plot would be good. Where they are much closer than just friends.

But I'd want Buffy to be the right age... and the slayer.

PM me if you get accepted.


Anyone else interested in any of my Idea's?


The girls school could be interesting. What did you have in mind specifically?

Also, the same with the slumber party.
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Ooh! It's not fair that we're already doing a HP one, cause I want:

Lily/Snape when in school.
Lily/Snape while she's married.
and Harry/Ginny when they're married.

David Bowie/Groupie

and last but DEFINITELY not least, From Hell! I want it...I want it bad. *whines*
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Sixties Throwback

We could do one more if you wanted to. Pick one to start.  ;)


Now I am a member, we can chat more about the Buffy/Willow ideas.


The Slumber party one and the college roommate one tick my interests, if possible

Sixties Throwback

Thanks for the interest, but I already have a few versions of those plots going... that's why they are in red. Thanks thouugh. xD


Hm...  Robin Hood x Marion (or female outlaw) sounds fun to me.  I've been wanting a HP RP, but with DracoxHermione as the pairing, if you're interested.  Take a look at my RP search thread (Sweet Seduction) if you're not interested in Robin or HP anymore and maybe you'll like something you see there.
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Mia Silver

Hi Gaz!

I'd be interested in a Willow/Dawn story, maybe with Buffy trying to interfere to protect her sister and an angry Dark Willow  >:)
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