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June 18, 2019, 11:47:56 PM

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Author Topic: Save The World Through... Sex... (F for various)  (Read 868 times)

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Online KitteredgeTopic starter

Save The World Through... Sex... (F for various)
« on: October 12, 2016, 04:10:08 PM »
This is a particular request, but I might as well try.  First, RL gender of my writing partner does not matter.  Second, my preference here is to play the F role, but that is negotiable.  Third, while I am asking you to play multiple characters in a sequence of scenes, I can be very involved in helping create them.

Background:  Known only by a few, the world is undergoing a strange and fantastic change.  Random people are acquiring powers - let's call them superpowers - and are using them to either 1) battle each other, in groups, good guys and bad guys, for dominance, or 2) battle against dark forces creeping into our world along with them.  The powers are significant, but not spectacular, and everyone involved is determined to keep things hush-hush, to keep their families and lives intact, and while they figure out just what the hell is going on.  We can discuss precisely what is happening, or leave it somewhat vague, but the gist is a quietly, slowly transforming world, some figures learning how to gain larger shares of it, and others trying to tamp the worst of it down.  No capes, no costumes.  Regular folks, with good and bad personalities.

Scenario:  MC discovers she has an unusual role in this drama.  She is able to knit together various allies telepathically and psychically, and/or heal wounded heroes, and/or augment their powers... sexually.  She is a catalyst, or a battery, so to speak.  There are a few others like her, in this particular city.  At first with deep reluctance, she's having to couple with various 'heroes' in this battle, men (and women) who are trying to keep their identities concealed from friends and family.  Some of these people may be super-grateful a young hottie is getting with them, but complications abound -- with wives, with work, with their own senses of self.  Some might want to treat her with contempt - which she will not cater to - others with gratitude.

Kinks:  Semi-strangers coupling, unusual places (parking garages, rooftops, new apartments), contrasts between body types, interracial, etc.  I have a big thing for ageplay, in this case meaning much older men than my ~25 year old woman.  I would like some fit and attractive younger men, but men in not the greatest of shapes, and pushing even pretty old, so long as they retain their virility, are definitely on the menu.

Again, my preference is to play the young woman, but I am flexible.  Attention to state of mind and personality is very big for me.

Posting from once every couple days to a couple times a week.  Three to four paragraphs a post.

PMs Preferred.

Online KitteredgeTopic starter

Re: Save The World Through... Sex... (F for various)
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2016, 01:21:01 PM »

1. While I may have someone to run this for me, I am open to multiple iterations!  Also am open to running it in a GM capacity for someone playing the young booster/healer.

2.  Key to me are young woman / much(!) older man pairings, young woman / not very fit man pairings, young woman / not-terribly charismatic dudes pairings.

3.  Key to me, in all my stories, are a sense of character background and how he/she is reacting to the strange situation presented to them, including the sexuality.