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Author Topic: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]  (Read 3160 times)

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Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« on: October 10, 2016, 08:55:32 PM »
Maya and Krieg. Maya and Krieg, they were the last pair you'd think Roland would create but as the others were off on a raid someone had to stay back at HQ and organise the troops for the assault on Hyperion. But after hours trying to turn simple bandits into true Soldiers had worn the Siren out. But she was more bored than she was physically tired. Sometimes Pandora was the most exciting places you could be when the war was in its highest of throes. Other times it could be as quiet as a Tumbleweed convention.

Maya laid back on the tattered plaid couch with her hands firmly clasped around the sides of a thick novel she had managed to pillage on her last trip to opportunity. It was labelled 'The Life and times of Handsome Jack'. It was all propaganda about how he was a strong hero figure but from what the true Pandorans had told her and what info she had managed to squeeze out of Lilith on his rise to power Maya took it all with a grain of salt. She was using it as an attempt to get into her enemies mindset like the great man by the name of Sun Tsu had once said.

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.

But there was one thing that was putting her off and it was the constant feeling of being watched? She couldn't shake the feeling and it was distracting her usually laser focus like mind. She had along her travels through Pandora met a fairly odd Psycho who she later learned called himself Krieg and since the day at the train station she hadn't been able to escape his gaze. Even if it was from across town or the other side of the HQ she could feel him watching her.

"You know it's rude to stare right?" She called out from behind her book in a sarcastic tone. "Least you could do is not hide in the corners and just come sit down... I don't bite" She closed the book and set it down on her stomach and sighed. She had read the same paragraph 35 times. There was no way she was finishing this book today.
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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 07:12:27 PM »
Krieg wasn't exactly sure what was going on at the best of times. He knew pain though, pain and anger at the world that had made him what he was. Well. More anger at the people than at Pandora. Hyperion and all of their labs and needles and slag and who knew what else. Somewhere something was telling him he needed to move though.

Yeah, that's me. She's getting creeped out you damn weirdo.

Whatever it was it was an annoying buzzing that kept exerting its will on him and Krieg didn't like it. The shining lady that he'd met at the train station hadn't shot him though. Krieg could tell she liked him. But not that much. Not a lot anyway. So he stayed away and just watched as if he could figure out what it was about her that was so shiny and good in this world of shit and blood. Pandora wasn't a pretty place but Krieg couldn't imagine Maya anywhere else. The others had their own light but only Lilith came anywhere close to as shiny as Maya's light and hers was different. Hers was warmth and heat where Maya's was cold and shone right through everything.

You're still staring, idiot.

Krieg shuffled out from behind the support post that hadn't hid his towering bulk in the slightest and walked over closer to Maya, squatting down and resting his elbows on his knees. Okay so she'd shot at him, but she hadn't actually shot him. Fact was that he didn't know just what to do when there wasn't any danger.  Sanctuary was a strange place of strange lights and stranger sounds. There was Claptrap who wasn't all that bad and maybe understood him? Moxxi liked having him at the bar when there was trouble but most people just avoided him. Just as well really.

You ain't gonna hurt em bud. You know what'll happen.

"The world is made of meat and pigeons but we're here and we're not taking them on the hike," his one good eye glared out, burning with madness and fever even though that was his standard, "Souls scream for more, always more and always deeper!" it made perfect sense to Krieg after all and to make his point he slapped a fist into his open palm with a meaty impact. Afterward he grinned and laughed, not a deep belly laugh but a soft and rambling little giggle that was at odds with his muscle bound form.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2016, 03:31:30 AM »
As Krieg lumbered closer the Siren watched him gingerly squat close by and Maya tilted her head slightly jostling her long blue hair due to the movement. Krieg had been... Different to the other Psychos she had come across on Pandora, and boy had she come across a lot of them. Before she met the other vault hunters on that fateful day on the train she had to wade through seas of exploding psychos with dynamite and grenades clutched in their hands, Goliath's that would attempt to grapple her if she didn't shoot their helmets off and make a run for it before its eyes locked on her before going into a frenzy or the cultish ones that seemed to worship bodies tattooed with red eyes or Guns. Krieg hadn't rushed at her when they first met like most did with guns pulled or weapons out, he'd helped her and that stood out like Skags balls on a planet where someone would rape you for your socks or shoot you for kicks.

