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June 26, 2017, 07:34:50 PM

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Author Topic: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)  (Read 1005 times)

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Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« on: October 10, 2016, 07:03:51 AM »

OK so I am going to try keeping a request thread.  Yay for learning more about this Post system hehe  If you're iterested PM me please as I wish to keep this thread clean (Well as clean as it can get being a fetish request thread hehe)

The Kitchen
The Kitchen

This is where all my Vore and Cannibal story ideas will go.  Come on in give your compliments to the chef.

The Underground Dining Club

Got the Idea from this pic by Jimsugomi

Outdoor Cannibal Roast

A new very hush hush underground dining club has popped up in the big city.  Invitation only.  Looking for Ladies that want to try there hand at being cooked up in front of a live audience.  We can discuss at which point we wish to move on to the next girl.  And all the details that go with this particular Kink of mine in a PM.

Alien Delicacy  ---taken---

Again inspired by Mr. Jimsuomi

Alien Prep

A young woman is abducted by aliens and after the probing and tests is prepared as a feast.   Looking for ladies that want an out of this world cooking experience

The Perfect Housewife

This one is inspired by another favorite artist of mine Canime

350 degrees for 3 hours

Here I am looking for a lady to play either the housewife or the meal.  Her husband has always spoiled her rotten and now she wants to make his favorite dish.  Oh look it's that young bimbo that likes to jog in the early morning...

The Tasty Fantasy Visitor

Another one inspired by Canime

Fresh Elf Meat

You are a elf priestess/warrior/whatever.  Your mortal enemy has cast a banishment spell that sends you right into the kitchen of a modern day 21st centruy closet cannibal.  Will he keep you?  Or will he use you as a one time fulfillment of his kink?

The Honey Trap

This one comes from InstanIP on DevARt

Finally caught one

Looks like the honey traps I set out have caught an elusive fairy.  Will I be a kind master and keep you as a pet?  Or see what Fairies taste like?

They Put Those Warnings There For a Reason

This one comes from Malyna on Eka's Portal

Gonna need a bigger slipper

They told you not to take the shortcut through the woods.  But you were in such a hurry you didn't even see the keep out sign.

Need more badges

Another one from Jimsugomi

Charizard used Brunch...


You thought you only needed "One badge to rule them all"...But nope your Charizard has not deemed you worthy enough to listen too and has captured your opponent....And he looks hungry.


Artist is Supertie

Why doesn't this light go off when he closes the door?

You were part of a mass kidnapping by a known cannibal.  While waiting for your turn in his fridge, the various foods start talking to you telling you how good you would feel with them inside you or on you while you cook.

High Class Expensive Tastes

Artist is Chunlifan

Most expensive meal ever

You play a high class expensive escort.  Your agency has booked you with a local millionaire with peculiar tastes.

Customer's Always Right

Artist is Hakano Shinshi

Want fries with that?

Your fast food restaurant is about to go out of business.  Till a rich customer walks in and gives an ultimatum.

Just Desserts

Artist is Shuuji

Beat until creamy

The head chef has decided to make the master's favorite dessert and that means his favorite slave will be helping.

The WoW Cookbook

+1 to Cooking

Darrian Fisher.  Human Chef extraordinaire has decided to compile the best recipes in Azeroth.  Looking for someone willing to play as the feasts.

The Druid's Winter Prep

Given as Tribute

You are an Elf nobel.  You and your handmaidens have been ambushed and captured by the less civilized wood elf tribes.  It is decided that you and your maidens will be given in tribute to the Druid in the woods.  What fate awaits you there?

The Barn
The Barn

This is where you will find my RP's that deal with Animal Girls (NOT FURRIES), and beastiality

Ogrim's Dairy Farm

More from my favorite artist Jimsugomi

New milk bags

A young Elf/human has just been captured and is made into a dairy cow for her orc captor.

You would play the new girl learning the ropes of your new life as a dairy cow as your humanity is stripped from you little by little over time.

Human Cattle 

Artist is Nekodenki

Breeding time

You are one of my many cowgirls on my simple farm.  It's breeding season and its your turn.

Dungeon Of Mysteries

Artist is Hmage

And no salt to be found

Well well well Female adventurer.  Think you can make it through my sticky love dungeon full of mythic and ancient beasts ready to ravish girl flesh?

Breeding Dragons

Artist is Shadman

Knot the day she was expecting

Welcome to my Dragon farm slave.  Now go collect the sample from this Bull Dragon here.

The Mini Golf Course
The Mini Golf Course

Here you will find RP's that deal with Mini-girls, gnomes, halflings, and Giants, etc.  Big Dicks in little holes.

Are Gnomes Half Off?

Artist is jlullaby

Great things in small sizes

You play the wandering Gnome strumpet.  The Barbarian will not take no for an answer and hands you a bag of gold.

The Giant's Plaything

artist is Eud_(System Blue)

It looked tiny from down below

Your village has offered you as a sacrifice to the Giant that has saved them from a calamity.  What sort of thing will he do to you?

The Fairy's Wish

Artist is injuotoko

If it fits it ships

Caught me another fairy.  What fun will we have here?

