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April 15, 2021, 09:20:07 pm

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Author Topic: Republic Commando RP (Star Wars; M looking for F or conditional M)  (Read 1238 times)

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Offline That One DingusTopic starter

Hello, all. Putting this in a separate request thread since I'm not sure how, exactly, I want to structure this.

I see a lot of love on the site for Marvel and DC superheroes, as well as characters from Game of Thrones, the Star Wars cinematic universe, and too many others to name. Well, I have my own set of beloved characters: Delta Squad. A group of Republic clone commandos, the Clone Wars animated series rescued them from the Canon Cannon and they are now recognized characters in the SW universe. Still, that leaves a bunch of space open in their backstory. Guess who wants to do some fiddling with that?
  • Boss (Delta-38): The leader of Delta Squad, Boss keeps the squad focused and organized. While Sev is the more obvious intimidating presence on the team, Boss is the most independent and arguably the most dangerous out of all the commandos. He refuses to leave a man behind and his rules are harsh but fair.
  • Fixer (Delta-40): The "straight man", Fixer is by-the-book and is the team's designated "slicer" (hacker). He often butts into Scorch's and Sev's ribbing sessions, annoyed by their "chatter". Despite his uptight attitude, Fixer is the most dependable man in the squad. No matter the odds, he'll get it done.
  • Scorch (Delta-62): The heart and soul of the team. A master of explosive and heavy ordnance, Scorch is always ready to make jokes and witty observations about the current situation. He and Sev make a show of mocking each other, but they have the closest relationship out of all the commandos.
  • Sev (Delta-07): A cold sniper who kills his opponents from afar... when he doesn't creep up on them and break their bones before sticking a knife in them. His voice is even deeper and more growling than his brothers due to a training accident. He possesses a sense of gallows humor and is never more comfortable than when Delta Squad is deployed in the thick of some alien jungle.

I really enjoy these characters because despite all being clones, they have very distinct personalities and have excellent chemistry with each other. I'm looking for an RP to play as one or all of these characters.

What exactly I'm looking for... I'm not sure. That's where you come in. A new relationship in the canon where one of the pod-brothers falls in love with a woman, or perhaps all of them are competing for her affection? A crossover where the Deltas suddenly find themselves in a place where they must adapt quickly to survive? Hell, I'm even game for a non-erotic story featuring them. I'm more interested in playing the characters than Sexy Fun Times in this case. Not that there's not anything wrong with anyone wanting to listen to Sev growl in their ear.  8-)

I would be willing to RP and go halfway, be the primary Storyteller, or let someone else take the reins and enjoy the ride.

It might be easier to specify what I'm not looking for. I'm not looking for an RP where the brothers end up banging each other. I'm not looking for a M/M RP (sorry, that's just how I am). Other than that, feel free to either respond to this thread or PM me with your ideas and we'll work from there.

And with that...

"Delta, we need an entrance into the Solo Roleplay Request Board!"

"Do you want a big blast, Boss?"

"Just enough to get their attention..."

"Setting charge..."


"Welp... Hope somebody heard that..."

"Delta squad, form up and move in!"

"Hey Boss, what chance do you think there is of some hot Twi'lek girls jumping out and surprising us?"

"Cut the chatter, Six-Two."

"I certainly wouldn't mind it..."