As the massive Psycho spoke in his broken riddles and words that normally wouldn't go together, obviously it made sense to him but had the book savvy Siren scratching her head trying to figure out the code. It was fascinating having someone who was crazed like a Bandit but not be a bandit at the same time so close, it allowed studies on behaviour to be carried out, Tannis had been the first to pipe up and ask if she could but was immediately shut down by Roland up on Krieg joining the fight after following her home after the altercation at the train station with the Lab Rats and Bandits. Maya sat up on her elbows watching his eye swivel in his head as he spoke of meat worlds and pigeons? It was terrible how his mind was decayed and broken, she didn't know if it was because of Pandora or if he had been experimented on by Hyperion or what. But she knew he wanted to help and that's all that mattered.

When she heard the soft mad chuckle come from him she still didn't flinch but mirrored his hidden smile, she had faith he he was going to strip her flesh from her bones he would have done it by now."Huh... You don't happen to have a Bandit to English dictionary on you, Big guy?... Or do you come with some kind of manual?" She joked shoving her book under her body for safe keeping and giving Krieg her full attention now. "I've always wondered... What you mean when you speak? Like is it just mad ramblings or is it some kind of code? Are you trying to communicate something to us? Warn us of something?" Her eyes sparkled with wonder at the thought a Genius lurked beneath the haze of madness that was Krieg.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #3 on: October 13, 2016, 04:48:42 PM »
To be fair Krieg was a certain amount more crazed than most Bandits, but he stared at Maya for a long while as the woman spoke to him. His world was blood and fire and pain, alongside things he couldn't or didn't want to remember. Krieg absently scratched at one muscular, scarred arm as she spoke.

Tell her she knows how to save you. Thank her for taking you in. Just say something and nothing about poop this time huh?

Krieg cleared his throat and settled back, only a little bit uncomfortable with how intently the woman was looking at him. "A luxurious day in fatalistic harmonious symphonies of blood and pain!" he spoke the words forcefully and nodded as if that all made sense, "I can feel my blood in their veins crying out for sweet noodles in the back of the sky whale!"

Ugh. Not quite. Try something easier. Just give her a fist bump or something.

He'd drifted slightly while listening to his Inner Voice but he figured he could shut it up by listening. That usually worked. "Shut up shut up shut up outta me out out!" the psycho grabbed Maya's forearm and lifted it, firmly but not forcefully. He balled a fist and cocked his arm back, swinging slowly and carefully knocking his rough knuckles against the Siren's before letting her go and letting his breath out with a long whoosh.

"We should be tearing them up and slamming their brains into the wet earth while Pandora shrieks out around us for all of our sins!" he stood and grinned like he'd just shared a great secret, clapping his hands once and looking pretty amped up.

He was getting restless. Peace wasn't peaceful for Krieg, the voices started up again when it was peaceful.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2016, 07:21:52 AM »
Maya listened to the ramblings of a madman, If someone had told her ten years ago that she would had befriended a legitimate Psycho and be fighting off an egotistical jerk who planned to euthanize a planet to suit his own selfish and egotistical needs instead of developing it she would have laughed, laughed hard and bitterly at the statement. But here she was now, listening to the incomprehensible mutterings and trying to see if there was a code to it which would allow for communication beside wild hand gestures and 'Yes' and 'No' questions.

As she continued to work on trying to figure out what he was saying her arm was yanked out from under her by the hulking man and pulled into a fist bump. At first she stumbled to the side as he had pulled out the main weight-bearing arm but she laughed it off softly, wiggling her fingers to symbolise an explosion; as she had seen Axton and Sal do once after a victory over some Bandits. They had tried to fire a rocket at them but had been intercepted by the Gunzerker's own causing it to blow up in their face ending their pathetic lives in a mass of clustered explosions and screams that would have usually been reserved for a battlefield but was right at home on Pandora.

"Huh..." She said standing up after Krieg and stretching with a small grunt feeling her muscles and bones crack as the lounge wasn't the most supportive, Krieg seemed to be itching for a fight, much like herself but they had been explicitly told to stay at the HQ and watch over the new kids that had volunteered to join the Crimson Raiders. "Even I can understand what you want..." She said with a shifty look "I'm sure... We could just step out for a bit... do some... perimeter checks, Right meat-stick?" She said with a soft nudge of her elbow into his bulky arm. "And technically the rest of Pandora is on the outter perimeter of Sanctuary, Right?" She rubbed her hands together as she peeked around the corner into the war-room where Mordi sat reclined in his chair, eyes closed as usual in a drunken stupor. Easy enough to sneak past.

"What say you, Ready to blow this meat-popsical stand and shatter some bones and drink the tears of the orphans?" She propositioned in terms hopefully he would understand, raising her arms above her head.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #5 on: October 26, 2016, 08:06:37 PM »
What the hell did she just? Oh man, you're rubbing off on her ya freakin'.. Ugh.

