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May 27, 2018, 03:01:24 PM

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Author Topic: Tech-Based Sci-Fi Setting With Romance - M for F for M/F relationship  (Read 317 times)

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Offline LrrrTopic starter

Please don't post replies here as I likely will not see them and
that would be a sad end to what might have been a lovely writing partnership!

I've been here on E for a while and been fortunate enough to write with some extremely talented people.  One thing I've always wanted to do was find a competent writing partner who would enjoy an RP where many of our posts deal with technical issues that have to be solved as part of the story.  I suspect I've had difficulty finding someone because most of you don't have a tech background, and that's cool and to be expected.  But given the large number of female writers here on E, there must be at least a few of you ladies who do know tech or are willing to learn enough to have fun writing a tech-based story.  And maybe one or two of you lady techies would enjoy writing a Sci-Fi story with me that has our characters starting out not so fond of each other but gradually realizing the other person ain't so bad and might even be a tiny bit likable.

I have an image in my mind of a post-apocalyptic setting (probably a war, but I'm open to zombies, etc.) on a distant moon where our characters have been ousted from a small collection of survivors (The Collective) because our view of how to survive is different than theirs (we're smart - they're not).  There are other survivors outside The Collective who wander the moon stealing and killing to stay alive.  These wanderers will be our primary threat, but we are also in competition with the collective for food and resources and they're not afraid of killing us and taking what we have if we get lazy or make a mistake.

The goal of the role play is to eventually bring peace and order back to the moon with, of course, our characters as the leaders.  Thus, this would probably be a long-term RP, but I can also see it as a shorter-term story that might end with a victory over one or the other of our enemies, or whatever other logical ending point we choose.

And yes, there will be sexy scenes in the story, but only after our characters have overcome some challenges by working together and have gotten to know each other.  Some on-again, off-again irritation with each other would be fun as well.  I like a steamy sex scene as much as the next person, but maybe 20% sex and 80% story would be a good mix to shoot for as far as I'm concerned.

I think that I'm a competent writer but that's up to you to decide.  Please feel free to read some of my previous posts to see how I write role plays.  You might also spend a few minutes looking through my O/Os to see if I'm someone you think is totally crazy.  There's a link to my O/Os in my signature.

As far as a partner for this role play, I'm looking for someone who's a competent writer.  You don't have to have the same writing style I do, and you don't have to write as much as I do per post.  I'm also not asking for perfection in your posts, only for decent grammar and spelling and a minimum of typos because that's the level at which I see my writing too.

Please let me know if you're interested by sending me a PM!   :-)

And now, as a bonus treat, here is a draft of a starter post.

Two for the Road

Sarge couldn't believe The Council had decided they weren't going to build up a reserve of fresh water in sealed 200 liter drums.  It was reckless and foolhardy to assume the two sources of fresh water just outside the wall would always be there and accessible and he was blunt in his comments supporting that opinion.  "The fact that you can't see how stupid this decision was makes me wonder about your judgement on other issues as well.  Are we to abandon maintenance of our food reserves too?  And perhaps we should reduce our armed force from 200 to 20 or so to save some disk?  You twelve do realize you are making decisions for over a thousand other people, right?  And if you should continue on the course you've set you may well have their blood on your hands."

Someone behind him pulling on his jacket caused him to fall back into his seat, effectively relinquishing the floor to whoever got to their feet next.  He figured it would probably be another weak-willed settler tired of having to actually work each day to stay alive now that they'd lost their cushy office job and comfortable apartment.  The War had created all sorts of odd combinations of people and circumstance, but Sarge couldn't do much about that except try to keep the fools alive despite themselves.

She had stood up somewhere behind him, and when she began talking he groaned inside.  Now some woman felt she had the insight and experience to tell The Council how to operate their water system.  After a couple of sentences however, he realized she was supporting his position.  An ally among the crowd of survivors no longer willing to do what it took to stay alive?  Now intrigued, he started turning around in his chair to see just who this ally was.

But his inspection of her was cut short as Brian, President of The Council, rapped his gavel and then began to speak.  "It's been clear to The Council for some weeks that there are two members of The Collective actively working against the efforts of all the rest.  The situation has become intolerable and therefore The Council has deemed it necessary to take extreme measures."  As Brian finished his statement, Sarge felt the hands of two large men suddenly take hold of his arms and lift him to a standing position.

A smug smile on his face, Brian now continued.  "Sarge Ellison, despite your admirable work in setting up and maintaining a number of the Collective-wide systems on which we now rely, your militating against the decisions of the council has become a detriment to our cause.  Michelle Smith, while your work on social issues has been most helpful since The War, you too have become so vocal in your opposition that you are no longer welcome here.  The two of you are hereby banned from The Collective and all its resources.  Please escort Mr. Ellison and Ms Smith to the gate and close it behind them.  This meeting is now adjourned."

Before he could even look to see who Michelle Smith was, the men were wrestling him to the main passageway between the homes and then toward the makeshift iron gate closing off the entrance opening in the once beautiful walls of Ethereal Gardens, the most secluded and opulent neighborhood in the city before The War.  Landing face down in the dry and abrasive dust outside the gate, he heard the dull thud that he knew was Michelle hitting the same dust a second or two behind him.

"Great.  Shall we go out to dinner tonight my dear?"  Finishing his sentence as he turned toward her, he was surprised to see a real beauty he didn't know.  There were a little over a thousand people in The Collective and he thought he knew them all, or at least had seen them all at one time or another.  But she was definitely someone he hadn't noticed and definitely someone he'd have remembered if he had.