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Author Topic: Lady Fickle Presents:  (Read 153 times)

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Lady Fickle Presents:
« on: October 11, 2016, 04:01:02 AM »
Lady Fickle's Ideas - Meant more to inspire than to inform...Please answer in a message.

Lady Fickle’s Fantasy World

In the Milky Way, in the constellation of Gemini there lies a small planet, where the human tales, dreams, and myths dwell. It is called Alpha Gem and it is related to the Earth and other Planets with magickal portals, protected by inexorable guards. It seems the human reveries and fantasies have populated this planet with all kinds of deities, fairy-tale characters and animals, mythical creatures and sorcery, which the human imagination keeps breeding... wonderful gods, elves, fairies, dwarves, nymphs, mermaids, unicorns and dragons from the mythologies as well as apparitions, ghosts, phantoms, witches, trolls and villains of all kinds.

On the planet of Alpha Gem, there are 8 heavenly kingdoms, their coasts are splashed by the waters of the Great Silent Lake, in the North East edge of the map, there lies the Bright Olympus - where Greek and Roman's deities are glorified.

The Richer part of Fairland was called the White Hill, and it was densely populated with noblemen living in white houses and streets paved with precious metal. The people who lived on the White Hill were the cream of the crop - artists, painters, doctors, librarians, teachers, paperback writers, professors - the educated mortal folk.

The poorer side which counted completely on the creativity of the people who lived there was called the Motley Hill, and each house there had a different bright color, which made the place look like a tapestry from a talented old woman. The chimney sweeps lived on the Motley Hill, together with the fishermen, the cattle-breeders, the carpenters, the cooks, the farmers, the postmen and the policemen.

The wizards and the witches and the wise people lived on the Shrine Hill,and how they lived nobody dared to step up and find out.

In the Enchanted Forest

Elves and fairies live and make out in the blossoms of flowers, and they soak their crinolines with dew, and wear green hats, and illuminate the blossoms from within, and they reside in the lovely gardens, ready to help the dreaming humans on their spiritual paths.

Lady Fickle has collected about 800 pictures of her fantasy world, and if you are interested in any of the kingdoms, she can show you around.



If Paris was human, it would be two enamored ballet-dancers in flight. They would both be dressed in sparkling white, and they would fly effortlessly and with amazing precision of the movements, calling for adoration, perfectly synchronous. They would slowly follow their bodily impulses in the air looking perfection at any second until they land on their tiptoes together after a full split in the air.

If Paris was human, he would be the Kirov Ballet dancing their amazing Viennese Waltz. The dancers are looking into each other’s eyes and spilling some secrets between them. He is wearing a tuxedo and a top hat, all in black, and she is dressed in this beautiful fairy, white dress with black ribbons and a lace cap, waving a fan like a true lady. Suddenly she is in the air with all that white lace bursting about her, and it feels like, for several minutes, she has not been touching the ground.


Legends have it that people in London meet under their umbrellas, talking about the weather and having traditional tea whenever they get the chance. They also meet in bars, talk about their favorite soccer team and drink a lot of beer. Girls are blond to orange and pink-faced, with a lot of freckles, guys have really nice teeth. Let us discover and unveil the London dating scene.

When you are willing to date an European, avoid bright purple lipstick, especially is you are a black woman with huge lips. The sexy voice on the other hand helps. So does having enormous eyes, but again avoid brutal makeup. Chances in London dating are for the natural, simple, genuinely attractive women. If you are a man – it would help to be one of the hottest, so-called Norse Gods, tall and blond guys, interested in sports and smiling the entire time.


Mikhail Bulgakov says that this city is a state of mind. In his collection of essays about St. Petersburg, he reveals a truly exotic, picturesque and fascinating Russian city, which is also a spiritual experience. You are under the danger to fall in love with St Petersburg, its culture, its citizens, its hospitality. 

A typical Petersburg native tells his friend about his travel through Europe. He describes Paris concisely as provincial, Berlin as tedious, and London, according to him is not only a city but a collection of buildings and parking lots. People of London do not speak to each other, and when they do it is of no help – the natives of England all speak English with an awful accent.
If you have trouble telling the native of Petersburg from the native of Moscow – you can do a simple experiment:
Take a Petersburger and a Moskvich and place them both in a vacant room of a St Petersburg hotel. Bar the door and all windows. Monitor what happens outside.

30 minutes later when you will see a head squeezing out of the ventilating shaft – that could be only one of the two dwellers: the Moskvich. He combs his hair, fixes his suit, and says he is sorry, but he has got an appointment to attend to.

Open the door of the hotel room and leave. Return after an hour. Glance inside: the Petersburger has not changed his position – comfortably sitting in a thick cloud of cigar smoke. When you implore why he hasn’t fled, he explains, that he is expecting guests, and someone could drop in any time. Bar the door one more time. Return after two hours.