The Inner Voice that might have been who Krieg was before he was made into a bloodthirsty Psycho or who might have been a manifestation of his lingering sanity cringed. Maya didn't sound even close to someone who would bathe in blood and entrails like it was some sort of lawn sprinkler and yet there she was.. Encouraging his psychotic self like he was some sort of bumbling dog or something.

Krieg grinned behind his mask and nodded eagerly, "Pandora is all over the place, let's sculpt it red, red as a gaping gut wound with the frosting!" he fist pumped excitedly and wiggled his shoulders in a way that travelled the length of his entirely too jacked to be natural body. Those muscles had to be as chemical as they were from actual work but as Maya and the crew had seen before, they were go muscle rather than show muscle, the kind of lean mass that could take things apart and rip through them easily.

Krieg snatched up his buzzaxe and slotted it into the magnetic patch on his harness, stretching a bit and eyeing Mordecai before he padded nearly silently to the door. He pushed it open and moved into the street, figuring that Maya would follow him. It didn't take Krieg long to fire up his Hyperion-tech class five HUD and tick through the panel labelled 'quests'.

It was weird because other people could make quests but then his own damaged brain did it sometimes too. He highlighted the 'Have a Good Day' quest, which had a simple marker that said 'Go with Maya' so he was doing that. He closed out and digistructed his guns a few times while waiting for the Siren, grinning to himself. What would they be doing? He was as going to find things and kill them with her.. But what things?

Just ask her, man.

He groaned and smacked himself upside the head, growling a little bit.. Why wouldn't that voice go away? He wasn't doing anything!

But if I wasn't here you would, wouldn't you?

Krieg didn't have an answer for that so he ignored it. He probably wouldn't do anything wrong.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #6 on: November 01, 2016, 07:53:04 AM »
"Pandora is all over the place, let's sculpt it red, red as a gaping gut wound with the frosting!"

She took that as a Yes.

When she watched him pat off past Mordi she tensed up wondering if he would wake the drunk up. But oddly enough he was quiet enough to sneak past him and now it was her turn to do the same. She checked her load-out on her Echo unit and screwed up her brows when she noticed her favourite SMG was missing. A Maliwan special that she had picked up on the day she had met the Psycho. She must have left it in her bunk. Turning on the ball of her foot she moved to retrieve it from it's hiding place. From time to time she would have to hunt down her favourite weapons and always ended up at the door of Lilith who had 'Borrowed' it and not put it back. It always infuriated the Siren but she knew with her being the pseudo leader of the Crimson raiders meant she couldn't get too upset for fear that she would with-hold any and all information she had found out herself about the Siren since being on Pandora.

Upon return to the bunk she flicked open the footlocker with her boot and snatched up the white, orange and blue striped SMG and grinned smugly "Hello beautiful. Ready to go and start some Mayhem?" She said with a flick of her wrist, spinning the gun in the palm of her hand and attaching it to the base of her spine for ease of access. She also materialised a Maliwan Sniper labelled 'The Volcano'. It was one of the first guns she had picked up while out on a mission with Axton. She'd found it in a weapons cache and it just begged for her to pick it up. She threw it over her shoulder knowing that she'd have to play the long game in some cases when working with the brawler. He was adept at up close and personal altercations but it was probably best someone was off in the distance picking off the ones he missed or the ones that tried to sneak up on him.

After what felt like an eternity probably for Krieg, but in reality it was actually just fifteen minutes. She came down the stairs and out into the main courtyard just outside the HQ. "Ready to roll, Meatstick?" She said with a nod in his direction and a pearly white smile on her blue lips.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #7 on: November 07, 2016, 06:15:08 AM »
Honestly for Krieg time was relative and he didn't really like to think on it. There had been times when in the throes of passionate pain he'd thought a moment would last for a thousand besides and other times during the thrill of combat, skin blazing and wounds criss crossing his scarred flesh that those moments were gone in a blink. Even waiting bored he found ways to occupy himself without even really trying, a subtle innocence to the killing machine that belied his bloodthirsty rage.

When the Siren came out with her guns ready to go and everything all set she'd find him squatting down and absently picking through a small pile of assorted debris. He'd begun piling bits in what seemed to be a random and yet artistic manner but when she addressed him Krieg scattered them and stood to his full height. He grinned back at her smile, though his mask obscured much of his face, lifting his thick arms and balling meaty fists.

"Tenderize the meat! Make it soft to EAT! Bwahahaha!" he seemed in good spirits though and tromped over to Maya, fixing her with his good eye as he passed and then waving her along. It was weird that his quest marker just followed her but then Krieg saw lots of things that didn't really make sense. At least the voice in his head had shut up for now. It did that whenever he had a real focus.

