Save Me From This Hell (F for F)

Started by Usani, October 11, 2016, 04:22:46 PM

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Brittany Mae is 17 years old and has just came out to her parents as gay.  She comes from a religious household but she just couldn't keep it a secret anymore.So, what do they do?  They send her to a damn conversion camp and threaten to disown and kick her out if she doesn't change.  Brittany knows those camps are complete bullshit and is furious to be forced into this kind of situation.  So, before she leaves she ends a video message to her best friend Carli on Skype.  She tells her he has no idea how long she'll be there and that she pretty much will be homeless after and his begging for help.

Carli and Brittany have been best friends for years and Carli has already came out as bi but luckily for her she has to moms so it was simple for her. Brittany on the other hand is honestly scared because she has heard horror stories about camps like these.  Some people ended up committing suicide after such an experience.

(Okay so I need someone to play Carli and possibly a camp counselor, I will be playing Brittany and a camp counselor myself.  I would like this story to eventually have D/s play where Brittany is the sub.)