The Gentle Fairy Trapper

Artist is Mr Sweden

A gentle perverted giant

I've caught yet another fairy.  She looks too cute to do anything too rough with though.  Might as well show her how gentle and loving her new owner can be.

The Fairy Lab

Testing in Progress
What horrors or pleasures await you in the lab of a mad or curious scientist

The Indego Road
The Indego Road

Here you will find all my RPs that deal with Pokemon.

Never Write a Check with Your Mouth You can't Cash With Your Ass

Artist is Riqroot

Ass or Cash no one battles for free

Oh no!  You've just been defeated in a pokemon battle and have no money with which to pay.

The PokeBreeding Center

Artist is DontFapGirl

Guaranteed To give an Egg

Our one of a kind Poke breeding center will guarantee the best stat outcome for your pokemon.  Just select your girl and let them collect the samples of  two of your pokemon and in a couple months a nice big egg with your new top of the line pokemon is born.

You came to the wrong Forest

Artist is Habatakuhituji

Should have seen this coming with a Victrebell

Oh no You were snatched up by a hungry Victrebell whatever will you do?

Legendary Ritual

Artist is Mimolette

This is for the birds

It is said that once every 18 years the three legendary birds gather on the summit of a near by mountain.  Should a young priestess desire she may capture them....but only after she earns their trust.


Here are RP's I havent sorted yet or have no general category.

How to trap a Djinn

Artist is Nennanennanenna

The loophole to wishing for more wishes

Setting up camp for the night in the middle of the desert after finding a strange lamp, a beautiful Woman appears and offers me 3 wishes

Breaking Through Those Glass Ceilings

Artist is Ishii Takamori

The things you do for a raise

You're the new Secretary that has caught the bosses eye.  For a few favors he's willing to make it worth your while.

Jay Naylor's Red Riding Hood.

Artist is Jay Naylor


OK a bit of background for this one.  After reading Jay Naylor's Red Riding Hood series.  I have never been both turned on (seriously this artist is amazing) and pissed off (seriously what's his deal with human males?) at the same time.  In this RP I wish to play a Antro-Crocodile with a human female "Convert" of my own who lead an army to retake the human females and show them the foolishness of their heresy.  Those that will convert to the church of the scale will be welcomed with opened arms.  Those who refused will be vored, (either by us or our scaley gods).  PS:  Nothing but love for you furries its all fantasy.  For those interested in the story check out his red riding hood series.  Here

The Sea Goddess' Offering

The Sea Goddess' Offering

The local fishing village has offered you up to the sea goddess to ensure a successful fishing season.  What fate does the Sea Goddess have in store for you?

I'll come up with a plot for this later


RPs taking place in my favorite fandoms


Pyrrah Nikos

If you are willing to play Pyrrah Nikos to my OC  I will love you forever.  I'm still sore at Rooster Teeth for killing her off.  I have never been so emotionally invested in a character as her.  I wept real tears when they killed this fictional character.

Night Elves

Night Elf Booty

Play a Night Elf whatever to my Human Death Knight and I will sing your praises.  Sorry I am a proud Alliance player and supporter.

Taking in the Strays

Bountaful Booty at Booty Bay

You play a down on her luck night elf when a man/dwarf/wargen takes you in and/or purchases you. Open to ideas on this and all my plots

Goblin Hunter with Pet

Talk about a beast master
You don't know how but somehow this Goblin has captured a sexy nightelf (insert class here)  and is training her to be his pet as he is a hunter and is determined to have the most unique pet in Ogrimar

Wrong Spell

Not as planned

Looks like your summoning summoned the wrong demon you silly gnome warlock.  Maybe if you appease him he will let you live.  (So much gnome hate out there maybe this will draw out us few Gnome lovers)

My Hero Academia
My Hero Academia

Asui Tsuyu
Asui Tsuyu

Any one willing to play Asui to my OC is tops in my book.  Let me be your hero baby.

Warhammer 40K
Warhammer 40K

In the grimdark future of the 41st millenium there is only roleplay.  I play only Imperial Guard you may play whatever faction you wish.

Volton Legendary Defender
Voltron Legendary Defender

Princess Allura

Voltron has been defeated and Allura sold off to an alien Nobel.  Will her new master be kind or as cruel as Zarcon.  Another plot Idea:  Allura is given to Haggar as a lab rat to experiment with.

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #1 on: October 12, 2016, 08:39:33 AM »
Added a bunch of new ideas

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2016, 07:31:44 PM »
Added a new plot based on Jay Naylor's Red Riding Hood.

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #3 on: October 18, 2016, 08:24:26 AM »
Added a new plot and another fandom-----Warcraft

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #4 on: October 26, 2016, 07:39:00 AM »
Added Warhammer 40K fandom and new Plot idea "The Sea Goddess' Offering."

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #5 on: November 03, 2016, 06:21:28 AM »
Added Voltron to the fandoms and The fairy lab plot idea

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #6 on: January 05, 2017, 06:45:06 AM »

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #7 on: February 10, 2017, 08:57:53 AM »
Bumpity bump bump

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Re: Lewd Admiral's requests M lf F. (Still sorting it out.)
« Reply #8 on: May 29, 2017, 11:36:35 PM »
Bumpity bump, bump bump.