Krieg didn't know where Maya would want to go or what she'd want to do but he figured she'd take the lead once they'd left Sanctuary. Part of him wanted a car, but that part of him also wanted to ramp it off things and see how far it could fly. Or maybe feel the crunch of bullymongs under the wheels. Something.

He was still chuckling to himself, though at times it was more of an inane titter, but Krieg laughing, however creepy, wasn't ever really a bad thing.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #8 on: November 09, 2016, 03:21:56 AM »
The scene she had come across with Krieg and the debris had her curiosity. Was he making something creative? Was he more than just a destructive demon who wanted nothing more than to strip the flesh and salt the wounds? It did seem like it to her at that point in time. But only time would tell if that side would ever come out and show itself to her ever again. The two had only just started to get to know one another after their first meeting at the train station and the small brief moments they had spent together in the HQ watching over the new recruits and running small errands for Lilith and Roland.

"Yeah. I am really down for... that" She said trying to not be distracted by the up-ended pile of debris and focus on what he was saying but her natural curiosity was getting the better of her. She needed to get a better look at what he had been playing with; If only she had been paying attention she might have been able to stealth closer to see it in all of it's glory but now it was long gone. So she made sure to make a mental note to keep an eye on the Psycho and watch for further instances where he showed something other than rage and bloodshed.

"I guess we could either find something to do on the bounty board or we could head out into the Dust and practice working as a team, There's always bandits that need clearing out over that way and I'm sure if Roland ever asked what we were up to we could always just say it was a team building exercise?" She said with a shrug turning on the ball of her foot and making a bee-line for the Catch-a-ride shelter on the edge of town where the resident mechanic was to grab a runner to make the trip across country.

"So, Bring any new weapons to try out? I just got this Volcano and I have been itching to test it out" She said reaching behind her and grabbing the sleep sniper off her back and inspecting it to make sure the safety was on and that she had ammo for it. "Or are you stickin' with ol' faithful" She nodded at his buzz-axe that he seemed to tote with him everywhere.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #9 on: November 14, 2016, 08:18:46 AM »
Krieg didn't seem to mind that Maya had come across him fiddling with the trash. He'd scattered it because he was done with it, not out of any desire to hide what he'd done. The psycho grinned and thumped one thick-fingered hand against his chest at her suggestion, grabbing his axe but not drawing it before he paused pensively. He growled and tilted his head before watching a brightly coloured Torgue scattergun digistruct into his grip. He shook it and slapped the barrel once before miming a shot and then an explosion. "Boom! Badlands rerun!"

He followed Maya like a puppy might have, though it didn't escape him how beautiful and graceful she was. Her fear of him seemed to have mostly  evaporated, which was foolish in his Inner Voice's opinion, though Krieg mostly just thought that it'd make her an easy kill if it came to it. He smacked the side of his head at the Voice's outrage. Like he'd kill the pretty lady. She shined brighter than anything or anyone on Pandora, drawing him in like a moth.

He also had a Maliwan submachine gun he was going to try out. It was fire based, he always liked to carry one or two fire elementals just in case. The buzz axe wasn't really a gun so he got away with carrying five weapons which made some sort of sense to him. As they approached the shelter Krieg bounded ahead and grabbed the console.

"GIMME A BEAUTIFUL MEAT WAGON, FLASH SCREEN! I WILL MAKE THE WORLD SING OUR SCREAMS!" he was shouting at it like it would listen, then got fed up and started poking buttons. He seemed like he knew what he wanted though, a small cruiser starting to form up, "The red one! Red like blood, red like fire, red like pain, shiny like the lady!"

Wasn't all random but who could sort through all that?

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #10 on: November 19, 2016, 03:31:49 AM »
He was a fan of Maliwan and Torgue too? Maybe they would get along better than she had given herself credit for. She nodded in approval at his choice of guns. "There's one Torgue gun I have always wanted to get my hands on" She said as watched Krieg mess with the buttons Catch-a-ride station trying to get it to dispense a car for the two of them to use in their travels looking for adventure. "There's talk of this gun called The Seeker, It's an Assault Rifle with an Explosive attribute" She said sighing softly thinking about the design she had once seen in a copy of 'Guns and Ammo' she had found in the bathroom once. Before she continued her story she peered over the man's meaty shoulder to see what was taking so long to digistruct a car for them, Leaning in she flicked the screen back to the previous one he was on and selected a Bandit Technical for them painted in the 'True Turquoise' paint job.