There are now Petersburgers in the St Petersburg hotel. Both of them are drinking tea in the midst of two huge clouds of smoke. The original representative has been complemented by a friend – who has dropped in through the ventilation shaft.

And if you leave and return to the St Peterburg hotel in three days – you are bound to find five separate clouds of smoke in the room.

Now, you should check what the Moskvich has been up to. In the last three days, he has: bought three new cars, sold his flat, wedded, divorced, founded a political party, wedded and divorced again, and written a postmodernist composition on your locked hotel room experiment.


If Las Vegas was your date, she would be a slim, sexy lady, with blue polka dot bathing suit and a huge red flower in her hair, with blue sunglasses and chestnut hair. She will have stars tattooed on her elbows and she will be sitting on the edge of the pool, bathing in the sun and ready to learn some new names. Everything in Las Vegas hotels screams: “Marry me!” – cards, lace and roses, vintage wedding shoes, candles, bow-ties and kisses. Take your date to the dolphin pool or the white tiger reserve, or one of the water complexes with waterfalls and slides. Pick the most romantic Vegas hotel for your first night.

Other cities Lady Fickle is interested in: Venice, Hawaii, Chicago, NY, Sidney, Seattle, Bruges and much more…


The Capricious Dancer and Lady Fickle

One day in Valhalla came the Capricious Dancer. He previewed Lady Fickle in the mirror of the ball hall and appreciated her dignities.

He was tall and blue-eyed and rather shrew. His hair pointed towards the sky undisciplined. He looked as if he was a God sculptured from pink marble, his eyes, his hands, his entire face full of the light of life. He danced until he got sweaty and his face wet, was happily shining when he didn't swipe it with the sleeves of his T-shirt. His voice trembled in a heavy excited timbre, from the dancing he smelled of something unnamed, and sweat gathered in the form of a heart on his T-Shirt.He was born under the sun of Leo, all he wanted was to toss his mane in the light of the ballroom. He was handsome, and as if it wasn't enough, but he had to absorb Lady Fickle with his look so hard, that she got dizzy.

The Capricious Dancer was outrageously handsome and everything in him was outrageously superb. Cat-like grace and he lead her into a dance from which she thought there is no wringing out. As if their palms merged, as if the colors of their auras changed and started sparkling in pink - true love. Their palms were hot from excitement; their souls were warm and soft.   

Odin and Freya

Odin, the Lord is exhaustingly handsome, he wears just a small beard, with which he would gently scratch his beloved between her legs when he performs this unbearably pleasant ritual with his wife, Freya, the Lady.  This beard scratches, and he bites, and he grew the beard so that he can pick up wisdom. When he shared this with Freya, she burst into laughter in such a way that spring came. Freya is at any time capable of stirring fresh cake with one arm and kneading meatballs with the other, only to feed Odin. Odin pays attention lest soap should get into her eyes. Biggest treasure of Freya is her virginity, which some Gods and dwarves tried to take. It is said that she is a sorceress, who can boil an amazing morning coffee in the caldron. Odin loves battles and making winter supplies.  Freya is falsely accused of being he Goddess of fertility, but Odin does all the work so far.  In the beginning, he didn’t dare to invite Freya in Valhalla, lest Freya should drag along with some of her suitors, the other Gods. Or lest she should drink  all of his mead. And take advantage of him in this state. Freya is blond, even if it doesn’t show – blond to white, and Odin has no mercy when he gets his hands on her hair. My girl, says Odin to Freya. My boy, she replies. Before he gets into a battle Odin always hugs his beloved before the brawl. Both of them are fresh gods, spring gods, they are very much into Shelley’s poetry – fresh showers  for the thirsting flowers. Freya says to Odin that he looks like Mona Lisa, and he replies, that she looks like Sancho Pansa. Freya and Odin are made for each other, and all the gods and goddesses raise their blood pressure with love advances. In Valhalla reings peace, prosperity, and strong male perfume – Odin himself is the advertising character. Odin and Freya are an eternal inspiration for themselves and gods around them.

Arthur and Natashenka

He is such a friend to her that he cannot make her sad. His subtle blue eyes shine in special approval at her lovely smile. He is her support, her grounded man, shielding her from the entire world, always holding her above the water. He commands her with his heart and his truly irresistible psyche is something she loves to delve in. He is as stable as a homo sapiens should be.

She is grateful because he always plays in her team, he has a lot of patience and he is very supportive of her emotions.

He’s the guy, who can always make her feel.

