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Author Topic: Questions on George Soros  (Read 1221 times)

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Questions on George Soros
« on: October 13, 2016, 01:21:41 AM »
For those not in the know, George Soros is a multi-billionaire businessman who's been a long supporter of various left-wing causes around the world. Suffice to say he's not well-liked by right-wing groups, and I tend to notice that he prominently figures in many conspiracy theories. I wouldn't be surprised that a man with wealth and power might have caused various bad things, but a lot of things said about him tend to be from sources I don't reliable.

So, what has he done which can be ethically suspect at best, criminal at worst? Preferably from sources which aren't too kooky or have a personal axe to grind. The most substantial thing I heard was that he caused damage to the bank of England via currency speculation, but I'm not an economist to understand what that means exactly.
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Online Oniya

Re: Questions on George Soros
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2016, 09:19:36 AM »
(I don't know much about Soros in particular, but I've got an armchair-economist understanding of part of your question.)

'Speculation' when it comes to the financial market is the act of buying something when the cost is low, with the intent of selling it when the value is higher.  It's the same thing as what you do when you buy stock in a company, or in precious metals.  On a large or publicized scale, though, it can damage the public perception of the commodity in question:  'Why is Bugs Bunny selling all his stock in Acme?'  'Acme must be peaking and ready to start declining.  I'd better sell my stock before that happens.'

With currency, it can be done fairly easily (assuming you have bank accounts in different countries) by simply converting money from dollars, to pounds, to yen, and so forth.  The fluctuations in the exchange rate work something like the stock prices.  If a currency 'value' is falling or about to fall (like the pound did after Brexit), and someone with billions of dollars in that currency shifts it all to another currency, it acts like a large 'sale' of stock.  'Why is Lex Luthor taking all his money out of Latverian banks?'  'Something must be up.  We'd better convert our money as well.'  (You can also see this on a smaller scale in 'Mary Poppins', when Michael Banks sparks a panic when his father wants him to deposit his tuppence, which he wants to use to feed the birds.  The other customers see a bank employee refusing to give a child his money, and fear for the accessibility of their own deposits.)

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Re: Questions on George Soros
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2016, 09:51:00 AM »
He's been accused of interfering with various countries and trying to drive propganda offensives there, often on rather flimsy grounds I feel...He launched and funded a post-iron curtain Central European University in Budapest (a friend of my mum's worked as a librarian there for some time; the original idea was to build a campus in Austria too, I think, but the bumpy political developments in both countries put this on the shelf). Soros was the chairman of the board up till about ten years ago and endowed the academy with a good deal of money, he's a Hungarian himself but the intention was and is to create a seat of learning that was international in outlook and not narrowly Hungarian, and which embraced the multi-ethnic history of central Europe and the Balkans. That's not an idea that would go down too well with the recent governments in Hungary (Viktor Orbàn and his party) and in some of the countries nearby, like Poland or Serbia. They might just see the presence of the CEU as a red flag raised for "multicultural thinking" , globalization, "miscegenation" and all that stuff. Suspicions may have travelled from there to political actrivists and conspiracy cooks in Germany, France, the US and other places.

There's also been accusations that Soros was a "man behind the curtain" for the Ukrainian orange revolution a dozen years ago. I really can't be bothered to check how much substance there might be to that.
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Offline SkynetTopic starter

Re: Questions on George Soros
« Reply #4 on: November 01, 2016, 03:48:53 PM »
Sorry if this is a very delayed response, but this Black Pigeon guy...

1.) doesn't provide sources in either the video description or video itself beyond newspaper headlines, and even then doesn't link to them for full context

2.) checking out the guy's Twitter page and other videos, seems to genuinely believe that the West is now a matriarchal society and subscribes to some cringey Alt Right viewpoints:

I know, message and not messenger, but even his messages aren't up to proper journalistic standards.

I don't know if you were aware of his other vids Mera, but it's stuff like this which makes it hard to take a lot of Soros' opponents seriously sadly.
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