"Anyway" She continued "I think you'd like it" She said climbing atop the bonnet of the Technical and jumping into the drivers seat and motioning for the Psycho to join her in the vehicle. There was more than enough room for him in the front back or if he even pleased in the gunner seat. She usually avoided it, After sitting in it after the Gunzerker the seat had always been somewhat sticky and she'd rather not know what he'd been doing up there. It was bad enough the walls of the HQ were practically paper-thin and everyone could hear anything that happened behind 'closed doors' and the grunts that came from the Dwarfs corner were best left untouched. 

Maya pulled up a list of bounties she had been sitting on all week, She'd been waiting for a time where she was bored enough to do them. Just simple busy work really, fetch this gun that for some reason had been pulled apart of hidden in certain camps that had been taken over by bandits - Which had her wondering why the gun wasn't taken when the camp was vacated but then that was asking a Pandoran to use logic - But regardless there were enough missions to keep them busy for the rest of the day. With Krieg's help they might even get things done quicker than it would have been doing it on her own.

She scrolled through the Echo listing still talking about the gun she had learned about recently "It's got this sweet ass feature" She said with a press of a button on one of the many fetch quests that riddled her mission lists and turned the key in the ignition of the Technical and looked left and right before she slammed her foot on the accelerator throwing the steering wheel to the left sending the technical flying out of the garage and down the dirt road throwing dust and gravel into the air with a screech. "Where it homes in on enemies, You could be running full pelt firing your gun and those bullets would pop heads left right and centre" She called out over the revving of the engine and squealing of the tires.

For someone so small and petite looking she drove very much like the Psycho would have if he'd managed to get in the drivers seat. The suspension squeaked with every bump they went over, the cars of Pandora weren't the best but they were good for what a person needed - Travelling to new areas or areas without a fast travel station. Her eyes locked on a chunk of land that was raised slightly and looked like a ramp and the Siren dug her teeth into her plush blue lips, She knew Krieg wouldn't mind if she just hit the jump, at least that is what she hoped. "Strap in, Stretch. It's gonna be a bumpy ride" She said changing gears and speeding up as the Technical hurtled towards the jump. As the rubber left the lip of the jump the Siren threw her hands up into the air and let out a squeal of delight as the Technical defied gravity for what felt like longer than it should have before landing with a thud and a squeak.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #11 on: November 29, 2016, 05:24:35 AM »
Krieg was a fan of flashy explodey guns and nothing did that better than Maliwan and Torgue. Besides their elemental effects, blasting foes limb from limb or melting them into sludge or worse, Krieg loved the chaotic shatters of paint on Torgue weapons and the electric neon-bright colours that Maliwan favoured. Everything else was sort of boring, if effective. Krieg wanted to show off, put on a show and bathe in the meat chunks!

He looked at the car with a bit of disappointment but chambered up onto the gunner's seat anyway. He didn't get why she'd picked that one, the red one was clearly better and faster and.. He frowned to himself then shook off the pout, grinning as the car got moving and the wind whipped at him. Even in the coldest parts of Pandora he never bothered with a shirt and if he felt the chill it didn't show. Maybe he was just so used to discomfort that it had become an essential part of life for him.

"Heh, no escape from the storm! Knock em down and knock em deeper and grind them to dusty bones and pasted organs!" he laughed in a manic manner, cackling longer than was strictly necessary. Was he making fun of her or was it just that funny to him? Hard to say really.

When she hit the ramp Krieg pushed himself up and off the technical, clearing it and sailing through the air as well. When the car struck the dirt he hit a moment later, air whooshing out of him as he scrambled for purchase and caught back on. He hugged himself to the car and laughed as he got his wind back, sliding back into the gunner seat and snapping then cannon around to focus on a few of the wild creatures he'd seen.

He wasn't a great shot with it but the technical had tons of ammo in reserve so he just cut loose and peppered the area with shells, whopping and hollering the whole time. He was clearly excited and keyed up, "Bleed hurt scream die for me! Run run away and screech your pain to the sky and back cause we're coming!" the creature was reduced to a shredded mess but still he pounded it with bullets as they passed.


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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #12 on: December 05, 2016, 02:49:41 AM »
The thud in the gunner seat was to be expected the Siren glanced up to make sure the meat man was okay and not hanging half out of the vehicle, The last thing she needed right now was Roland upset because she'd lost the killing machine to their raiding party. But when the sound of the turret gearing up to fire and the inevitable manic laughter her mind was put at rest. Her grey-blue eyes scanned the horizon for what he was aiming at, the last thing they needed was a Rak-Hive or some kind of Badass to come along and mess up the fun they were having.

