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May 23, 2018, 10:06:27 AM

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Author Topic: Phoenixlord request thread: New stuff to be added! (M looking for F/M)  (Read 451 times)

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Offline PhoenixlordTopic starter

Hello and welcome to my small claim on E. After some prodding from RhinSama I decided to make my own request thread, so here it is! I am a male writer who plays with females and males. I crave a good story to my roleplays, be it action, romance, adventure, mystery or anything else. I don't mind smut in my roleplays, but I don't want it to be the focal point (unless under specific reasoning).  If you're still here after my rambling, than I you just full of awesomeness and I would love to write with you. :3


I am not the type be a stringent, strict, writing partner. I'm very open and flexible, but I do have a few expectations that I expect from my partners as I as expect you would have for me.

Post Length: Depending on my partner and the type of roleplay, the posts can heavily vary. I have some that work with short posts and some with longer posts. If anything at least a paragraph would be more than acceptable, but if you don't have much to work with than don't break your back trying to make it work, I want us both to have fun here! Also, I'm not one to moan and groan about grammar, we all make mistakes, just do your best as I will. ;3

Detail: I'll honestly say I love detail, so adding some to a post about clothes, surroundings and even moments will be enjoyed. No need to go into Stephen King style (unless you want to and all) but some detail to paint a image will be loved.

Post Frequency: While I personally like to respond in a decent amount of time, there will be moments of when life comes knocking and drags me away. I will let you know if my responses will take longer than usual,  I would expect the same as I see it as common courtesy. Also, if you lose interest in the roleplay, please have the audacity to tell me instead of just disappearing. We're adults here, let's treat each other as we should. If some form of communication is needed to keep in touch, I would happily such venues.


This are a work in progress so bare with me! I am more than happy to discuss ideas and changes to any of my plots if needed.

Rp Ideas and scenarios

The Scorned and Disgraced Bodyguard:M/F/TS

A trader who wants to sell his rare wares at a far off kingdom comes to a impasse: he needs to trek through a long stretch of a desolate, war torn region before he even gets close to his goal. Traveling by sea is plague with sea beasts and bloodthirsty pirates, land and air both have their perils. Any possible bodyguards or mercenaries come off as untrustworthy or have ludicrous prices without a guarantee of safety. Before he decides to turn away and decides his goals are foolish, he comes across a slave auction. The auctioneer is trying to sell a defiant slave...While the two end up at odds, they work well together and eventually grow close while trying to survive.

I would prefer the slave to be another race: orc, elf, goblin, centaur...I'm pretty open lol. I wouldn't mind them being female,feminine or transgendered, all would be interesting I think. I'm willing to discuss details and am open to any tweaks or changes,so let's talk it over!

A Dangerous Game: M/F

Two people of the darker side of careers (rogues, thieves, spies, assassin etc) find themselves entangled in a game of cat and mouse. Figures who stalk the night find that they have more in common than their illicit choices. A pretty open  roleplay, but I was looking for something were the two characters constantly interact, maybe the thief stole the assassin's hit list? Possibilities are endless, I can see them having a love/hate relationship eventually.

The Boss's Secret M/F:

A powerful, strong, smart and calculating boss of a large global company has a dark secret: he is a man who desires for a woman to dom him, to make him her toy.. Details can be changed on the characters, but this one I've been wanting to do. While heavily based on sex, emotions and physiological thoughts will play a apart as the mistress and her sub grow together.

I do apologize for typos (each revision done was during a nasty period of sickness) I plan to fix them asap.
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New plot added and typos fixed!