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Author Topic: TARZAN against a Creature from Hell  (Read 2394 times)

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TARZAN against a Creature from Hell
« on: October 11, 2016, 03:36:05 am »

Send me a PM if you are interested in continue the story below with me.

I am into stories in which Tarzan is brutally beaten and defeated just to have his muscles, nipples and armpits gruesomely tortured. Cum denial, flogging and needle torture is welcomed as well. Let me know if you have other kinky stuff in mind.


“Stay away,” Jane had cried out in dispair. “Nooo --- Stay away --- Tarzan, help me --- Help.” Tarzan run like the wind and found his Jane dodging the attacks of a gruesome creature. And without hesitation, he placed himself between Jane and the creature.

“You ugly mother fucker,” Tarzan cursed. “Come fight me,” he shouted out defiantly with his knife at hand. And turning to Jane, the hero said, “Run as far as you can ...”

“You have to come with me,” Jane pleaded. “You can’t fight this beast alone.”

“Go now,” Tarzan shouted. “I’ll hold the creature till you’re safe --- I’ll meet you at the waterfall,” his voice sounded commanding.

The creature tried to slash the hero with its long sharp claws. Tarzan dodged the attack. He stung the beast with his knife and forced it one step back. The monster detected Jane trying to escape and charged toward her. To protect his girl, Tarzan leaped and rammed the monster away from its trajectory toward Jane. Both Tarzan and the creature rolled on the ground for few yards leaving a chance for Jane to go away into safety.

“Now it’s you and me,” Tarzan teased the beast. “Come inside,” he provoked before taking the initiative. Tarzan punched the monster at its abs, pecs and waist. He used his knees to hit against the lats of the beast. Tarzan bombarded the creature with punches and kicks just to hurt himself causing almost no damage to the monster. When Tarzan threw another punch, the monster blocked it by grabbing his fist. “Fuck ....” Tarzan’s forehead frowed in perplexity. “AAARRRRHHH!” The monster wrenched Tarzan’s straightened arm to a breaking point. The hero is forced to twist his torso and open his guard and the monster exploit it with a strong punch at the side of Tarzan’s ribcage.

The excruciating pain caused Tarzan to loose his focus. The monster grabbed Tarzan’s other wrist and lift up the jungle hero by his both arms. But the monster quickly lowered Tarzan and let him find the ground under his feet. Before the apeman could have tried any counter-strike, the beast stepped over Tarzan’s feet and, having the jungle hunk firmly grounded, it quickly and forcibly pulled Tarzan’s both arms high up spraining the ligaments on the arms connected to the shoulders, on the ankles and on the groin. The beast released Tarzan and watched the muscular hunk stumble on the ground --- defenseless --- powerless.

The monster dropped knee first on Tarzan’s abs. “URRRRRGH! --- (gasping) --- Fuck.” The creature stiffened his indicator fiinger and showed its long and sharp nail to the apeman before placing it over Tarzan’s right nipple. “No ... No --- Don’t.” But the creature push its needle-like sharp nail into the dark rubbery flesh on Tarzan’s bulging chest. The apeman groaned in agony and used his both hands to grab the heavy large hand of the beast and prevent it from completely destroying his nipple.

[to be continued]
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