It was then she spotted the skittering skags that tried their best to avoid the unending deluge of bullets that peppered them and turned them into paste that screeched beneath her tyres as she skidded the technical over what was left of their corpses. It was the most fun she'd had in a while with someone other than a midget she'd picked up in the Badlands. The two had travelled together till he had tried to sell her off for a blow job while she made her way through Pandora to the train station where they had all congregated at the beginning of their tale on Pandora. The midget had shown her the joys of the Gun manufacturer known as Torgue and their explosive capabilities. It had been the only good thing to come from that partnership once he'd found out about her skills and lineage he'd tried to use it against her.

Her balled up fist rapped against the roof of the car "Hey, Stretch! Sounds like yer' havin' th' time'a your life" She chuckled over the Echo unit "Just over the horizon is the camp where we have t'get the pieces of this stupid sniper rifle, Seriously. Who takes a gun APART and hides it? Seriously. I would have just taken the firing pin or you know the whole damn gun..." She stopped herself from talking again, unsure if she was just talking at thin air or if he actually understood what she was putting forward. She shook that thought lose as she pulled into range of the bandit camp and tugged her sniper out and scoped out the camp with the sights being sure to not give her position away, one wrong movement and a ray of light would flicker catching someone's attention and sending the camp into high alert.

"Okay, So... Three Goliath's... A handful of Psychos and marauders and .... huh, Would you look at that... Sixteen brutes... Wow they really fortified this place" She said resting her hands on the steering wheel and tilting her head to the side. "Eh, I've got a bulky psycho of my own, I'll be fine" She said to herself climbing out of the vehicle by pulling herself out the window and jumping to the dusty ground with a grunt. "Lock and load, Stretch" She said preparing her sniper and making sure it was loaded and ready to go, tugging the reload pin and setting it on her shoulder.  But things were quiet, a little too quiet? That worried her usually the Psycho would be muttering to himself or barking about wanting to get moving already. Her attentions turned to the gunner seat where he had been seated.

"Krieg? S-Stretch?" She clambered up on-top of the large vehicle and peered into the cockpit "Anyone home?"

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
« Reply #13 on: December 07, 2016, 10:52:05 PM »
Krieg would have loved dearly to sit there and listen to Maya shout about the sniper rifle and the bandits and the psychos and whatever else was in her head. The woman had a voice like a choir of a billion shiny angels and Krieg didn't know quite how to express that without involving the Poop Train or the meat bicycle or any other stupid deranged thing that his brutish self would spew out. Maybe he'd been stuck in the guy's head for too long, maybe he was just looking for comfort anywhere he could find it. Maybe Maya's inner light just spoke to him, being essentially Krieg's own inner light.. Though where she was a raging bonfire he was a guttering candle.

By the time she came to check on him though Krieg was long gone. He'd abandoned the technical when it had stopped and had chambered up the side of one of the icy walls ringing the camp. Topside, he'd glared down at his prey and simply snatched his buzzaxe from his back. He roared as he landed, splitting one unfortunate man from shoulder to groin, the spinning blade of his weapon tearing through flesh and bone with all the strength he could put behind it with gravity on his side.

Krieg struck the ground stiff-legged and bounced to the next man, ripping off his lower jaw with a backhanded blow of his axe, roaring for the attention of the rest of the camp even as he sprinted up behind another bandit. This one he simply leaped upon, riding the man to the ground like some sort of surf board, crushing his face into the ice by slamming his foot repeatedly into the back of the man's head while shouting and hooting all the while.

Oh yeah, he could do with more of this.

The bullets started flying and Krieg flicked off his shield for a moment, taking the shots full in the torso and grinning as he coughed up blood, "Mmh yeah! It hurts! It hurts! Feed me the pain, I'll drink the blood and chew the marrow til it's time for bed!" the shield came up again, vaporizing other bullets while Krieg reached to his back and hurled his axe at someone else while digistructing a gun.

Why wait when you could take the fight right to em?

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
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If she'd expected him to sit still and wait while she readied her things for the fun they were about to have she didn't know Krieg at all. It was like setting down a Skags dinner in front of it and telling it to say grace before ripping the meal to shreds and eating the scraps in a single bite. When the gunner seat was obviously empty the Siren let out a small sigh. She wasn't upset, she just should have known better than to leave the psycho unattended.

Thankfully he'd attacked the correct camp, there wasn't another around for miles. Last thing they needed was two camps pissed and attacking. Maya didn't doubt Krieg could have taken them on but just in case she wanted to be sure the man didn't go down swinging his fists. Tugging her sniper up from the drivers seat she peered down the scope in the direction of the screams as they carried on the wind. Most of which was a primal scream from her psycho partner but smaller death screams also echoed throughout the valley.

