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Author Topic: Star-Com. (Star Wars/X-Com crossover (F/F or M as F) )  (Read 1576 times)

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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Star-Com. (Star Wars/X-Com crossover (F/F or M as F) )
« on: October 11, 2016, 08:56:02 AM »

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Except that it wasn't. The planet known to it's inhabitants as Earth, or Terra, sits in an isolated system in the depths of unexplored space, completely isolated from the epic interstellar struggles that were taking place on the other side of the Galactic Core and the constant struggle between two cosmic forces. Though that did not mean that Earth itself was devoid of the destruction of interstellar conflicts. Generations ago, the race known as the Ethereals found Earth, and tried to conquer it for their own mysterious ends. They had almost succeeded. For 20 years the Ethereals occupied the Earth and nearly subjugated the entire planet and its peoples as they herded them into Police state like cities, and treated the people like cattle. It was only through the desperate efforts of the remnants of the X-Com organization that managed to thwart their machinations.

It was thanks to X-com that the Ethereals were not able to reduce Humanity to one of their other slave races, and use them to fight their wars for them. But, somewhat ironically, thanks to them Humanity now had cities with advanced technology, access to weapons and energy sources never thought possible before, and even the secrets to the future of Human evolution and powers of Mind over Matter.

Now the nations of Earth remain somewhat united under the Council of Nations, albeit a tense peace, as they go about reclaiming lost territory, finding survivors and preparing for an uncertain future. Post war reconstruction began with X-Com acting as the enforcement arm of this new world government. The technologies of the Ethereals require rare elements- Elerium and Meld- to function, which can only be produced in small quantities, usually on the captured factory on Mars (Cydonia). X-Com has been left with a near monopoly on them, giving them a measure of clout in this new age of Man. From the already elite numbers of X-Com, a small ultra elite force, enhanced to superhuman levels and equipped with advanced Ethereal tech, has been tasked to maintain the uneasy peace between the nation-states of Earth, its colonies in the Sol system and explore the new frontier. Since the liberation of Earth and the capture of the Cydonia factory, X-Com has been the champion of Human development, raising mankind out of the ashes towards a brighter future, where the Ethereals will be the ones in hiding for a change.

Outside of X-Com work has been done to advance technology without the use of Elerium and the like, but while far more advanced than the level that Earth was at before the Ethereals arrived these discoveries are a far cry from the level of technology that the Ethereals used on Earth. Soldiers still use projectile weapons or Magnetic weapons. If they are lucky they may have access to Laser weaponry the likes of which used by Xcom. The new FTL engines still need weeks, or months to reach Earth's nearest outposts outside the Sol system. Years to reach the most distant colonies that Earth has begun setting up.

This is the state of the Earth Sphere as a long-range X-Com exploration ship pushes past the Core from an outpost on an ice covered world known as Valhalla. It serves as the forward warning should the Ethereals return as well as one of many important scientific facilities for X-Com researchers. Soon it will stumble into the edges of a vast conflict, as an ancient Republic falls and an Empire rises. This civilization spans half the galaxy, and whilst Ethereal technology exceeds what they have, their numbers eclipse anything that X-Com can bring to bear on this threat- and the rest of the Earth military will be far outclassed by it. How will X-Com face this new threat to the security of Earth- especially when they discover that many of them are human as well?

The research and scouting ship will respond to a command from its homebase on Valhalla, when it manages to pick up a strange anomalous signal, where one of the last surviving force users has crashed and is being hunted by the Empire.

Their meeting, for better or for worse, will shift the course of the entire Galaxy. As Xcom learns to better tap into their Psionic potential, as well as giving them important knowledge they need, to realize where they fit into the greater Galaxy at large.

In return, the rebellion will begin to get aid from an anonymous source with weapons that are both advanced and yet primitive in some ways.

((X-Com will be at least 50 years after the second game, and Star Wars will be in the late Clone Wars/Early Rebellion era.))
(I am thinking that the Jedi/Sith that the Xcom team could find would either be maybe Asajj Ventress or Ahsoka Tano. (Female Jedi/Sith is preferred as I would kind of like to make this a F/F story BUT I am perfectly fine with Lords and Lieges who wish to join and play female characters. That is alright with me.)

Lets make it our own AU verse. I am willing to discuss the plot and make some changes around to it. So feel free to brainstorm with me.)

Here is the original RP I played with another person, take a look and see if maybe it interests you.

I am interested in world building, writing a story together. Looking for posts with around 2 paragraphs. I want the romance between characters to come naturally. Sex will eventually come but I don't want it to be the main focus, I want it to arrive in its own time when its best.
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Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Star-Com. (Star Wars/X-Com crossover (F/F or M as F) )
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2016, 10:01:08 AM »
Wanted to state (since I think it didn't come off correctly)  While I am looking for two female characters, I am perfectly fine with a Lord/Liege partner who will play a female Jedi/Sith. My only requirement is that they know Star Wars and are willing to playa round with canon events and don't mind playing with an unfamiliar universe like X-com.   ;D

Online Lustful BrideTopic starter

Re: Star-Com. (Star Wars/X-Com crossover (F/F or M as F) )
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2016, 09:27:33 AM »


Bumping this even though I know I am already stretched alittle thin on rps :P