I want to make you happy, but it is because I like you, not because I am good! – he would exclaim. Then he will whisper: I don’t like you, but I love you, which is all that matters…

And you let him in, because admit it, Natashenka, there is no shine without him…

Sweetness and Sweetness

This is your name of all names. I do not even dare to whisper it, because it sounds sweeter in my thoughts. You are so loved. More real than anything I have ever experienced, although I can not put you into words. You are so exquisitely amazing and I am the luckiest person to be with you. It’s a treat to think of you and all the things we can be together. Our love exists in worlds higher than the imaginable and it is a beautiful being. It’s like we have a child who lives on the Sun. But we take care of it every day and I will never get tired by your beautiful name. I invite you in my dreams…we live together every minute of every day…the first thing I hear when I wake up is the Sweetness of your thoughts, sweeter than pancakes and chocolate in bed, fresher than early morning. I never want to say goodbye to you …ever… not even for a short time, nay I want to live with you in all lifetimes, until the end of time, and then start over. You are so unique; I know that in all the worlds there is no one like you. I feel you know that about me as well like you know every cell of my body. I feel so airy and dreamy, floating and flying, and turning music into bright pictures for you. I feel I want to share the world with you and give birth to many, many worlds just for your joy. You make me feel like I have never felt before… and I know it was worth to come in this reality even only to meet you. Loving you is like living in heaven.

The Painter and the Princess

She called him the Painter because he was so artistically sensitive. She thought of him as the most sensual man on Earth. It so turned out that he was a very good Sorcerer, creating love sparks in women. He thought of it as a game. He never had the chance to grow up. She not only loved him – she stalked him, she harassed him sexually. Sometimes she gave him chocolate, as a token of her love. She desired. She chased. She insisted. She was insolent, stalking and ridiculous at times. She pledged she will do anything to make him fascinated. She became a good actress. She became an easy catch. She slept with his favorite actor. She thought of him every minute of every day. She inevitably touched him with sensational sensuality. 

If you crack this balloon – he promised – you will be able to create a LOT of things!

He said he loves her, like his teddy bear. He admitted his love.

He was late. She had gone mad.
Johnny and Evrika

A woman, especially in her sixteenth year can not resist such a shining smile. Evrika stopped in her tracks. Johnny’s exhausting beauty and charm captivated and disarmed her in the very first moment. With his delicious skin-color and his eyes in the shade of espresso, in his sweet sixteenth Johnny was the best sight in the world.
Evrika herself was one of the girls, who undressed without paying attention, as she jumped into the pool until her swimsuit fell off. She felt people are always talking about her, like construction workers, while she is passing by. She could almost feel how they undressed her with looks.

She called him everyday on the phone. He never returned her calls. In her fantasies, he took her virginity a hundred times. She went to a concert with the hope to see him somewhere on the tribunes among 6000 people. Guess what - she did! His hair was braided and his eyes were penetrating. He was so popular that she cried from jealousy for about 3 hours per day.  You know -  she believed they were twin flames.

The Knight and Maya

Maya could be described with one word: cheerful. Her smile and the carelessly fallen hair upon her face hair, while she was flying over woods and mountains with the broom made her look so that a man involuntarily smiled, and if he was a true man - sighed... Her body toned from the hours of riding the broom looked supple as well as fine, there wore forms to catch, and inspire a man, and the broom she rode absolutely naked, with only a black garter on the left thigh. She looked so sexy, it was a pity that no one could see her.

She was a youthful, wise woman and knew the wonderful virtues of the plants. And she was ancient like the dreams. In this reincarnation, she lived into a metropolitan city called Auch Orc in a state, where gambling was not allowed, and she was the owner of a modest casino on a yacht in the lake, which was politically a neutral territory. Every Tuesday evening the grannies of Auch Orc went to the casino. They ordered martinis with olives and looked at each other with bluffing faces while holding their cards in front of their painted lips and giggled loudly. It was a rabble of auld sorceresses of a sort.

Maya was a friend to the auld sorceresses but she was young like the Dawn, although she had lived in Auch York from its very colonization.  Now the metropolitan city overflew the lake with places of entertainment, and in its center high buildings rose, and in front of its museum's statues of lions napped, and in its suburbs, farmers lived, but there was something peculiar about Auch Orc. Beside it, there was a forest.

A forest where no one dared to venture near.  There were legends that in the Enchanted forest only supernatural beings existed. And if the city was 500 years old, the Enchanted forest was hundreds of thousands of years old. Everything in it was ancient and wise. Maya knew the forest as the back of her hand because she had grown up in it. Before settling among people her long kin, which started from the forest goddess of Frigg, had lived inspiring lives in the Enchanted Forest... The forest was populated by beings, people somehow sensed, but didn't see. Here and there a horn of a unicorn flashed like a shooting star, and if they listened closely to the soft music of the forest, one could hear the song of the elves... but all these things required senses long asleep in humans.

Lady Fickle likes writing fairy-tales for adults. If you want to learn more about herself and her characters,visit:

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