"Dang, Krieg leave some for me" She smirked casually lining up a headshot on a bandit that had kicked open a door to a hut making himself an easy target for any level sniper. She sucked in a deep breath and held it while she lined up the shot and pulled the trigger. A loud THOOM echoed through the air and the bandits head exploded into chunks of brain,eyeball and skull.

"BOOM. HEADSHOT" She cackled down the echo link the two shared. It was then excitement crackled on the Sirens nerves. It had been a while since she'd been able to let loose and shoot bandits for fun with someone who wasn't barking orders at her like Axton would do whenever they went out on missions together. Her attentions were back down the
Scope after her small celebration over her first headshot of the day.

A groan and a screech pierced the air of the camp that unsettled the Siren. She'd heard it before and wasn't looking forward to what was about to come. A badass Nomad with a hefty shield that had several midgets strapped to strategic locations. Maya always felt bad for the midgets that had been captured and used as literal meat shields. Her scope traced over the shield looking for the chains that bound them to the slab of metal and let a few bullets fly cracking the chains but not breaking them entirely.

The Siren let out a disgusted grunt. She wanted to keep sniping, using her new toy and all. But it was time to get into the thick of it. Holsetering the sniper on her back the Siren grabbed her Maliwan SMG and leapt from the bonnet of the Technical and started off towards the camp.

"Can't let you have all the fun, Krieg. I've come to crash the party. I'll leave sniping to Z I'd rather be in the thick of it" She said pressing her finger against the ear pod of her echo device and chuckling as she leapt over the small fence that encapsulated the small camp.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
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Krieg didn't seem to notice the Badass that had wandered out, content as he was to keep mashing dead bandits into paste on the ice. It was really a pretty effect he thought, the shocking red of their blood, the white flecks of shattered teeth and the greyish pink of brains scattered about. He could go on, but he wouldn't or he'd be there all day admiring his handiwork while there were still people demanding his attention!

Krieg felt more bullets slamming into his shield, not really an issue until the energy bubble simply shattered. He grunted as a few more bullets took him, grinning through the pain and grabbing a bandit by the shoulder, yanking him around and into the way of the rest. As the meat jerked he growled out a mumbled word or two before heading the corpse at its former comrades and diving for his axe. He liked it better than guns even if it was flashier to kill people in a spray of elemental death and explosive fury.

He was feeling a bit poetic. Probably blood loss.

Even as his wounds began to knit Krieg was throwing himself back into battle, shrieking a cry of fury as he went. Bandits scattered under his renewed assault, giving the Siren all the time in the world to pick her shots and make them count, even when she'd switched to her SMG. They were like dance partners, giving and taking and making these insolent bastards pay for every drop he spilled.

"Strip the flesh!" he couldn't help himself. It was one of the first things he'd ever said to Maya and really they were having a good time right? She'd understand. By that he meant she wouldn't shoot him. Or if she did she wouldn't shoot to kill. Well, even if she did that he'd respawn.. Perk of being registered as a Vault Hunter, he'd been told. Not that it registered to Krieg as anything except that for know for whatever reason he was essentially immortal.

Finally he noticed the minion toting Badass and grinned, sheathing his axe in a bandit for safekeeping and throwing himself at the man even as bullets pounded his shield. Then his body. He landed on the shield and held on with a snarl, wrenching the Nomad around to expose his back to Maya while he cackled a wordless song of giblets.

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
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A normal woman would have been grossed out by the view Krieg was showing her, they probably wouldn't have lasted as long as Maya had on Pandora. The place was dirty, dangerous and overall a death trap. If you weren't careful you could either get yourself cut down by a clan of bandits or catch tentnus from most of the delapidated metal structures left behind the multiple different companies that had tried to occupy the small planet for it's resources and eventually the Vaults. They had held different things the Eridian would rather keep burried according to the stories Lilith used to tell her after what happened in the beginning with Atlas and the Vault and then eventually Hyperion and Dahl on Pandora's moon leading to the fighting the Vault Hunters were doing against Jack and his multi-million dollar company.

'Strip the flesh' the words bought her out of her small ponderings as she filled bandits with SMG bullets that attempted to accost her, the centre ring of the Maliwan gun spinning and letting out an all to familiar sound from the first day they'd met. It had been the same one she'd been using when he saved her life from the Labrat that had threatened her life. What he didn't know was she'd been pre-registered by Angel in the New-U station and that if it had gotten the jump on her she would just re-form not 100ft from where they had been fighting. But it had been sweet enough that he'd tried his best to warn and save the woman without insinuating because she looked like a Vault Hunter she was indeed one.

As Krieg landed on the shield with the shackled midgets the Badass Nomad tried it's best to shake the Psycho free but with the added bulk of the crazed Vault Hunter the attempts were futile. 'What're you doin' retard... ge'rrof mah shield' the Nomad grunted as he attempted to shake him free again. While Krieg had the Nomad distracted Maya straifed around the small broken down huts that acted as the Bandits homes. They made for good cover and it seemed like it hadn't noticed her just yet as it was more focused on her lumbering friend. She would have to buy the man a drink after this as thanks for laying up such a great shot.

Swapping out the SMG for a moment she pulled out her Volcano and stared down the sights. As the Nomad struggled moving back and forth with Krieg jumping up and down on the shield trying to get him to drop it Maya thought she'd help with that idea. "Steady now..." She whispered to herself "Breathe in..." she chanted almost in a medatative state. Her finger hovered over the trigger and when the opening presented itself she pulled the lever that would put a stop to the Nomad's shield. A loud 'THOOM' echoed throughout the camp as the fire-infused bullet hit its mark, the Nomads hand.

As the searing bullet carved through the mans glove and into the pillowy flesh it instantly caught ablaze causing him to drop the shield and Krieg at the same time. He slapped his hand against the billowy jacket in an attempt to put out the blaze. But that was his first mistake. As soon as the flaming paw came into contact with the alcohol soaked Jacket it set itself ablaze.

"Well, THAT turned out better than expected" Maya said looking up from the scope with a cocky smirk on her blue lips. Sheathing the Sniper again and tugging out her SMG she moved in to finish the job alongside her battle partner, Filling the man with bullets as she ran.

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Krieg ripped his axe out of its bandity sheath with a snarl and grinned beneath his mask, baring his teeth in a vicious rictus that no one could see. The blood and fire had him excited beyond what anything else really could, but Krieg didn't really have the ability to actually vocalize his feelings. Instead he spun away from a gush of some chump's vital fluids as Maya's SMG fountained them into an artful arc through Pandoran air.

He whipped the axe through another bandit's skull and into the chest of another, yanking I free in a shower of gore. Krieg panted hard, suddenly out of enemies but still full of energy. His wounds finished knitting together by virtue of his shield's mods and he shivered with the sudden drop off of adrenaline.

Krieg absently kicked the downed Nomad like a sullen child would have kicked a rock, scuffing his huge boot on the scorched man, still smoldering in places. The sudden quiet in the camp bothered him but there was no one else around to make more noise so the big man let that go.

The pair had done what they could to get that gun Maya was after, though they hadn't gotten the last piece just yet. Another whack of his boot into the Nomad's corpse and then he rolled the man over entirely, noting a pouch on his belt. Krieg squatted and tore that free, peering into it with intense curiosity. A firing assembly!

Krieg stood and turned to Maya, holding the device out to the siren, bouncing on his feet almost happily. And why shouldn't he be? They'd gotten what tj u have a good night after, right?

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Re: Beauty and the Beast [AlexieD and Rotochron]
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She watched as the Barbarian of a man pushed with great ease against the Nomad causing him to collapse back onto the dusty ground. Now that the threats had been neutralised it was time to start looking around the camp for the things they had come to get. The pieces of the gun that had been pulled apart and hidden to protect from such raiding parties. She had gotten the tip on the bounty board that there was an interesting gun hidden in the camp and if anyone could retrieve the pieces the owner would put it back together for the brave Vault Hunter or resident that managed to get everything back to them.

She had started to grope at a few of the bloodied corpses as Krieg looked the Nomad over but they didn't have much on them that wasn't a few dollars a naked playing card (Which she had promised Salvador she'd keep if she ever found anymore) and a fist full of bullets. So when Krieg presented her with the firing assembly her eyes lit up with excitement.

"Oh dang... there it is maybe the camp hasn't been picked clean just yet... Aw yis. This is one of four pieces according to the tip I got" Maya said taking the part and slipping it into her own pouches that hung from the side of her pants. "Just four more to go... But looks like we've got our work cut out for us searching all these bodies...damn and even then we don't know if they've picked it up or not"

The Siren cussed under her breath as she moved between body to body finding more and more of the gun. Eventually the barrel was found hiding in the roof of one of the huts and the stock was found under one of the lumber piles in the far corner of the camp. But there was still the firing pin, the smallest and most annoying missing part.

"Firehawk, Damnit" Maya vocalised her frustration "Part of me wonders if we should have left one of them alive, then we would have known if all the parts were here or not or if they had re-hidden another piece of the gun" Her shoulders slumped softly at the thought that the firing pin could be anywhere right now. Here or in another campsite or even on the other side of the planet being used as a toothpick by a towering behemoth of a Goliath.